Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's try some different things, and some more of the same

My bubble blowing junkie- this pic should probably have been in a much older post though, I forgot.. I will have to buy her more bubbles-also, geniousness that bubble bottle had a no spill lid! it took too long to come up with that idea. I love the outfit she picked out to wear, I would have never thought to match those things up. (ignore the Tupperware in the grass, was using it as a make shift bird feeder ,and it fell- yeah, you probably wouldn't have noticed it if i didn't point it out, just sayin).

Forgive the lived in look of my livingroom(Rory emptied the contents of my bag on the chair-and then, well, played)- I just think it is too cute.
I turned around from cleaning the kitchen to see Rory had a whole carriage ride set up in the living room.

Well-Somehow, Ri talked cowboys into giving him Saturday off... and he talked me into going out on the river on a rental boat to find a local spring to swim in.

Rory was all for that idea. as nervy as I was.
We half got lost navigating through the local area we SHOULD really know more about.. I mean, I have lived out here my ENTIRE life. We made it... and rented a tiny little bass boat.

He had to drag us a little over the sandbar.

Do you see Nessy the river monster?

OH! it's a bird
We got past the tricky sandbar and down saltsprings run- or whatever they call the little way into the spring. The spring was crowed, and deep and full of weeds. Ri and Rory jumped in- I didn't want any part of that... which upset RI a little.
He was like "you said you would try to have a good time"
-" I am. I don't enjoy swimming where I can't touch the bottom- or on weeds.Right now, staying In the boat is a good time.Not even sure I could get back in if I got out"
Yeah, I am chicken shit. I make no denial of that..
surprised the man I have been with almost 10 yrs would think this is in anyway new.

They swam a little bit before we rode off, Ri was hoping to find a place that fit my demanding criteria. I was just hoping he would get the boat moving enough to cool me off... it was over 100 degrees that day.(and most of the week when it wasn't raining, for that matter UGH!) When we headed back over the sand bar he had the idea we could pull the boat to the side and hang out there. It was SUPER shallow- but hey, all sand. fine with me. We swam a little bit before heading back. I got a bit of sun. Rory was all sun blocked up. I did my face - but didn't think to do the part of my neck/shoulder that my bathing suit cover/shirt left exposed-doh! Ri however, ended up MUCH worse off, he has a hat tan.He has been mocked. mercilessly.not by me though... of course ,not by me...

Ri kept telling me the new charger for the now cold and batteryless laptop, would be here "day after tomorrow", or "tomorrow"- forgetting that THAT day , was a Saturday and the UPS guy doesn't come on Saturday.... damn damn damn.double damn. I kept finding more and more things I could not do with dinoputer.OH- and in an effort to google a pic to go with the word "dinoputer" I found my pics,guess I use that term on my blog,and it is not common-hmmm. well then I demand it become more common, go forth and use it to descibe your decrepit ancheint computers.

Came home to a phone call from Lissy, one of her kittens-squishface- the one Rory and I liked, had died. She had got more and more lathargic, then suddenly started meowing funny and having tremors. Lissy and Steph rushed her to the vet, but they were too late :( . Lissy thinks she had gotten dehydrated . RickJames seemed to be having a hard time feeding them all . :(

At some point Saturday Ri went to visit Val, and brought back a gift for me- fancy homemade hippy soap from her freinds pagan shop! ooooo. Though, I think patchooli makes me sneeze. Very nice simple soaps that my skin seems to like, yay! I feel dumb though, I kept smelling this one called "Scarborough Fair" saying "WTF, why does it smell like pizza- what does that have to do with the fair" .. Ri was like read the ingrediants(somewhere,someone is already laughing) ...
"parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme" - oh yes. deduct any hippy points I may have had.
We went outside and played frizbee for a bit- while Rory sprinkled the "fairy attracting dust" that Val got her from the shop(which looked like a baggy of salt and glitter if ya ask me) all over the yard and in her fairy house.

Lissy called me to tell me she was freaked out by some strange noise she heard around her house, and a little by the cats- afraid another was looking weak :( , said she was heading out to stay the night with mom.
I Stayed up getting addicted to FABLE on the Xbox, because of my suctacular internets. Rory was irrtated I wouldn't let her play- Ri was like "let mommy play, she never plays" Went to bed really bothered the game kept calling me "chicken chaser".

Sooooo. Sunday.Mothersday. Damn. I had a grumpy irritable day. Woke up immidatly frustrated. I had expected to go with mom and sisters to Grandma the Grapes. Instead it was apparent they had went on without me. :( . It was too hot to smoke- I wanted to.too hot for coffee, and I didnt want iced. Stupid text mass message happy mothersday foward cost me 50cent - I thought it was something important.sigh.The stupid dinoputer wouldn't load for the life of itself.
I was tired, and took a nap on the couch. Then, mom shows up. They had been to grandmas and left already. I started to get ready. ..not even sure if I wanted to go anywhere. They were only going to go grocery shopping- Amy was planning on staying a few nights with Lissy and needed provisions..
Mom did have to stop back by GrammytheGrapes to bring her the present she forgot, and I did sort of want to tag along.
Lost my cellphone, maybe still angry at it for not telling me it was a useless foward text massage.Realized the camera was still in the car .Lost my keys. crap crap crap. Not usually stuff that grates me like that but dammit. I just wanted to go hide and cry.
I did end up having an alright time.Cuddling my fat baby nephew and letting them spoil Rory's brattyself.

At least I got in a good laugh, when I was holding MrCole in the store and asked Lissy to hand me his she hands me his winnie the pooh blanket I coo to Cole "aww poor baby has poo on his blankey".. Lissy joke, I really didn't expect her to do more than give me the stink eye about my lame bevis&butthead Pooh/poo joke, but she fell for it! Examined the whole blanket muttering about how she DID change him on it, and turning it over. I was silently shaking with laughter too hard to tell her.Mom was laughing so hard there were tears. Lissy caught on and tossed it on me angry- I seriously did not expect her to fall for that.I needed that laugh though.
They gathered up loads of food and we headed out. I downed soda and junkfood most of the day.

Went to moms for a bit. Lissy and Amy decided to leave 1st- they had a few things to do around Lissy's house before the night was through. Mom, JJ Rory and I headed to Grammy The Grapes- Gram loved the little puppy perfume bottle MIL gave me to give her(Ri's mom got them for the perfume but didn't want them, when I told her my gram collects them they were instantly in my bag. :) ) I was happy to see she grabbed them dusted them off and threw them right on her shelf, I was afraid she might not like them.
It wasnt too terribly late when we got home- snacking on junk and downing more soda. mmm throwback pepsi... more caffeine.
When Ri got home I fished the camera out of the car...Rory demanded I take pics of her , and posed

Where did my child learn to model???
Has she been watching Americas Next Top model over my shoulder when I thought she was busy coloring or playing elaborate games with her Littlepets??

On the bright side of the grumpy day. Lissy said all the kittens survived the night/day she was away. Steph came to pick up the girl that was acting a bit lethargic. Fearing she is also dehydrated they weaned her to kitten formula and round the clock attention and a vet visit. She seems to doing well, and Lissy says the boy kittens are doing awesome, though she fears rickjames is once again angry and in heat- time to fix her up.
Another night I gave up battling dinoputer and played Fable... until I got stuck on a stupid level and realized there isn;t much I can do in the early levels to change anything.Why am I no good at being evil?huh.why? damn chicken chaser.

Monday was good. Woke up to hear Ri on the phone with someone... he got a job offer. Val's folks had bragged to a friend how awesome he is , and the guy begged Ri to come in. Not wanting to burn any possible bridges he may need later, he agreed,despite his TWO jobs and full schedule- but planned to pretty much go in and nicely tell the man, NO.
When I finally crawled out of bed, it was nasty dreary rainy out- I took a shower.. as I got dressed someone knocked- why does everyone always have such bad timing. I rushed to the door YAY YAY NEW POWER CORD we have laptop. OOoooo I couldn't wait to get back to surfing the net in realtime, with sound and video :) .

I get out of the shower and decide not to brush my hair. hair.My hair has turned to crap. More than every month Ri needs to trim my split ends.It just seems to be splitting and breaking faster. I have run out of options. I am not ready for the super short hair my hair is trying to be.PLUS. hard water.HARD HARD water that even my year of being "shampoo free"-using baking soda and lemon juice haven't seemed to remedy.In the past month or two our water became harder than ever.I need to scrub the tub more often.change shower curtains.we busted through our second sink mounted water filter- our water literally ATE the attachment(we switched to a fridge pitcher filter)...and my hair and skin has been terrible. I can't deal with it. it is always frizy or oily, and tangly, and scummy -and falling out.
What to do..what to do.

You know..
if you grow dreads, the hair that is splitting,shedding,breaking damaged- even falling out will dread into your hair.. and dread extensions are cheapppp much cheaper than the hair peice extensions I have and was looking into??
Oh.yes. you are going to hate me for this. I dropped my brush...
then spent Tuesday doing something really crazy.
"twirling, twisting, and ripping" the natural sections of my hair.
my thin straight whitegirl hair took it better than expected.

I feel like a will probably be loose and messy-for a good lOOoooong time.. in fact as bad as this might look, this might be the best it looks for a long time.soak it in.
Though,Lissy says she is excited to help me wrap it- and maybe add some extensions.. I wonder how that will look? .. or how long I should put that on hold for these to get crazy?

Rory- the child who regularly spends hours twisting and tangling my hair, says she loves it.
It feels funny, and I look crazy- and Rory tells me "it looks very mommyish"...I guess so. lol.

AAnyway.. if you can get past that bit of surprise.
Ri did go on the local job interview- didn't shave wore his work clothes and had no intention of doing much besides kindly declining ..the guy offered him a fair amount for a closer job starting as management.. and begged Ri to try it out. Somehow he coerced Ri into working there thursday. Crazy how he goes from hardly any job to almost three. Poor guy.

I haven't been sleeping well. I hardly slept at all lastnight. stress maybe.I dunno, seems typical for me. About once a month to not get to sleep right.
Rory woke up after me this morning.She was dissappointed it was another nasty day.I let her play her (annoying) Dora playstation game most the day though - and made her some yummy breakfast and lunch. ..I spent most of the afternoon catching up on my HULU queue - when the grumpy net connection allowed.

Ri's mom came over after we Had lunch. She brought Rory a coloringbook.. and I had to finally admit to someone in person, that I am trying to dread my hair..eek. She took it better than I expected.One hurdle jumped.She expressed concern over my hair being dirty... but technically I may need to clean it more as oily hair won't tangle :P . I do need a blowdryer though.yup yup.Mildew in my hair is a scary scary thought.
As is the thought that the next yr or more I may have some pretty attrotious hair. .. but I am THAT not ready to let go of my hair... weird reasoning isn't it?

Ri mom stayed awhile, Rory tried to stall her and play with her as long as she possbly could.
My belly was/is killing me... I should not have made us scrambled eggs for lunch. it tore me up. I used to love eggs, now every time I eat them I pay the price NO FAIR!!
I took a short bath and let Rory play online before Ri came home. super late.
He brought Rory goldfish crackers and pretty much came in and crashed on the couch. Rory was NOT far behind him. and I am still up. going to refill my coffee and smoke more. Two bad bad things to do at 6am.
night folks.


PETtell said...

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sandra said...

Ok i really want to play in your hood. It looks like fun fun. You and i could sit in the sand, under an umbrella sipping on something (preferably something containing alcohol lol), the kids building sandcastles in the near distance. The men watching over them - *grin*...
Fresh water eh, do the gators ever make their way into those waters accidentally?
I had to laugh about Rory wanting to pose, Andrew's completely the opposite these days. She is beautiful. I LOVE her eyes sooooo much.

babyhellfire said...

That sounds awesome Sandra. You should come down and vakay sometime!!! ..and then I could go up there and play in the snow with yall come winter ;)
.accidentally nothing... fresh springs and such are full of gators, you can usually here them grunting while you are out there. they tend to stay away from people swimming and making commotion though.- and stick to the swampy muddy areas going after birds.
thanks - lol Rory is a hambone lately

JACLYN said...

My first though was about the gators too, man you guys are tough in Fl. :D

Anonymous said...

luv the dreads sis . they look great in your hair!!!!!

sandra said...

Ok it's a date, my sister lives in Deerfield Beach, Florida, she's been wanting me to visit FOREVER now, actually i haven't done that since 1993, ya think it's overdue? We are hoping to visit with her this coming winter, if so, we HAVE to get together.
And you're more then welcome to come here anytime.

BTW, i have been wanting dreads FOREVER now. They look great on you!