Monday, September 1, 2008

The Revue,the recconnect, and the raggedness

Oh lord, I am exhausted just thinking about blogging about The Blackwater Sol Revue.
We had such a blast!!

After a long ride to st.auggy-long for Seth at least, Ri is used to it-
and Ri stopping in at his work "to pretend to be coming in"?(weird rule about it being a mandatory holiday weekend days). We made it to the Amphitheater- (I took a second to fill out a voter registration- cause my addy isn't right on mine), and we headed for the FOOD,Seth was hungry.
They wouldn't let us take ANY food in, they even made us toss the banana we had in our bag.
Ri expected there would be more veg food- there wasn't. Just junk and booze.I wasn't surprised.
We got some pretzels than found a spot- There weren't many people there for the 1st show Nervous Turkey

...they were well.. rowdy. Especially for the 1st show in the afternoon. Scared us when the 1st things we see is this fat guy take off his shirt an flick quarters out of his belly button.We were like -- I hope it is a much calmer crew than that
The music was better than we expected tho.
We wondered around with Rory and Seth .Me and Val realized we had worn the wrong clothes... we were unaware that peasant skirts were the required dress code. Val bought Seth a shirt he had to wear that second:
Next was the The Lee Boys ---- I told Ri when I saw a pic of them online "they looked like a religious band if I ever saw one", and they are. damn good one tho. :)

Rory boogied out to them a bit .

....she wasn't the only one booging, this lady danced WILDLY ALL night- with her thong VERY visible.

Next up was the Hill Country Revue
Rory was getting fussy and irritable- but at least there was junkfood
One song they played got her attention tho- and we ended up following her and Seth down to dance.

funnel cake break - while we wait for Toots and the Maytals
Rory LOVES reggae music-

But .. she was danced out before long. Too hot, too.Rory took some time out to play with some other kids while Val and RI got new drinks.I was glad to see soo many other kids there. Val found us a clove cig- we had been smelling them all day, -along with every other kind of smoke imaginable(security was pretty swift to sniff out certain smoke tho)-
We headed up to the very top of the seating- where it wasn't covered,and was slightly raining.Watched the rest of Toots and let Rory sleep.

Before JJ grey and Mofro- Willie Green came out- and was pretty awesome

Seth got to meet The singer from the Hill Country Revue - Seth told him how he hoped to win the Les Paul they were giving away in the Riverkeeper raffle he entered.(he didn't)
He was really cool to Seth , it was nice of him to stop and chat with him.

We squeezed our way to the front row- past the drunks and otherwise inebriated.. it was packed by the time JJ.grey took the stage.

Cramped and hot- I decided I wanted to exit the front with Rory, Ri followed. Val found us later.

Rory had an absolute blast dancing after that.

She was getting pretty impatient tho by this point... Ri got her some more cheetos and water.


Rory was ready to go,and I was getting there. hungry for REAL FOOD..
We ended up watching the last song up near the exit- and out the door as everyone else started filing out.

CRAZINESS- We talked about it all the way home SOO MUCH FUN.I don't think I have ever walked so many stairs,danced so much in public,or NEEDED soo much water- we went through cup after cup-.
SO great!

As we are turning into Vals road we pass Mel's(Ri's older somewhat estranged sis)car. Ri waves but then says- " oh , that wasn't mel". I said "Sure, looked like Scott waved from the passenger seat". huh.
We drop off Val and Seth ,with plans of me and Rory going to their house the next day.

When we pass the local convenience store we see Mel's car again, and decide we will stop and say hi, they are pulling out as we pull in. We see Scott's arm from the passenger seat urge us to follow.We follow all the way to Mels new house... were Scott and some guy get out of the car...

Tricky!!! he has tricked Ri into coming to see Mel. If they had just stopped at the store we prolly woulda just said: "Hey, tell mel we said hey" and went on our merry way!!
So , I decide to stay in the car with the danced out sleeping child.- While Ri somewhat nervously follows Scott in.
From her window I can see her jump up and hug him- it was so sweet. It wasn't long before she was at the car demanding I come in.Rory had woke up anyway.She gave us the grand tour.Begged us to stay and hang out. We were too tired, and hungry to stay,but it was nice to see her doing well. Nice to work things out. :)


The next morning I wake to a mess of missed calls.Mom had plans to come get me and make Libby a birthday cake. I called Val and canceled my plans with her.I hope we can go over there sometime later this week.

They bought RI a bag of goodies for his birthday. and brought Rory some more little pets(a pink bunny she loved so much she slept holding last night.)
and bought cakes, and decorations and Rory LOVED decorating them

Mom and Dad went to Porky's(bar) for a little while.Rory chased kitties and ate junk the whole time.

I half watched half helped Stephanie dye the back of her hair black(er?) most of her skin purple

..and read some of the books Libby has
We watched "The Invasion"
JJ came over and ate dinner- Dad and Lissy argued-- Amy disappeared in her room... You know,the usual. Dad ended up driving us home.Rory chattered all the way home - she told us some silly story it was really cute. Ri said he had an over worked busy day... but it's prolly the last busy days for him for a long time.We all fell asleep fairly early, wonder if we willl ever get to that big stack of movies.

I slept in and had a really lazy ass day today... in fact- I need to go do more dishes and laundry,at least Ri has plans to come home and make awesome dinner.


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Wow, that was a lot to go over! The concert looks like it was a blast and exhausting!

Yay for the reconnecting with family :)