Sunday, April 20, 2008

One of many

The hardest things to say, are things you only have to say yourself,

the hardest way to feel misunderstood, is when you are surrounded by people trying to understand.

the worst time to feel alone,is when you are more connected and supported by those around you than you have ever been,

the worst time to feel unloved is when everyone loves you.

the worst things to fear are those which haven't happened ,and may never happen,

the worst things to cry for, are those you cannot change,

and the worst,and hardest things to dwell upon are the hardest,worst things.

Apologies to those that have tried to understand me..
I am just strange and awkward as always..
I don't understand myself either.
--but you cannot fill in those blanks of mine for me either.
If i don't understand me, how could you?
My failure to communicate is my own failure, and one of many.


Ok ,
that poetic drama out of the way.
Things have been aright.
I am feeling kinda down and awkward-as obvious.

Rory has been doing well(though I think she may be coming down with something- or perhaps run down from her odd sleep pattern-which is back to shit BTW)
We turned off the satelite to save money. I think it is doing more for good for Rory than anything.She plays outside,plays her video games,watches movies which we have plenty of..I do feel like I have a lot more to do now in entertaining and cleaning up after her..but I feel better about how she spends her day.We can still watch most our fav shows online,and get news there.So far this has been a really good thing...not just a cut back.huh.

Ri is home pretty early tonight.I am trying to figure out what we will do for Earth Day --which just happens to land on his day off.

Well its time for dinner.

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