Saturday, September 13, 2008

Glimpse in the life of a 3.5 yr old

Why has the child been asleep from 7 pm to 9??
and WHY am I sitting on my ass?

Maybe, because She has been bouncing all over the house like a monkey with a sugar high for the past few days.
..and maybe because I am just a fatty.

Hopefully, both will be somewhat amended when will undoubtedly be awake at damn ,and can go walk 'round the neighborhood.The dog needs out
-I didn't wanna take her out on a Saturday afternoon (,ewww people).

-sigh- I thought we were getting better at this sleep thing. I hope she outgrows the naps soon.
(the 1st person that reccomnds waking her up looses a pinky toe)

Seriously though,girl has been pretty wild. She hasn't been watching tv/movies- she hasn't been still long enough. She just plays with her Little pets, the dog, or tea party, or sings, or dances- or runs through the room like an airplane:

I was trying to get a pic with the self timer -but Rory insited I had to actually drink tea with her.

Feeding her My little Pony,and swaddling it

(yes, thats a box in the background being used as a doll house, she has bunchs of little playsets and doll houses,and she uses the box.)

Dressed in a sheet.
She told me she was a teapot?

Lest you think she is all cuteness and joy, I should mention she has also been queen of tantrums
lately. constant remindr to TELL US something is wrong before she has a melt down- "if you wanted your orange juice in a zoo cup you should have told me with words,not falling to the floor weping when I handed you a pink cup" grr.

Also, She is aware there is candy in the house- which makes every healthy meal a bribry tool in her mind."but MoooM I ate that spinich pasta, can I have something from up there(pointing to the candy jar)?"...and tantrums when I tell her she doesn't need candy after every meal.

My sunburn (the pic is from this morn, - so imagine that it WAS MUCH MUCH worse)
it kept me from doing much beyond housework and ...well, BS online.
I finally have a pair of actual pants on today My legs aren't as sore.I am feeling much better. I should do some sort of exsersise- well ,other than the dancing to fergie while I did dishes.

...Hey,someone get me a stationary bike- or an eliptical...maybe a tredmil,and some tennis shoes.I really need some tennis shoes,lol.Ri keeps talking about getting a stationary bike they are pretty cheapif only we had money.I gonna keep my eye on craigslist.

So , anyway quick updates-
Lissy has given me permisson to spill ,that she is, in fact, knocked up. Weirdness to me- the whole situation. I guess she is back with her ex and gonna find a place in jax.(what happend to raising the baby on her own rant?..not that that was better, or well IS IT? )I dunno.surely you don't either. I am hopeing for the best out of th situation ither way, as confused as I am.

Ri thinks anyone could tll she is preggy from the gut she has in the pics I posted- but I disagree she looks normal now,not underweight.

Anyway.SIS is CONVINCED she is going to have a boy.The blonde haired boy babies everyone in our family has had dreams of.- So,root for her having a girl, and being wrong ,for me ;)
She also posted at today :)

Grandma(the grape" as Rory calls her) called the other day - I missed it but called back today.- She has a new dining room set- which means, that I do too..(her old one),when I can convince one of my truck owning relitives to pick it up.

SAWEET,my table is so tiny its hard to fit a full meal on it.I am hoping I can convince Lissy mine is small enough to stick were ever she moves to-its actually has a leaf in it to make it bigger and is STILL a tiny table.It's practically a tall end table.

Ri brought home a fridge full of produce- and thats what most of our kitchen consists of right now.Bulk dry goods and fresh veg/fruit. -not much as far as convenice foods AT ALL.
Which means I have cooking to do,and it will probably take awhile.



Meredith said...

Rory is so stinkin' cute.

North Carolina Mom said...

It's easy to kind of just do whatever they want, especially when they are so cute! I wish she and Josephine could play together, I think they'd have a lot of fun!

Hey, I changed my blog address, it is now:


Camille said...

I didn't know your sis posts at bfdc. I agree with Mer. Stinkin cute indeed.