Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My plate runneth over

LATE LATE LATE! I must hurry and write this- because it will screw up my ENTIRE schedule if I don't get a post in before I put up my next week vid on Friday/Saturday.

I'm really sorry- Thanksgiving came and went- and December slapped me in the face with Freezing Holiday Cheer and penny pinching.
Basically, Thanksgiving left me with more than a full plate.
I'm stuffed .

You don't care- You just want pictures:
LONG Ride to Momo's with NanaPop

Through the river and over the woods..
No, wait- you don't want to go through the river, you'll get all wet.
Something like that.

Somewhere between here and the great big woods of Florida ,
there were lots of hunters all over the side of the road for the start of deer season holding up holiday traffic.
and a HUGE dead Bull corpse in the back of a pick up truck.
Bizarre. was he having beef for turkeyday? that is just shameful.

Ri's cousin's son, Conner,
he is three, and was super excited to see Rory. They were adorable playing together.
Rory picked out her outfit and told everyone in a very serious tone she was a Rock Star - Conner said "You are sooo pretty" adorable!
I can't believe he has grown so much and is talking so well already.
A year makes soo much difference- everyone changes/grows so much. :)

OH! Long ago- I think I spoke of Ri's cousin who Rory wants "to be JUST LIKE when she grows up."
She went to Spain for the year- and no one knew she was back- we came in and she jokingly hid behind her brother, What was hilarious to me was Ri's reaction.
He was going through saying hi's and giving hugs before he saw her,then He completely reacted like it was normal to see her, like 'oh, I see you- Hi Hannah"
- then did a double take then yelled- OMG! Hannah?!

Rory is super stoked she is back in town. We have been trying to teach Rory to swim- but a long time ago Hannah said something about teaching her to swim , so Rory has been even more hesitant to learn...from us.
Hannah says she'd love to babysit for us one night and we really might take her up on it.

Also. Rory wants a tattoo on her foot like she has,
Rory HAD mentioned it- I couldn't remember whose tattoo she was talking about saying she wanted a tree, It was years ago she saw Hannah's and liked it- she still mentions it when she sees a person with a tattoo-sigh-LOL

-and lets all take a moment to marvel at the shiny hair in that picture.

-Anyway- It was really nice to see everyone and catch up. Ri showed everyone the lump on his collarbone, and everyone told him he should eat more. And teased us about being on time/early for once to thanksgiving.
and - the food!

Lots of food!!
Of course, I didn't get Rory to eat more than Momo's seasoned crackers , potato chips,and some mac&cheese

but she did sit there next to her cousin(2nd cousin?) long enough for me an Ri to enjoy our dinner.
And there was a bit more veg stuff than I expected.

Plus. PIE.
You know I love pie :)

They played on the hammock with their greatGrandad
While Ri and I played with Momo's puppy (that was in the vid I posted last week a little).
I did have a couple more photos- but I never know peoples individual internet comfort zone. So That is all I am posting. We got in a few long chats with family.Lots of hugs and jokes and catching up.

.Pop bought us soda on the way home. we were a bit unsatisfied not getting to drink our calories on thanksgiving.
and Ri bought Rory some cottoncandy- she really really wanted cotton candy. I guess that is a thanksgiving day tradition I am unaware of??

Jess& Steve stopped in and brought us homemade awesome pumpkin pie- <3

Saturday Rory and I spent the day cleaning and relaxing/recovering.Sari stopped in and brought us MORE leftovers from Ri's mom's TGing dinner

Sunday , my family came over for a late Holiday Dinner- Mom and Amy really liked the idea and went all out making veggie foods to gorge ourselves on. Next year I will go ahead and make a tofurky- and it will be Veggie Sunday( the after Tday holiday).
Perfect because it gives us time to run around to see the side of our fam we don't see often- and still have SOME leftovers in our fridges and guts.

Dad didn't come though. he owes me dinner. I am going to hold him to that.Or not, he'd probably just take me to a Golden Corral

Allura Face

Mom reheated some food while the kids played and we chatted.

Allura wanted Ri to hold her- just so she could feel tall- she even leaned over where his face was to see from his perspective. LOL I wish we'd caught a better picture!

Rory & Nico played in the yard for awhile- the neighbor even came over and joined them a little.

Mom also bought a Roasted chicken and brought it for the meat eaters. Between that and leftover turkey scraps- Noobs was IN HEAVEN.
She was a total PAIN actually.
She nose whistled.
she whined,
she had stood expectantly in front of the fridge for the past week.

More cute kid pics

I LOVE this picture! I don't know Why Rory and Nico are sharing a plate- or three tea cups of soda- or how Allura manages to look all proper and dignified eating in all the chaos of Veggie
Sunday around her

Lissy took a vid(and most the pics from Veggie Sunday, too)
and posted it-
Talking about whistling with my siblings:

After eating we planned to go to the night of lights- but it was getting pretty late for the little ones-Mom decided to head home with Amy,JJ,and Allura
but Lissy took us to night of lights.
We walked around and got a few pics:

Rory told Santa how she wants and ice cream maker for xmas.
..the one from the commercials.
I swear.Commercials. Why did we get cable again?

Nico was done with all that

After oooing and Ahhhing the lights at the park we went down St.George street a bit

Nico liked the Elmo shirt
...I blame Katy Perry..


I love this picture. He is totally trying to figure out how it works.

I like this one too even though her eyes are closed.

The kids were fussing a bit on the way back

Nico was very tired- and Rory's fussiness suggested she was too.
We considered going to the amphitheater's winter fest thing(they have an Ice slide ,ice rink,and crazy unfloridian stuff up in there), but with the kids already seemingly done we headed home.
We split up the desserts.

and then...

Well, now it is almost Friday and the back to school week has been pretty much back to normal.
I know I am leaving tons out. Monday and Tuesday Rory came home,snacked did her homework- I suffered allergies and watch copious amounts of TV , the normal.
Rory has seemed a bit overtired this week.

Whiny in the morn and night. It isn't fun. I hope she isn't torturing the teacher .
She has been stealing from school though.Everyday she brings home a handful of mulch from the playground( I think she actually asks permission). She says they are eggs,and she is a cat who lays eggs- that's totally normal
She is also a werewolf.
I helped in the classroom some on Tuesday again. It was pretty fun- such cute funny kids, my odd egg-laying cat werewolf fits right in .

Wednesday was GREAT, if a little on the cold side
(especially after Tuesday's high almost hit-90f). I was so freakishly tired all week and I FINALLY slept a bit (which is the real reason I haven't posted this yet)
, and then picked up the kid-went to the playground then had a little Lunch at his work and we all rode home(as fast as we could before it got colder).

Today sucked mightily though
I blame

I think I liked December, once.

Here's the thing, I'm in M-effing Florida. Tropical.Humid.Wet. Which in the summer is as to be sticky rainy wet.
But when the temperate drops ,and make no mistake, at least once a will drop.
It just does.There is no warning,
the weatherman may clue you in slightly- but there is no slow decrease in temp. It doesn't just slowly make it's way from the hot humid normal to the wet FREEZES AND HORRIBLE DROWNING IN THE WETNESS OF NEVER EVER SNOWY,BECAUSE IT IS TOO WET TO DO ANYTHING BUT PISS SLEET cold. nope.
(Sorry about that, Crazy caps is the only way to describe a cold day in Florida were the temperature is actually only 30 something but it "feels like "- you lungs are growing G-D ice cycles.)

It goes into that lovely damp freeze right after an unseasonably warm 80deg pool weather right there in the middle of same week.
So there's that,

Plus,and this is fun.
December is when everybody and their Mama seems to make me feel obligated to spend more money on them. Don't buy me a Christmas present.. where will I pull the money from to get you one?
And, I am not the most crafty.Clever maybe,thrifty totally- but crafty? hells no.

To add to that lovely money from the sky feeling that is the upcoming holidays- the school has one million actives planned for the next few (and I mean few) weeks before winter break.Activities that will cost me money.
Lots of them.

Did I mention December/Winter tends to be slow season for people who work in St Augustine?

My plate is full again.
and I'm cold and grumpy.Plus, I fear the carb/dairy/egg/sugar abundance is killing me from the insides..I need a new stomach.

Ri did let me nap today- AND he brought me horrible high calorie coffee drink and muffin from Dunkin Donuts.
In hopes I would stop grumping all over our nice things.
It was good.
but everyone seems grumpy, so my cheer didn't last long.
This season sucks.Luckily the food is good here.

I am obviously overtired and rambly.
but LOOK . I posted this ,sort of, before Friday.
It only took me all day.

See ya soon with the Week recap vlog

PEACE AND TOFU CHICkEN GREASE,but none for me, I'm full thanks.


Anonymous said...

LOLllllz It had to have been Friday there when you posted this. It was an awesome post. I can whistle by putting my fingers in my mouth too, and the kids always are so sweet. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and hope Dec. doesn't prove to be to craptastic. Hugs!! <3

Joye said...

You so put into words what I have always said about Florida weather. People from the north gripe when we complain, but like you said it goes from 80s to 30s without warning and so quickly, no easing into it like here!!!

I do hope you get out of your grump mood. I was there for two days, now that was something that went from 0 to 160 without giving me a clue, LOL.

Have a good weekend!!!

babyhellfire said...

LOL yeahhh it was pretty much Friday Starri.
:) thanks!
I still can't whistle with my fingers like that- I am not sure if i'd want to it is sooo loud. Whistling is soo weird cause soo many people do it so differnt. ((hugs)))

Thanks Joye~
I actually LIKe seasons and LOVE snow- I dream of a white xmas.. but I HATE THIS particular cold. it is gross, and you know everyone gets soo under the weather waking up hot after a freezing night- or vice versa.

I think I am just PMSing and a tad overwhelmed , I'll get over it :)

Thanks for commenting!