Friday, December 10, 2010

Mostly, I wanted to show you my ridiculous hat!

..and my cute niece,nephew- and daughter. Friday Vid. Yes, this Should be week 8 in a minute.. but it is two random minutes from Sunday,Wednesday and Friday. Winterfest , bundling up on Wednesday - and Randomness from Rory

-that youtube bit was all her. Shameless self promotion, it mys be genetic.
here is another shorty bit Lissy took

Sorry this isn't so much a weekinaminute like usual(I admit I slacked on the camera use this week).. but it is a video, and it IS still Friday!
and so far, My typical calm cool Friday was not so much of either. bleh.
Well- I'll be back with a more bloggy less vloggy post, hopefully soon..
until then,


Anonymous said...

Love the hat sweetie. lolllz The kids are super cute as always. Thank you for sharing your family with us again this week. <3

babyhellfire said...

:) Thank you!! :) <3

LindaN said...

Love that hat! And.. repeating me kiddies are so cute!