Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Happy Something Holiday Wrap up

The Holiday Craziness is almost put away..and I still haven't posted.
I think my body is trying to go into hibernation mode. All I want to do is eat and sleep. I may be a little tightly anxiously wound after the whole holiday thing too.

I do have a little vid of JUST the weekend for you :

There is soo much I want to share , and say.. and yet soo little I want to say at the same time. ..
I am sure I will leave stuff out.
Xmas Eve- Christmas Eve this year was different. It felt odd. Ri had to work, and we had no mode of transportation(the truck only has three functional seatbelts) to get us to our families to visit .. So Xmas Eve this year, was spent hanging out around the house.
..For me anyway. Rory hung out with the neighborboy all day. He has been hanging out a lot he is around 7. .. but, that day was different,
he came over and asked if she could walk to another neighbor boys house with him to deliver a present.
I may be sort of overbearing, she IS almost 6..but neighborboy lives directly across the street, I can SEE his house when they play together. I did let her walk the present and come STRAIGHT back..
and they did..
but they came back to ask if they could stay and play a bit in other neighbors(whose house I cannot see from my window)..Turns out there IS another little girl on our block, and Rory is THRILLED to have found a playmate for something other than nurfwar. So I walked with them to meet these neighbors and the kid's dad who was super nice...after a little bit, I nervously let her stay and play basketball in their yard.
Rory came home a little later loaded down with handme down toys(the girl is also 7)..Ri says he thinks other Dad was just as thrilled to find a kid he could use to unload old toys on LOL!.
So, instead of begging to open a present early all night Rory played with toys the neighborgirl gave her.

We did have fun getting ready for bed - Rory spread out her reindeer food

and set out her milk and cookies, watched the Santa tracker, and we even found a copy of Twas the night before Christmas to read as I tucked her in.
She was asleep in seconds.
Ri and I stayed up a little while chatting with Jess &Steve Jess hand beaded and ornament for us, and we had made them some cookies.
Santa DID come at some point:
The pink gifts are the ones from Santa

Ri was a pain to get out of bed.. so Rory waited with her stocking
She LOVED the funny shaped erasers .

When he got up she tore through her presents sooo quickly
Santa even found jeans and long sleeve shirts that Rory loves! I don't know how he managed that one.

She got a few little pets. the LPS/blythe doll scooter toy she wanted, some mermaid my little ponies,and the playdough ice cream maker . She was really happy :) .

Noobie got the same thing she gets every year
...and then promptly hid it somewhere in the house!!(Where does she even hide something that big) I didn't find it until two days after Xmas-!!
Ri says he made her take it outside after that lol.

Rory got me some swedish fish, and Ri got us a new toaster , and he got me a coffee bean grinder( I still haven't tried it out.. I am dying to !!)

Dad came and picked us up to go to Mom's house. We ate and waited around a bit for Amy to come-
Then PRESENT TIME!!!!!!!!
My cam was acting weird all day so i didn't get a ton of pics.. there is always so much going on it is hard for me to keep up and snap off bunches of pictures anyway.

The 1st present Rory opened was a Zooble toy for JJ. I was soo glad they got her those, because we hadn't.. and this little pop open toy thing was probably her fav gift.
Allura LOVED her gift- and LOVED that is was from us:I only wish I would've got Nico the same toy phone thing.. I got Nico a microphone toy.. they both liked it ,but the phone was fought over a little.
Oh! Shirts for XMAS.. I struggles with Lissy's shirt ,not sure if she would like Voltron...I originally picked up a Smurfs shirt...but put it back because it said "Spaced out" .
Lissy bought ME the Smurfs shirt LOL!!
..and Mom ALSO got me a new toaster. haha!

Nico and Allura were all over the presents unable to focus on anything in the commotion- both paused to check out the legos- before fighting over the shopping carts a bit.

Rory mostly just played with the Zoobles
oo thats another shirt Lissy got me- Felix the cat

Nico was very busy with a phone conference.
... I am going to get him a phone on his birthday, that is all there is to it.
He even made Mom his secretary

Lissy got all the guys nurf guns- so amidst the present opening , and wild children running amuck, there were nurf darts in every direction.

Allura LOVEs Ri. She was making him chase her all over the house , soo cute

JJ took us home before it got too late.
- Ri's mom and sis were trying to organize meeting up for dinner of after dinner(there were sposed to come xmas eve too- but that didn't work out- ) So we came home to exchange gifts with Ri's mom&and older Sis
-I failed to get any pics :(

I think all of our gifts went over well, we got some really great neat things.. and I think people liked the gifts we got them.
(oh! AND I found a use for that second taster, Ri's mom mentioned she needed one :) . Extra present.)

-here is a pic of some of Rory's fav that I keep picking off the floor. She also got tons of craft projects- she has been drawing painting beading and doing things all week
They got me some cool knickknacky things for around the house.Jewelry box and a really cool seashell dreamcatcher thingy

and it matches this clock thingy Ri's Mom brought me (OH! -and Ri got a new coffee maker.. no, he doesn't really drink coffee..but since I have started drinking a lot -and mom had bought and extra one as a present on sale and was offering it he asked for it...He hates my 10 dollar wal*mart special with the broken spout, because it leaks on his counter.)

When Mel& Ri's mom came we noticed someone had left cookies and a fire pit in the backyard!!
We totally needed a firepit!
We couldn't figure out who it could be- We had a guess,on the way home from Mom's we dropped of cookies at Ri's Dad's and they weren't there..
We texted them but they wouldn't fess up, they came over the next morn and confessed and bought Rory a few little things :) .

We've tested out the firepit a few times, I have hung up and started cleaning( I won't start on the tree until newyears) - Ri has been working..were are headed back into the grind.
I'm sure I am leaving things out..but like I said-hibernation mode.anxiety.I'm going to bed.

All in all we had a pretty great Christmas/Holiday/Whathaveyou..
Family ,Friends, laughter, gifts, traditions, food...and CANDY
I hope your Christmas, Holiday , weekend--whatever was awesome.
and I hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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