Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fun with google!

My tool bar has had incredible memory lately. I put in one letter and often find myself giggling at my previous searches.
So I thought it would be an interesting blog.
Or at least a way to kill time until my damn dog comes in the house. -stupid escaping dog. grrr!

What I have searched for on google lately:
A :
Alton Browns chili powder
(Ri looked that up :) ) ,
Alton brown is the awesomeness,the only cooking show I really enjoy watching,needs more meat free recipes though.

Asshole tattoo-
LMAO someone online mentioned it,and I had to know if such a thing actualy was possible and existed (the short answer: yes!)

Butterfly eating spider-
I wanted a pic- or a butterfly being eaten,not one that eat

Black and mild ingredients-
we quit!!Ri was looking up info about them.Worried about tobbacco content I guess.

for that pic of Libby,i thought that would be a fairly straight forward pic search,but i really had trouble finding one I wanted.

Clerks 2 movie quotes-
always good for a laugh

Coffee maker cleaner -
Stupid coffee maker,damn thing smells funny! I have run a couple cycles of part vinegar (as recommended). & its still yucky :(

Coke with sugar-
We want some. He likes to get soda on occasion for alchy drinks,but doesn't like the evil corn syrup.Too bad we lie so far from mexico.I need to see if i can find some jones cola locally.

Cooking packaged Tofu-
for a prepacked food it requires a bit of prep to get it to hold up in chunks , I made some yummy stirfry though

count up:
I can't remember

lol, I think it was an image search for the grim reaper, actually

Dictionary online:
for obvious reasons.I can't spell,or think of words.

Dread how to:
I find them very interesting,but,NO, I don't think I could handle them,tangles drive me crazy

Dream house in snow:
an image search. looking for pretty pics.
another image search
Fire image-
for my blog header :)

Fairy wing-
image for those pics of Rory in photoshop

free flower image-
same as the wings

Giant mega chicken-
an ATHF reference , I knew it wasn't right,its actually "ultra mega chicken"
"Arise chicken,arrrrrrrrrriiiiiissse chick-en, chicken arise!"
Hacking PSP -
Ri looked that up, I don't think he found anything.

Head shop:
and image search lol

I turn polar bears white...
Ri was trying to find the answer to that unsolvable riddle.It's "no". Damn, trick questions!

Ibuprofen -
spell check

Junk yards in florida-
I have no clue,maybe Ri's search?

Menstrual cramps-
looked up causes, symptoms, and releif

Mini cooper:
I love them, I was looking for images,for a post about dream cars
,but also interested in the new hybrids and diesels. Ri always teases he'd buy me one if I started driving-doubt it,they are expensive.

penis hat-
LMAO joke image search(how many of you just typed that in?)

photoshop tips-
stuff is HARD!!I have learned a bit


Saint johns county sheriff-
Ri looks occasionally

Stats women driver-
proving a point on a msg board ,YES women ARE, statistically speaking, better drivers.

Sea shells veg-
answering a question for someone
wondering about the harm in collecting sea shells.I had never thought of it before..but it doesn't really bother me.Thou, I am not THAT much of a animal rights vegan.

Swiper fox-
spell check

Tina fay-
image search.

utorrent download limit-
and similar, Ri was looking for info, it was slowing us down

Vegan recipes-,pancakes,candy and "scrambled eggs",
'sposibly you can make some really good "egg"s with scrambled firm tofu- keep meaning to try that.

the book searching for that authors name

Yellow baby-
Brain fart,search for the word I lost, "jaundice"

Shoulda been typed in the other bar lol

zoo membership.
trying to remember how much ours was.

So,What have you been googling?

Speaking of google,
I saw someone accessed my blog my typing in "wearing a diaper" - I can't tell ya how disturbing that is! !!
..I wonder what kind of searches I will be accessed though now?

Oh,Noobie just sulked in the door.

I also found out if you google "babyhellfire"
it ALL used to be me..My various message board,and website incarnations
but NOW there is some babyhellfire on a porno site& msg board!!!!! GDAMMIT!Good fuck! I assure you all that one ain't me!
Grrrr! Am I gonna haveta fight some screenname thievin' hoebag!!!


Megan said...

Hey Angela,
This is Megan, Rian's cousin.
If you can find a store that sells "passover" coca-cola... it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup, but sucrose, which is apparently cane sugar. Stock up on it though, it is only this time of year. It might just be the publix in jax that is near a synagogue though. It caters to the community.
Hope that helps:)

babyhellfire said...

Yeah, we read that its around during passover,and figured we would try publix.I doubt this small town one would,but st.auggy might