Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dressed up ,dirty watered ,eye in a peasant dishes ,stormy day off at the beach.

It is nice to dress up for dinner. Even when its simple peasant style ratatoullie ,mashed potatoes and soda:

(I love that she looks as if she disproves of her drink. "Its the stewards fault,really")
--that "ratatoullie" was WAY better than expected- Ri will have to make it more often.

Rory has still been being concentrated cuteness.
With the occasional mini meltdowns overtired or hungry.

The EYE seems to be a bit of an issue 'round here.Perhaps karmic debt for threatening to steal moms allergy eyed kitten "sniffles" and get him checked out?
- the dog has been bitchy- She has a cloudy spot on her eye.It already seems better than it did when I 1st noticed it,and her eyes still dilate and seem as though she can see.As far as I can tell it is a cholesterol deposit .Sigh.

The next morning I woke up with eye pain- a teeny stye in my upper eyelid.-its already gone.

Oh,and dirty water.Came in from playing in the sprinkler with the kid- to find a notice on the door that we should boil any water we consume for the next two days- when they'll turn it off to test it. :( It is back on now,and I am still not sure whether we should trust it.

Tuesday- Ri had the whole day off for once,and it was a surprisingly nice day,considering the patchy storms that have been plaguing us..We slept in for awhile then got dressed and headed for Flagler beach,taking the poor dog for once.

This may be the largest deepest tide pool I have ever seen. It was filled with teeny fish.

We took turns running the dog,and taking pics.

Rory played her feed the waves game,and pretended to be a fish-and that Noobie was a dogfish.

She also went out and jumped waves with Ri a little. It started to look stormy so we rode home. We tried to coax the dog into riding in the back(hatchback),and she surprisingly did for quite awhile,before making her way to her spot.

Ri made awesome sandwich's out of the left over ratatoullie(its like eggplant,zucchini,squash - and peppers-simple and amazingly good -next time I think we will make subs) and fries on the side MMm..

Thankfully none of us got burned this trip :)

Today. It stormed REALLY bad. The kind of lightning that comes WITH the sound- telling you "ITS HERE!" . Rory yelled loudly at the sky " BE QUIET,I DON'T APPRECIATE YOUR NOISE"
She was a little over hungry tired most of the day(not that we kept her awake or didn't feed her,just that she didn't sleep or eat while she was tantruming over nothing.We finally got her belly full, and she is sleeping.-Yeah,she'll wake up later tonight, I am sure.
Ri made homemade pasta sauce,salsa ,and guacamole while he made lunch- enough we should have a few extra around for awhile :)

Alright, I think I will sneak in a nap ,too.


Meredith said...

The food you guys eat always sounds so good! And you look great!

JACLYN said...

You guys make great use of the beach!

tata said...

I best not hear you complain about your figure anymore, girl. You are totally rockin' that bikini!

sandra said...

Yaaa i'm with tata on that one,,, no complaining allowed.... You look AWESOME. Your whole family is just one big cuteness factory. Do you live close to the beach?

babyhellfire said...

Thank you- Out of the hundreds of pics hubby took those are the ones I looked of- Made me feel a bit down.Ya'll made my day.

We live less than an hour from the beach. Hubby works pretty much on the beach.
We USED to live on the beach. I miss it--- well, sometimes. It was expensive to live on the beach,and scary in hurricane season.

North Carolina Mom said...

Ratatouille sandwiches, YUM! I want to look that good in a suit someday! And, my last thought, your dog is adorable with his face in the front seat like that. Cute pup!

Camille said...

A dogfish! How cute is that little girl of yours?! And, you look awesome in a bikini! :-)