Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I went to the avoidance party,and all I got was this bloggy blog post

Sorry - Lissy says I should post.
I am stuck in a place where I have SOO much I need to do- and don't want to do that I am avoiding it all.

I love the avoid-dance, it is like the tango, but I crawl up in bed and play video games- instead of actually dancing around.
We've don't a lot and hardly anything all at once. It has been FAH-REEEEZing,
Seriously, freezing. The water guy told me the pipes have been bursting all over and reminded me to drip our faucets.(ours didn't burst, they got air in them though, when they fixed our streets pipes Monday.)

Anyway- other than the same old, same old of waking up at the butt crack of dawn and getting the kid off to school, and home- and then staying up all too late after she goes to bed
We HAVE had a bit going on.

Slowly but surely. Honestly, I feel like we are way behind what we should have done this week- but we are doing what we can afford, which is basically the bare minimum .
We JUST got a Holiday Tree ,JUST yesterday!! I don't think I have ever waited THAT long.. and it is ALL sort of that way. We haven't really even begun shopping for gifts.. or even writing lists of who we will gift and figuring out a plan of action. It is sort of depressing right now with everything else we have on our plates.

Oh! Before I get to the weekend- I have to tell you about last Friday's drama- that I mentioned a bit on my last post.
I was trying to figure out a way to bundle up enough to pick up the kid-then it started to drizzle.Wet,freezing nasty! Ri called to save me, saying his boss offered to let him pick Rory up and drive her home and he would cover for him. SWEET!
...but then, Ri called back- his car battery died,
then the school called wondering where he was.
Poor Ri ended up RUNNING from his work to her school- and his boss brought Rory home.
That was sort of nerve wracking, but everything worked out. Rory was fine, the battery cost us a bit to replace, but the truck is fine now too- and thank goodness for Ri's boss for bringing her home.

Rory spent all of Saturday's bit of sunshine running around the house with the neighbor boys, as they plotted to catch the stray cat. .. I played video games I could sit in the bay window and spy on them(sure,that's why)
. So adorable.

Sunday Was the one day I got real pics AND vid from.
Lissy picked Rory and I up to go to the Eagles Christmas party, and Allura's Bday party.
Mom had bought all the grandkids cute holiday clothes and signed them up for the gift exchange
Nico looked soo nice in his suit

Rory's dress was a harder fit- it was a bit big and awkward on her, so we modified the sleeves a bit with safety pins as we primped and got ready at Mom&Dad's house.
-and they ended up being the only kids there not in jeans.

The weather was still pretty yucky- we ran to the club,it was SUPER crowded over 100 kids and two adults there for each kid. -Plus, they FILLED the room with tables you could barely walk around.
Rory had no idea the Christmas party would include a Santa and presents- So when they called her name she was surprised and really excited.

I missed the pic of Allura somehow- Neither Nico Or Allura wanted much to do with that Santa though.
We were worried for a minute, because we had missed Rory and Allura's names being called..but NO ONE knew /had heard Nico being called, I was listing off every possible variant of Nico I could think of
- Val was there and said she'd thought she heard them say Nico, then they found it-
Rico! LOL. My Dad does have pretty illegible lefty handwriting sometimes , i imagine the gift wrappers guessed what his N was and figured an R
They got really awesome gifts! I really didn't expect that! Every kid got 2 presents a stuffed animal and a little gift bag. Nico got a cool talking flashlight toy, and a tractor. Rory got a Bratz doll , and big box of neat beads.
Mostly Rory sat with Val- Poor Val ended up sitting at a table with 5 kids! (Her Sister's 3,Seth and Rory)...but you know, I think they were the most well behaved people there. They all pretty much sat there quietly playing with their things and chatting.

Damian is such a cutey...and he knows it- I get the camera out and get this pose:
Even little Nova sat quietly ..covering herself in her stickers Awwww!
She has grown WAY too much since last time I saw her.

Nico and Allura ,on the other hand were sort of all over the place- it probably didn't help that they were getting nice and sugared up

I am sad this is the only decent pics of the older boys I got. I don't think they would have looked up from their toys and video games if there wasn't food.

We stayed a bit to get in line for face painting.

Then headed to GrammyGrapes house since she is nearby

We didn't stay long with the overstimulated kidlets-
(and adults...yeah,Me.. I can only handle a certain amount of stimulation before my brain feels like a tight rubber band) .
We headed back to mom's for Birthday party

Allura was SOOO cute eating her cake!

I got some vid that will be squished up in my mini week blog( which - sorry- will probably run a bit longer than a minute again this week)- but
a tidbit-
I think this is the most Hilarious video ever:

You must watch it

I think Allura thinks I am strange..and she is not at all afraid to tell me about it either.

She loved her presents, mom found the cutest teeny kitchen, and Allura opened and closed the doors thrilled she had doors she was allowed to open and close by herself.
I am still hoping to pass Rory's toy kitchen down to them in a few years- but Rory still plays with hers while we cook dinner.
We were WIPED out by the time we got home. I had left the place a total wreck- and Ri had been at work and out trying to get a new truck battery.
We reentered what has become our grind..
Waking up and getting the kid off to school, and back home again
.FREEZING, chores, dinner, freezing- staying up all too late after the kiddo goes to bed, and maybe having some friends over to chat and play video games.

Tuesday Ri somehow managed to drag me out of the house to get SOME shopping done. We got the one toy Rory REALLY wants, and thought over other gifts to get(but didn't really buy anything)- bought Ri some new pants though because he has lost all too much weight.
Val was in town doing some stuff for her shop- so she took us out to lunch. We talked all too loudly, with all too long of a wait for our food and had a really awesome time.
Ri DID finally, get the tree with Rory that night too

I haven't had a chance to really decorate it-That is just what Rory started that night.
We stayed up playing trivial pursuit with Jess.
My house is a MESS! AND I have hardly done half the things I should have caught up with..
I know the answers to a lot of really dumb useless trivia questions. That is sort how my life is in a nut shell even.
For that matter, I have a high score on damn near every facebook app..which means my clean clothes are in a pile three times taller than me.

Today.. or, well Wednesday at this hour- was more rushing around than I would have liked, and because Ri was at work I had to ride my bike to pick up the kid. The plan was just to ride her To Ri's work - and he would take her home when he got off work, which wouldn't/shouldn't have been long after she gout out of school....but his coworker was WAY late and we ended up hanging out. It was fine though- it gave Rory time to run off some of her CRAZY CRAZY energy (her entire class seems wilder than usual.. i guess it is just that time of year)
Ri still drove her home, at least it is almost ALMOST starting to warm up. I still can't imagine I will be biking her there in the morn though.
We ALSO had to make cookies for Rory's class..luckily Ri did it all while I screwed around on the internet. Now My entire house smells of yummy chocolate chip cookies. :)

Now - Silly hat day/cookie exchange day is upon us, then the next day for Rory is Pajama Day, and then school is out for winter break.. and really- though we have a bit of rushing around to do and A LOT we need to do,we are gonna have the big break of her being out of school to conquer a lot of that... it isn't making me stress less. but, it is making me feel less rushed about stressing.
Totally logical thought ,in my head.

I don't know what up with me this past few weeks
I am definitely feeling a bit more stressed, worried and pressured.

Have a cookie. Ri only made a million of them.

I am going to bed. I have to go to Rory's class full of wound up holiday spirit demons and help decorate a tree..
and I should probably clean sometime in the near future.

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What a cute vid! :D Its crazy this time of year, I'm glad to see you're out there and getting things done. ♥ xoxo ♥