Monday, September 8, 2008

What I did when I should have been cleaning.

I am procrastinating, on a lot of things. Sorry for the blog lag. I could use the excuse we lost out connection- but that was only for two(three) days. We called the AT&T hassle line, and the young woman who CLEARLY was not named "Mary Ellen" informed us it must be the DSL modem and kindly sent us a new one for free(should have cost us but she told RI "I think At&t SHOULD appreciate you enough).

- when it finally came- I set it up on the laptop,cursing my poor tech skills,and discovered it WAS NOT the modem that wasn't working. Plug the old modem into the PC ,and damn if the old one works. --BUT ,the PC has all these other issues from being offline so long, that Ri would need to come home to fix it.

URGH!! Now, a few days without internet may not seem soo bad-
but , My internet is my everything- without satellite I use it for weather, tv, radio, recipies
I even had to send Libby online to take care of my dragons , She was like "so , you are basically sending me to water your plants?"

Jj came over to help me figure it out. Found out the laptops ethernet port was shot. He found a way to rig it so that it worked. ...but then the old modem stopped working, and told me I needed to set up the new one.(thanks for that ,AT&T grrr.) The new modem came with a hundred stupic programs I didn't want,downloaded all of them and then told me to call tech support! You bastards!
So, Ri ended up coming home with pizza ,and a WiFi router. Called At&t set up the modem on the PC-and the wifi,ethernet cables be damned!

I did have lots of time to start doing things and not finish. Procrastination is not near as much fun without the internet...and yes, the weather was CRAP. Gotta love the jump from 100 degrees out to torrential rain.

As I was in the kitchen, mixing peroxide and old coffee to hopefully redden my hair.
I had a thought about Annatto food coloring powder-which I had bought a long while back and never used.

GASP - It worked.
I wore my hair in a towel all day(the towel and my sheets are orange now) ..and then rinsed.

Sahweet. Now I am thinking.
Some leave in conditioner, some various veggie juices, some annatto
- viola! cheap all natrual hair color.
What? You expected me to clean or something while my net was down??

Rory asked me the other day, "How long until my birthday" (she is really hoping for another LPS playset )
"well , xmas is before your birthday,and so is thanksgiving . Halloween is the closest holiday"
So then we started talking about halloween.Rory thought it sounded fun and she should dress up RIGHT then.
1st she was a pirate.Then she was a fairy.
and she went Trick or treating- in the kitchen ,I gave her a lollypop.

Friday night - Tristan came over and played video games with Ri. They stayed up all night, got redicoulusly drunk -and now ri says he is laying of liquor for awhile.

Saturday, I got Rory and me ready ,around the men passed out in my house.
I went out with Amy to an Obama rally. We ended up riding around in an old church van going door to door in back woods Crecsent City asking people if they were registered to vote-COMPLEATE FAIL.While Mom rode around with Rory (she said Rory napped most the time)
It was oddly entetaining and alll too hot...though I feel as though it affected my karma to hassle people,if that makes any sense. We were sooo hot we were craving ice cold beverage. Rory refused to try a cola icee- and stole sips of Amy's drink instead.We went to moms and ROry played with kitties ,mom made a pretty yummy dinner- and I failed to avoid political discussion with my father. Way grateful JJ was there ..even more grateful when JJ drove me home,and had to break into my house for me, because Ri forgot to leave the back door unlocked .

Ri had had a pretty crappy day, too.
On his way home he talked about how nice it would be to go swimming. We ended up going to his Moms at midnight.He helped her cook the lobster he had brought her-and we went for a really nice swim. Rory had more fun playing with Grammy than swimming I think. His mom gave me two cute bathingsuits- one she had to resew the top to small enough for me.They look really good, and I am happy I didn't have enough. I still need to get Rory a Bikini or at least a top-poor thing all of her one peices don't fit right on her long torso.

The next day she BEGGED to take this toy she got out in the dirt.

I organized the recycling and took the trash out while she played. It was WAY tooooooo hot to stay out long though.
I made stuffed peppers for dinner,and Ri made veggie burgers.
I was way overtired for some reason, Ri even let me sleep in. I feel gross groggy lately.

I am supposed to be cleaning. The house is a wreck- and Ri is off tomorrow with plans of going to the spring. ...
I should really get off here and do stuff,
In a minute.

b_c a plurk buddy - reminded me I made homemade cookies today... I was trying to forget them, as I have ate too many. I intended to dip them in some yummy coffee...but started cleaning my coffee maker instead.

Vegan Oatmeal chocolate chunk- Rian's are better.

They are kinda granolay -that's what I get for using flax instead of an egg.

Also, Ri called says he has to work in the morn - SIGH. Not sure if we will go to the spring. Thinking about gettin' him to drop us at the beach while he works.


Anonymous said... the hair!! I think the cleaning should take no time @ all! Good luck with that ;) Plurk ya later.


Radioactive Jam said...

b_c says I see no cookies here! (s_angry)

sandra said...

Ohhh that tear drop,,, soo sad, i love that pic. I love seeing all of your pictures, there is soo much emotion in them, they all tell a story... xxxx

North Carolina Mom said...

Oh I just love the pictures of you and Rory by the window! You are both beautiful. That girl has killer eyes!