Tuesday, April 15, 2008

20 questions

Some pics I editted in PS :)

20 open questions to myself,mostly
,you can feel free to ignore them or answer :) -

1.How come I go through days when I am all too concerned with my body and do nothing but exercise all day,and days when I could care less,and sit around all day drinking soda??
(Don't I realize the two counter act each other- yes,which makes my guilt soo much harder. )

2.When did I start worring about that so much?

3 Why is SO freaking cold in the middle of spring?
(Long sleeves in Florida in April,really??)

4Why does Rory go to sleep at midnight one night,and 9 pm another?
5and will she sleep through the night tonight if she went to bed at 9?

6.Will we get foodstamps/medicade?
We applied,looks hopeful ...that would be awesome.

7.Will I ever master this photoshop thing??Or just be addicted to funking with pics even though i don't know what I am doing?

8.Will my mommy be ok? ... I know she WILL,,but not soon enough.

9.What should we do tomorrow?- Ri's only day off this week.

10.Why do we always forget to take the trash to the curb on monday?grrrr

11.Why is Rory suddenly feeling so creative this week?
She begged to paint then, She made me a beautiful painting with pinwheels and butterflies today. She also did some amazing work on her aquadoodle,I was a little sad to see it fade

12.Why do I feel so suddenly withdrawn from my online communities?
(and even more withdrawn from people I used to be real life friends with)

13.Why am I still awake?

14.Why has the dog been so up my ass?Why does she follow me around nose whistling?

15.Why have I not called that guy about that school?

16.Why do I put myself on so many guilt trip roller coasters lately?
I feels as though I spend my down time taking digs at myself for being ignorant,immature,unfit unclever,untalented ,uneducated,and unfunny...and rarely do these guilt trips respond in action.

17. When did I get so addicted to google?

18.Can someone get me a BIG rug to hide my carpet under?--and some white slip covers I can tie-dye

19.How can I make everything perfect? Are there people you can hire for that?

Ri is home,Rory is awake. pout

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