Thursday, April 17, 2008

y5ilk (aka: what my nutty 3yr old titled this blog while I was making her breakfast)

Hello again :)
Goods and bads for today.,Seems thats the way every day. Last night after Ri came home I started my period..woohoo!!
, I guess..
For some reason they have been so horrible.At first it was just heavy and typically crampy sucky..Then,quite suddenly it was VERY painful,crying painful.Painful in my whole stomach and all the way down my legs.My diva cup wouldn't work.Ri and Rory had just taken a shower,but I decided to take a shower anyway.The water NEVER got hot- and it was a cold night...but I didn't want to get out- the cramps were unbearable ,and the thought of my cup or a pad making them worse ,ugh.I eventually got out ,used a pad instead ,took an ibuprofen and went to bed...well, laid their in pain wishing I was sleeping and Rory wasn't kicking us soo much. I woke up took a bath and more medicine,it was THAT bad :( . I am feeling much better now ,FINALLY. I hope these periods get better I don't know why it seems like they keep getting worse and worse.Damn,I had a kid, natural contractions and all but the thought of my cramps getting worse has me really frightened.

I am really glad Ri was around to help out the kid and let me rest.He even made us breakfast :)
I pretty much slept on the couch all afternoon.Still feeling gross.
Ri woke me up before it got too late so that we could go to the "P-A-R-K" before it got dark. We took Noobie and Rory and had a pretty good time.

A little chilly,breezy(a lot chilly if you factor in it being FL "spring") .We stayed for awhile.I was kinda rushing to go home.The cold was hurting my ears,and I still didn't feel great.

Look at my big kid kicking her feet to swing!

On the tiger:

And the "peck-peck bird"

--and naked baby on the peck-peck bird,I couldn't tell you why>Or why baby came naked-

Ball with Daddy:

Swiper No Swiping!!!

Noobie "sliding"-this will be a fun pic to funk with in PS:

LOL- I dunno.

Ri called his mom and asked if she wanted to make us dinner. Rory wanted to see her. --oh,cute thing.On the way there,we were listening to the beatles ,Rory likes some songs -a lot ..the "while my guitar gently weeps" song ,she REALLY loved-She said it was for boys and girls,about puppies and people".-

Sari wanted to see Rory ,too -so they came over. Ri's mom -she doesn't have an oven right now-but made us some really yummy food- Fried okra,the whole okra fried,mm ,and some really good pasta. Sari brought us garlic bread cause she has on oven.

Rory had a great time- and actually ate a fair amount of dinner. I think she is finally out growing her finicky tot stage,She tastes whole mixed up prepared foods now.Tasting food is more than I would have expected from her before!

Sari says I am the 1st person who actually said hi and not "wow"(or similar) at her size..I actually thought she looked pretty avg for how far along she is. She prolly won't gain much more weight at this point-it'll just shift and stuff.She is DEF preggy though.-yeah,she is prolly gonna hate that pic I PSed ,but I don't care .lol. She'll thank me for it after she has the kid.
I actually like this other one of her better:

I just wanted to fix that one more(it was a bigger challenge,had more to fix and I wanted the ability to not feel guilty trashing it if I totally screwed it up) ...but I'll probably play with that one later ,too.

Rory hugged Sari's belly then ran over to me and hugged me I said " Yay,I get one too"
and she sort of shyly whispered to me"but you don't have a belly"
we I don't have a baby belly.Rory really seems to understand that there is a baby in Sari's belly hugging that and not sari that time lol.I guess she was hugi"A girl baby with a pink bow" she says.LOL Sari Says they still aren't certain of the babies name..but in passing talks of the baby a have the name Willow,she said "we'll see" GRrrrrr.

I think Rory associates "brown grammy" with painting.As,Rory has been feeling soo creative lately she has missed her more,cause she always paints at Grammys house!She painted a seahorse her grammy had made with clay this time.She did really good work on it actually.She has been all over art work lately,so it was really good she got to go and do that with her,something they can bond over.

--We DO need to work on what she calls her Grammy's cause it gets VERY confusing she calls them both grammy 90% of the time.Right now, I think they are color coded as brown grammy(who has darker hair,and a brown house) and pink grammy (who has a black/blue house and wears pink)-it's ever changing though.I was trying to her to drop the "my" part for one or the other of them-but that hasn't worked. :( .I' sure she'll figure something out.I would like HER to figure it out though.

So, Rory crashed in the car on the way home she stayed asleep for awhile and I was pretty convinced we were all gonna go to bed and be out for the night...

NOPE.She woke up at 2 am.
The sun is rising now and she is hoping all over the house. UGH.I am gonna start cooking and cleaning.

We are out of all the basics- bread,milk, and a bit broke-but we have a freezer full of veg and cabinets full of cooking ingredients.Looks like I have a fun day of cooking ahead.

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