Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is there any coffee in that fairy house??

Hey again!
So, our schedule is shot to shit from Rory's nights of propped up stuffy nosed ,childrens Tylenol, sleep.
She still sound a little stuffy,but no more fevers- so other than the falling asleep early and waking up bouncing off the walls at 3 am,she seems to be all better.

...I on the other hand am stuffy and yucky feeling :( .

Last night I made veggie burgers out of the pea soup, rice and squash I had made for dinner a few nights ago... I am getting all gourmet on this cheap veggie thing :) . I walked to the store to get a black and mild, and me and Ri sat outside and chatted for a little while-
-Then Me & Rory ended up crashing out way early on the couch.
Ri woke up this morning, to go to work, to see us still awake . Rory had made a disaster area of the living room finding toys she hardly every plays with entertaining in her delirium.
Oh, and BTW- there isn't crap online between 3 and 5 am,WTF?, that is when poor insomniacs need the most entertainment!!
We did end up taking a long nap at around two PM, yeah,we will be up all night.

It's oddly cool outside,I know , I know , your saying "it is officially fall"- but check the location folks-
Central(ish) Florida DOES NOT have fall. It is weird that if feels Autumnish.

I decided to take the kid outside to play.Someone told me about building fairy houses, I have seen a few people do it (on those new fangled message boards) , it looked like it would be fun.
So, I asked Rory- and she was all for it,
However, my realistic child told me she was not convinced on the fairy part, and decided it would be a much better butterfly habitat. She had proof for me when a butterfly came and sat next her while we built the house.

If anything is spoken about the size of my pores when I am a giant- I will blow you off the table. (I can make futurama refrences, too.- and you should buy me or Rory this shirt)

Noobie was distracted rolling in the grass and digging up something.
Good, I was slightly worried she would approach the fairy house the same way she does sand castles- and knock it over with dumb doggy grin.

It started looking nasty out so we came in..
....but then Rory dug up a rock she had saved in a toy box and made me rush out to set it up in the fairy house:Its a couch she says

Oh, and a peek at the mess Rory made today rediscovering her toy boxes.
I am not sure why the tv is on(Hercules was on, I think), its all about the toys today.
(ignore her plumber crack) .

Ri called and told me to "make more beans", we will be having burritos again tonight :)
So,I am gonna go clean the kitchen(AGAIN, GRR!)...and see how many of the toys I can bribe the kid to put back in their box.



Donovan & Lillian's Mom said...

Cute fairy house! I love that the butterfly was watching you build.

Jess said...

Thanx for taking us on your walk with you and Rory! Such fun :)

North Carolina Mom said...

Plumber crack! Lol! Very nice fairy house, I think all of my girls would like that project, we have woods behind our house just filled with fairy house supplies. I should put shoes and pants on my kids and take them out there to get supplies. Your dog is very cute in the tall grass.