Thursday, April 24, 2008


HEY..hey.. I can call my blog awesome if I feel like it!
the three people that actually read it won't mind
Monday -Noobie made sure it was a shitty day.
Mom came over , to drop off a pirate costume she had bought Rory.
Mom doesn't look that bad,she is noticeably self conscious though. She is fully bald now,she says she had some long hairs,but they were so sparse dad told her she looked like the crypt keeper(from tales from the crypt) so she had Libby cut them. Mom asked what we thought of her wig-it is very BLOND.
Rory didn't even notice Moms hair was a wig,when mom told her-she made a funny look-wish I could describe it LOL. So mom showed her.I am not sure what she thought.I think she thought Mom and liz were picking on her at that point. -- Today,she mentioned it though,
she said she "has brown grammy,and the other grammy who has hair like her" I said "she doesn't have hair like your though,she doesn't have any hair" and Rory said,in the most matter of fact way.. "yeah, but she pretends " . I thought it was a very clever way of explaining it, child constantly reminds me to keep things smart and simple.
The whole time mom was here Noobie nose whistled and whined and drove me crazy.
and the house was a WRECK!

So when mom and libby left, I let Rory and the dog play outside. I was picking up a few toys(it couldn't have even been a minute!) and on my way out to play with them,then there was this LOUD bang-firework,or gun..either way it scared Rory running back inside -
Noobie however took the opposite approach and tore off out the fence at it!
Stupid escaping dog!There isn't a damn thing I can do then,but to hope she stays safe , out of trouble ,and comes home.Rory wanted to go to the park too! At least Rory was able to enjoy the nice weather with the doors open and stuff.

..but then my asshole dog starts getting into trouble,I hear her at the neighbors house fighting with their dog.FUCK.and I hear the neighbor yell "go home!" ..damn.
So, Noobie starts tiring out and at this point is hanging in the yard.And the neighbor comes over.
he says:"I am not trying to be rude-just to tell you,She got IN my fenced yard and attacked my 14 yr old dog"(I'm shocked- apologize profusely in here) "if she gets out again I am calling animal control and there ARE leash laws."
-- I tell him -I understand completely, and I don't blame him.(I don't think he expected that) he has helped me before in catching her,he does know a bit about her.
I tell him about being at my wits end.She can't be off leash or out of sight for even a second! In every other way she is behaved..but she is WILD when she gets loose,and she works hard at getting loose,she has broken our fence-broken leashes and harness' ,she has even ate through wood, and broke a glass window before ,to get out! Then ,she'll just run and not listen.(he sees this because at this point she is IN the yard not coming when I call her). and if I chase her she just goes further!
-"In fact",I tell him, "getting called on by animal control is the least of worries about her getting out- I am terrified she is going to get shot in a neighbors yard(and some have threatened) or ran over by a car" .

--So I got Noobie's tie out rope working again.I am gonna keep walking(and running ) her-trying for daily..But this is the end!No more off leash for her,Her harness is her new shoes,she won't go outside without it.She has lost all privileges.She survived our month long road trip that way (actually ,she was surprisingly well behaved that way)
Ri has even started looking at shock collars,as well. So, I guess this is what it has come to. :(

When the guy left, I ended up bribing the damn mutt back in the house with some ribs Ri brought home for her.

So , after the drama, I started looking up dinner recipes for Textured Vegetable Protein..because all I had on hand were a small amount of dry goods and a lot of frozen veg.
TYP has all sorts of apps,but the simplest I could find was to replace ground beef in a recipe.
I found a few mentions of that stuff mom always called "goulash"..and decided I had enough crushed tomatoes and elbow noobles-and I could just throw in LOADS of frozen veggies.
-- I wiki'd goulash,and was right in my assumption that what that 'hamburger helper' type stuff is , it FAR from traditional hungarian goulash .. I did find this for the curious :
"A dish made with macaroni, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, onions, green peppers, and hamburger is often referred to as "goulash". This is an American dish with more in common with Italian pasta dishes than goulash. The dish normally does not use paprika at all, but does have a red color due to the tomatoes. This is also known as American Chop Suey in New England."
I thought was so-so,Ri loved it.Rory didn't like the TVP ,or most the veg- she just picked out macaroni noodles. -but hey, she TASTED it!

We still haven't heard back from medicaid. Which really sucks.
We need so many things right now.I really REALLY hope we get food stamps...if it wasn't for Ri working in (and being friends with) the food industry , I am not sure how we would get by.
I need to make a huge running master list of wants and needs again,like I used to.The GIANT list of crap,organized by importance. I just haven't because it seems so depressing right now.The list is far too long ,and seems to be getting harder to fill.-stressful.As well as, my frustration of sometimes feeling like Ri doesn't see the same level of importance ,or relevance of some of my needed/wanted items as I do...but that is a whole different subject.


Day off fun :)
Ri had Tuesday and Wednesday off work.We wanted to do something fun Tuesday- for Earth Day and his day off. I asked Rory if she would like to do anything for earth day, I guess ,Earth means dirt to Rory,So,she said she wanted to play in the sand.
Though,perhaps a better for the environment day would have been to not go for a car ride and stay home...
We decided to go to a spring.Rory helped Ri pick Silver Glen,based on the pics she saw online.She was fussy in the car ride.Too tired and hadn't ate anything yet.
We got some subs(five dollar,five dollar,five dollar foot long!-actually a veggie sub is cheaper).
Ooh and Ri found some mex coca cola at a little corner grocery place, too :) Rory slept through most of the ride there.

We got to the spring,and though it was HOT at our house,just NEAR the spring the air was cold.
So the water was FREEZING.Ugh, springs are just too cold for me.

But it was gorgeous,and a weekday so it wasn't too crowded:Rory asked to go in the water as soon as she saw it!

..but the shells hurt her feet,and it was COLD-her baby lips were purple.


Some little boys came to play,and let her borrow their fishing net,Rory was soo polite and took turns soo well! ...She was the only little girl there with lots of little boys her age.We joked how they were all flirting with her.One little boy did make it a point to bring her a pretty shell.

lol.right before we left another family came,and their little boy(3 or 4) jumped in the water,pulled down his pants and started peeing-everyone was screaming and laughing..
Rory was like "what?" --she didn't get why it was a big deal at all..
We had a good time. There wasn't really sand to play in,but we did get to swim in the super clear blue FREEZING water a bit.

For dinner Ri was gonna get us free pizza from his friend,but couldn't that night.So he ended up getting chinese..but 1st,he went to the YOSH(a tiny local grocer) to see if that had some mexican bottled cane sugar cola...
they did 89cents for a 12 oz even! !!!!Right here near our house!!
He bought all but one...when the cashier asked why he bought that and not the new sale bottle he explained the sugar,and left her one to try.

Rory eats pretty good with chopsticks :) .I was just glad not to have to make dinner.we let Rory have more soda than she has probably ever had in her life,but some how didn't feel as guilty because at least it wasn't corn syrup.

Today,Ri got up and went to help Scottie fix his car. We woke up to a lovely mess on the floor from the dog...and a day that looked like it WOULD rain,but never did. I harnessed Noobie to her tie out(its HUGE btw,she can probably get to most the yard) and let Rory out to pick flowers,while I vaccumed the floor-grr.
Rory is soo kewl now with out the Tv least I think it is cause the tv is off.She comes up with so many neat games all the sudden.i guess she did before-but now they are wilder and more imaginary games.It's so cute.
When Ri got home and we went to the park.There were a bunch of other people in the BIG park,(where we like to take noobie to run) with their dog-the one near our house was empty though so we went there for a bit.

Forgive my giant fish hook looking ring-ugh, my bioflex posts are 'sposed to be in the mail- Remind me not to order from thialand.

Was pretty funny- Ri got Noobie to slid the 1st time..and the weirdo dog liked it.and went up the ladder a second time..but then decided to just jump off from the top

Oh,I think this is Rory's favorite outfit now...thats why all the pics I have of her she is in it.When left to pick her own outfit this is what she picks.
When we got home Rory asked if we could pick blackberries...So we all went blackberry picking.Ri went way out in the feild..then Rory ate a huge handful ,then lost interest and went flower picking instead-she found dandelions and was THRILLED! She had been looking for some.She found three and made three wishes:
1.for presents
2. for a cake with sprinkles
3.for more dandelions!

We caught up with Ri after that,and went all through the trail berry picking,ended up filling up a bag with them

We went in the backyard and found some more-but at this point Rory was done,and grumpy-she had moved on to getting frustrated over everything-from not holding the baskets,to me not holding her.
She decided to watch an ant pile.--"but not touch it so they won't bite".um,ok.
i decided today we did a much more earth friendly day than yesterday,we even picked up trash while we gathered berries.
We got sooo many wild berries I made cobbler(vegan even)

-Rory calls it cookie dough and blackberries,and just wants to dough.

its pretty good. And Ri DID get us pizza tonight :)
Rory took a long nap ,and woke up a LOT less grumpy.Then she and her imaginary friend girl played with zoo animals,and spun around the room singing the magic word "essa".

ok...its like 8 am. I am gonna take Noobs for a walk.then go to bed....yep,bed at 9 stuff.

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Thoughts and Things said...

Your Escaping Dog story reminded me of our dog when we first got her, and the long list of places she escaped from!

But now your dog reminds me of my neighbor's dog, who will get out and walk around very casual-like, until her owner gets close to her, then she bolts, then her owner moves closer and she bolts again.

I will stand meanly in my house watching and laughing for a minute before going out to help. Sometimes I take my dog out and when she runs at their dog, their dog gets alarmed and becomes distracted, forgets she is running away, freezes, and then they catch her.

Dogs!! Fun critters!