Sunday, September 21, 2008

Get on the boat, and go with the flow.

Oooo I am sooo lazy!!
I uploaded a bunch of pics ,and started this blog entry on Sunday-
and here it is, in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, and I am finally writing it out.
Forgive me- Oh blog gods,and um "readers"- hey, I have those, I think.
Well,You're reading it at least,and hey those bikini pics have to have boosted my readers a little , right?

SOooo ,on to the recap.
Friday, Aunt Flo came for a visit and brought the sickness,fever and all. I felt really really horrible.I don't like her very much. :( ... it was made worse by the bit of stress I felt over our plans to go out on the boat with Ri's dad,and his wife(Rory calls them BOTH NanaPop,instead of Nana & Pop)
... I actually asked Ri if i could stay home sick. He came home with all kinds of goodies (homemade coleslaw,potato salad,veggie dogs and buns) to take out... I crawled in bed with a tummy full of pepto and ibuprofen hoping to wake up "better".

Saturday morn I did feel a bit better,and went ahead out. We stopped by Vals 1st to pick up Rory's life jacket(LOL,Ri actually forgot it was ours and called Val asking if we could borrow it!)
I am really glad I sucked it up and went.
We had WAY more fun than I expected.

Ri's stepbrother ,Carl, and his 8 yr old son Ben went, too-sweet kid and they had an absolute blast together.
- it was a kinda of yucky drizzly day.The temp was nice though.

We rode out to Pop's spot- a sand bar out in the st.Johns - they let Ben ride behind on the tube,until he said he was tooo cold.

I think Rory wanted to..but didn't at the same time.

Rory really liked it up top- It was weird ,she looked almost scared ,Ri asked her "Are you having fun short-round?" and she shook her head vigorously, Yes .
We got to the spot,but the heavy rain and hurricane weather had made it still pretty deep. Deeper, and rainier than I really wanted to go swimming in. Rory however heard the word "swim" and was like "point me to the water" . The current kept pulling her , in that life jacket. We ended up making her hold a rope so she wouldn't float too far,sending someone out to swim after her.
Ben was really helpful and protective too.

Yes,they are both total hams. Ben actually asked while I was taking the pic if this was a good pic- or if he needed to move the tube over. LOL.
Ri also brought them some fish from his work. Pretty good food.Found out Rory LOVES her veggie dogs grilled.

She ended up playing so hard she fell asleep,and stayed asleep all the way until we came back to dock,and then she was upset because she wanted to swim some more!

Ri and Carl.
I didn't get any good pics of Pop. I think its SUPER cute Rory still calls them both NanaPop.
We parted with plans of doing it again some day- hopefully a spring or something- when their pontoon is running again.

We all ended crashing out fairly early after we came home.

Sunday - Mom and Dad showed up with my new/used table and chairs,chairs are hideously green-MUST repaint.The table is really pretty though.
I Have no idea were I am going to put the old table ,or what...Right now its sort of an island in my kitchen,which works out rather nice actually.

Ugh. On that note ,I feel really off balanced. I NEED to get ready for the upcoming month. I can feel that October will be chaotic,and I NEED to get it together.I NEED to be going through my crap and preparing for the HUGE community yardsale. I may need to kidnap my sisters for help on that..I also have TWO dentist appointments,Rory has her cleaning,and then there is Halloween to prep for(I always regret not planning more and missing out on Halloween events) .

Rory discovered youtube has TONS of little kid created vid of Littlest Pet shop adventures - and has had way too much fun with that- ohh, and I got this CUTE video.

You have to love the exit one side- come out the other,hair flip routine!!

Rory had lots of trouble getting to sleep last night.
She woke up multiple times with a stuffy nose :( . Ri got up with her and made us s'ghetti before he went to work.
This afternoon (Monday) I propped her up on the couch,enough that she could breathe easier, and she fell RIGHT asleep. She ran a slight fever,but she has been really good(well, a little over tired grumpy) otherwise ,poor thing.

I made black beans and cleaned up most the day.
Ri came home and made AWESOME burritos from scratch. Rory chowed down ,too.

Rory's plate. Homemade Spanish rice, black beans(a little salt pepper and cumin),tomato and avocado slices, and homemade tortillas.
Our burritos - had sour cream, homemade guacamole,and salsa. Ri added some of his freaky hot spices and peppers to his.

Well , I should go brush the kids teeth before she falls asleep.

Ri is off all day tomorrow,YAY! ...well, except for that being insanely broke thing.That sux.


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North Carolina Mom said...

You guys make the yummiest food! I am so jealous of all the ocean water beach boat time you fit in! I bet your daughter will be like my husband when she grows up and think it is unnatural to live away from the water (he grew up in SC on the beach).