Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sleepless April showers and flowers

Been awhile,
hope no one was worried!!
(hardy har har).

As usual, we haven't been up to much,at all.Our schedule is sooo short we rarely ever have time for anything.
I have been trying to get Rory to bed at a reasonable hour(any where from 8pm to 3 am is reasonable at this point)..feels like the harder I have tried, the worse it gets. Rory's natural body clock seems to be set MUCH different than mine. I have serious trouble trying to get to sleep when the sun is rising...which seems to be exactly when Rory prefers to go to bed.It has been really stressful. I have tried every trick ,in every book, relating to sleep.The best I can hope for is that she takes a long evening nap... 'cause she is always awake from 3am to 5am at this point,no matter what trick I do.The house is beyond trashed(to me) -the schedule puts me in such a fog I feel like I am dragging all day.
On the bright side I have begun taking advantage of it,and enjoying the beautiful spring mornings. All the morning yoga and cardio shows are on, I took Rory and Noobie one morn(like apr 3rd?) to walk the neighborhood-thinking it might also keep her awake-(fail).

Ri got us a new HUGE weight machine- free! from a friend of his, he had to go to St. Auggy to pick it up,and JJ ended up having to help(Gill was 'sposed to,but thats another story-not worth your time)...but still ,it's $900 machine free. We finally got it half assembled it is missing a few screws Ri is gonna have to buy to put it together..
but the leg press,an arm lift thingy(you know you love my naive terms here) and the ab part is assembled, taking up 90% of our bedroom. I knew we wouldn't ever use it if it was in the garage.I have used it here and there.

Mom and Dad want me to go back to school, and are talking about helping me with that. Dad found out about an interesting home school program- they are right I really should.
Mom talks as though its my destiny.premonition of hers. We went over to visit (apr 5th) to talk about that and Rory wanted to snack at Grammys, -Grammy has Chips, Ice cream and , AAAND* cookies , lol.-
(* Thats Rory's new thing the very dramatic AAANND! )
I had hoped hanging out there would keep her awake until night time...

It didn't keep her awake

Rory had fun doctoring Libby up -Amy's lip isn't really pierced. I told her if she ever does get a hoop on her lip she should get a vertical that goes through the lip- and won't bother her teeth.

I am not sure whats going on with Libby..hell,she might not even know.So I guess it's a waste of my mental energy to worry about.


Speaking of teeth irritating piercing- my labret ring is bothering my gum.. it is receded a bit in front of one tooth.I noticed it while brushing, and flossing .preparing for my dental visit-and had a full blown panic attack about what he'd say,and what I should do. It is MY fault for leaving the long post in so long. I looked up receding gums online of course FREAKED myself out even more. .
He didn't even care,in fact I am half convinced he doesn't remember me from one visit to the next- just my x-ray and chart. He always seems to ask me the same questions.-
When we got home that day I replaced my long post stud with a fishing wire retainer- awesome trick Tata taught me that might save me from any further gum irritation until my bioflex ones come in.

Much more exciting news- Rory had her 1st dental visit,and did shockingly well. I think she won the heart of everyone in the office.I really wasn't sure what to expect and half feared she panicked.Nope,She thought it was the niftiest thing ever.The hygienist was impressed telling her she she come teach the other big kids how to Rory does have a cavity they plan on trying to put a temp seal on next month.The only part that made Rory scared was the yuckiness of the fluoride they swabbed a bit of on her teeth,and had her spit.We were really proud of her. -sniff- my big kid.I wish I woulda taken pics.
She is still talking about it.She liked having her teeth tickled.I think she liked being so big having her own appointment ,too.

When we got home from the dentist(it was one of Ri's days off) , I had a package waiting on me- swag from winning the invite a friend contest at,(thanks mimi!) . Love 'em. She shirt is a great color,and my new tote/grocery bag is HUGE :)

We didn't do much for Ri's days off.He went and got food from Spanky's (pizza,and stuff :) )for us. Ri was feeling cagey and bored. He works soo much he mostly just rested on his day off and cuddled with us. I slept most the day after my filling though-they always make me feel soo sick.

Mom took us to the beach Thursday,-It's spring break here and she took the week off to be with Amy,and Stephanie who is the troubled neighbor girl that mom and dad have practically taken in...
When mom picked me up that morn( I just didn't sleep so i could be ready to go early).
She just came by herself. Libby and Amy didn't want to go(Steph was there and excited to go though). On the way she said she had seen a bobcat that had been hit by a car, it was alive but probably injured, she was hoping it was ok.She was really chocked up about it..she says everything gets her chocked up lately,
Mom is doing alright, I guess, the chemo/radiation is making her hormonal,tired and nauseous- I told her it sounds like she is preggy,she says it feels that way too. She had decided the beach would do her good,even if no one wanted to go with her,she was going.
Me and steph managed to talk Amy into going to the beach with us.But libby was mopey and unbending. Probably better she stayed home with that 'tude..but I bet she regrets it.
we had a blast.

We made a big sand cruise ship,
When we 1st got there is was COLD- only Stephanie was brave enough for the cold water at 1st,but the sun did come out(full force judging by me sever sunburn despite sunblock)
and we had to pee LOL. I didn't really expect rory to go in ,and never took her outer clothes off- looking back I am glad i didn't she got come sun on her cheeks,elbows and knees-despite the LOADS sunblock- i am glad she had the chirt on her back and shoulders!
Rory really loved siting on the float in the shallow water with Grammy, oh and eating as many chips as possible:

I am soo gonna play with this one in Photoshop and see if i can make it look like Amy is floating.

We had a really good time!!Rory was a little upset when we didn't go to grammy's and she was brought in the house,but
- came in and crashed until 9 pm ,again :(
Just can't get this kid to sleep in those early predawn hours.
I woke up with bright red unexpected sunburn! I had put a teeny bit of Rory's sunblock on that morn but not much(she was almost out) and we have that barely sunblock spf 5 ,for everyday use..
You can even see my shoulders and cheeks where I reapplied some of Stephs sunblock on my shoulders and cheeks-streaks!
I even got red there- but not near as bad as the back of my arms.
Ri says EVERYONE that went to the beach at his work is BURNT ,even people with really dark skin- Scotty,got so burnt ri says he is insanely PURPLE,
I guess the sun was JUST really bad that day.Its crazy cause I didn't think i had even got sun at all.

The past couple days I have been severely lazy.I feel so out of shape. I spent today trying to exercise,walked the dog at dawn,did yoga took a nap,and did some sit ups and more yoga while Rory ate her breakfast.
Health wise though I have been trying to make healthier food.When we do make our own foods lately they have been vegan.We have tried some new things and made some really yummy stuff.. and a few failures.
One night I decided to make southwestern style corn bread- but i added to much corn meal,it was like hard cornmeal jello.. Ri told me if I made dinner he would clean my REALLY dirty kitchen that night. I teased - 'was it worth it, poor quality food,and now you have to clean?"
So far,vegan desserts simple toss together soups,a beans have been the thing I am the best at.

Well, the sun will be up soon. I should start cleaning up so I have room in here to workout.I seriously feel so out of shape. I am hoping it is just some hormonal thing..but really I don't think I have been this big since postpartum days :( .. some of my fav jeans are too tight. I don't like the slope I am on.-thought I think once a month I go through a bloated hate my body time..I am trlling myself it is just that time.

I will leave you with a few pics from yesterday- Rory found this outfit (mom got it for her last week) in the clean clothes and begged to go outside in it.
-she has blackberry face- they are all over the backyard now !

It has been SO hot you can't be outside for more than a minute after noon.

If you read all this- you are my hero. Sorry for dragging on.-Hopefully you read it in sections.
Love you.

- oh,what do you think of my new header pic??
Dad saw those pics of me on myspace and said they were "kinky, with dem stockings" ..I told him that its a kewl outfit,not kinky..and he is a pervert for thinking that.


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