Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coquina and sun =pics and burn

I don't wanna write my blog tonight.I am terribly sunburnt and tired.

Tuesday morn we(the kid and I ) did end up going along to the beach near the house Ri was working at. I brought along some fruit and left over cookies-and Ri stopped to pick up Rory some chips

The waves were HUGE and NASTY current big..but, Rory was content in the sand.

Thought this huge peice of drift wood thing was neat. Rory said it was a peice of pirate ship.
Coquina. ... actually that link confuses me.I've always called the little bits of broken shell bits- and rocky formations "coquina" and known the little clam critter- they called Donax as "periwinkles"-- Anyway the beach as covered with them.To the point of being covered in them the minute you touch the sand.Whats worse than sandy bottom- teeny shell covered bottom.It got in everything,stuck to everything, and best yet made reapllying sunblock really painful and hard- which is why I am crispy. :(
We weren't far from the public park- with a splash zone...but teusday morning I guess they really don't have it on.. I pressed the button but nothing happened
She didn't care we went back and found a nice spot on the beach. I really feared she would get bored.

I don't think I have ever seen this many bubbles at the beach.

Rory made up this game that entertained her for hours. Feeding the waves.She mad them sand castle pies , cookies and the bubbles would come and add cream before a bigger wave ould wash it way

Ri (and his coworkers) came out and ate lunch with us..Yummy sandwich. Rory really didn't eat any of it.One of Ri's friends made the mistake of dropping his food near a watching seagul .
BIG mistake! The bird swarm. They did take the flock of pestering bird with them... but few minutes later they were back- one found a rogue cheeto,and alerted the others.

They gave up eventually though.

I think I annoyed her moving her back with the tide. I didn't let her get in deep at all.
The waves were so random.There would be teeny waves and then BOOM giant forceful splash.
I had my blanket set in a little trench-and suddenly- despite the fact that the waves had been coming up FAR from my area- one snuck right up to us. I was able to snatch up the bag with my camera,phone and effects. Almost had to chase me and Rorys shoes out to see tho.

RI came and hung out with us for awhile.Amazed Rory was still enjoying the beach after being there all day.He braved the water a little. I timidly got my hair a little wet- and still got pummeled by the forceful waves.We decided to head for a less shell covered beach.I wanted to take Rory to the other splash zone.
She had fun playing with the other kids.

-took this pic before she went too fast down the wet slide and bumped her head though.

We rode around and went a few stores to find Rory a little pet.She had very particular idea of which ones she wants the most.,,no luck she ended up finding the little My little Ponies- a four pack,they are the right size for her play set too.

Ri stopped and got Rory an ice cream to keep her awake.(and me an Icee :) ) she did stay awake too. I came home SORE and jumped in a tea bath covering myself with aloe and lotion. I had applied sun screen but not REapplied ,with the coquina.
The kid seems to have Ri's skin and did not burn. She has a baby tan.. I feel like a sausage about to burst its skin. Its mainly on the backs of my legs.My face and shoulders I hid and sunblocked enough to be just a little pink.
Rory fell asleep at ten oclock!

Ri had to work again wednesday morning. Rory woke up at 11- it was weird to miss him in the morning on his day off, and me being up the whole time.I am soo burnt it hurts to walk- my legs are swollen from it even.Rory spent the day playing with her toys and let me rest.
Ri threw together something vaguely similar to rattitoule for lunch- Rory actually ate it,when she would pause from playing.
I made pizza later for dinner ..Ri is still convinced my crust is better than his-even though I get totally frustrated and annoyed making it.
Rory was a cheese ball. She had the sleepy kid giggles while grubbing on the pizza - and crashed as soon as she stepped away from the table.

Ri has to work again in a fe hours,and I haven't done much in the way of cleaning between being gone and being to sore to move, so CYA.


Meredith said...

Aww, the pictures are beautiful! Rory is such a dollbaby.

I'm sorry you got burnt so bad. :( BTDT. It sucks. I hope it heals soon.

tata said...

You are a good Floridian to visit the beach so often. In the last two years I lived there, I think I went 4 times. I love the pictures - they make me miss the beach.

I hope you feel better from the sunburn. They suck so bad :(

North Carolina Mom said...

Oh the beach, what a lucky little girl your Rory is to be growing up with the ocean and beach so near.

My mom used to put Noxema all over my sunburn. Clears the sinuses too. Hope your burn feels better fast!