Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bitching and pics

We've just been lazy , lately.
Well, except for Ri who has been working like mad,and some work-outs here and there.

----------Some updates------
My bioplast body jewelry came in YAY!!! -Probably OUR fault they took so long.The mail comes at 9 am ,when we are in deep sleep.I thought I had heard Noobie make noise every morning but, didn't know why,finally, the other day, I jumped out of bed and ran out to see who it was..the mail. I had to sign for them.

Also, medicaid info came in.--the verdict-
Rory is covered,we again have "medically needy" insurance,in case we need it...but we did not get coverage,or food stamps.
I was really hoping for that.The budget is really tight.

Rory's garden,and outfit she picked out.

Mostly just been bumming around the house.Well, I have been taking Noobs for walks(in one afternoon with Rory,and EARLY morning while she sleeps.). The last couple have been really great- She is getting soo much better about not pulling,and walking politely.She is like a whole new dog!Other people have even seemed to notice.A few people have even stopped to compliment her when pass.
...and yep,when she goes to the backyard now-she is always on her tie out.I do feel kind of bad about it,but she seems to be REALLY good,actually.


Rory has been wonderfully demanding and stubborn lately by the time Ri gets home I am so frustrated from her clingy neediness,I practically run away.Everything has to be JUST so-her food,her clothes,her toys... that,on top of her sleep schedule being soo wonky she spends much of the day being very grumpy. I draw the line when she demands I be "just so" and do things for her "right now" -that has been the fun new battle lately.
Case in point:
I am so angry! Don't take my picture!


We have been eating pretty good.Almost all healthy homemade vegan food
...mostly because we have been cooking with our stocked up frozen veg and scratch baking ingredients more often.
I FINALLY made vegan pizza. Turned out AWESOME!! There is some of tat soy cheese on part..but it totally didn't need it.

Ri made one the next night, also good. :)
His may have been prettier,but I didn't get pics before it was gone.
EFFING Spring.I feel like the house can't get clean enough,stupid damn bugs!!I hate florida!
It's really driving me crazy...and if it isn't bugs -of all freaky kinds,Its geekos,all over the damn house!

Ben came over the other night to play GTA with Ri.. they are gearing up for the release of the new game.
He brought some more pics from our trip to disney :

This is the greatest pic! Ben came in knowing we'd love it and bragging on how awesome it is,and how cute she is.

And some pics of over tired kid staying up way, playing on starfall,and Noggin.com :

I TRIED to drag her along on my morning walk but she wanted to stay with Ri and Ben and play online(plus,she was very tired.).
Well,Noobie and I had a nice walk-and I took the camera for once:

I don't know whose cat that is, but he was really odd looking.

A woodpecker.

Flower growing through the asphalt

I did get hit on by a really creepy dude with poor english though.
UGH!You just can't walk around putnam county ,even at dawn!With out bumping into creepy people.

Ri had to work(ben went home) and we me and Rory went back to kicking around the house.
Watching movies...
How come NO ONE told me how cute "curious george" is?!
"Mr.Magoriums wonder emporium" is pretty good ,too- Rory even LOVES it.
"Juno" lived up to the hype ,and was pretty good as well.

Rory's demanding,behavior has been getting worse and worse.Last night,any time I said "no",or "stop" to her,she would break down -
at one point, I called her "rude" for her demanding screaming,and she went to her room and cried " I guess you hate me now,I'm rude" .I kept telling her I will love her forever.

Today,was Ri's day off- We spent it grocery shopping.Our cupboards(and freezer) were barer than they have ever been,we had to go to three different stores.
With Rory SCREAMING for things! WTF! She KNOWS that doesn't work?! Suddenly, she thinks screaming and reaching and demanding gets her things.UGH.driving me crazy.
It got really bad at wally world(our last stop for household items), when she DEMANDED to (,and we wouldn't let her), play in the arcade , just trying to get our aluminum foil,and razors and GTFO of there...HUGE screaming fit! I just carried her to the car,told her it was too bad she acted that way we might have let her, if she had asked nicely.Then she was just PISSED.I had to fight her to get her in the carseat..and she started yelling "I HATE YOU!" Of all things.
OMG! She's three,not 12!!!
!UGH! One minute she was all cute riding along happily in the cart,the next she is hating us for telling her "she can't do anything if she asks so rudely".
It really frustrating ,I swear like having a different child, when she is tired,hungry,or over stimulated.

I feel like I am very in my head the past few days.
Like, I can barely sleep because my mind keeps wondering.RI will ask me something ,and it will take me like 10 mins to answer him. Its nothing important is like my train of thought is lost or something.Lost in thoughts it hasn't followed or thought of in yrs,or ever.Randomness,or oddness.
Ah well, I'll see if I can't get some sleep tonight.

Peace and tofu chicken grease,


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