Sunday, May 3, 2009

Of fishes,family, and bubbles- OR The fatfatbaby is naked, but I got some new clothes

We've been busy busy bees- spending loads of time with the family. My last post ended as I was waiting on my sis and her fam to come over. Lissy just got her license , Boo was getting ready to go on his two weeks away for work, so they were sort of getting ready. Lissy is not sure how to survive these next few days alone with baby. They finally made it here, a little later than planned- ooo baby time:

Lissy wanted coffee- I was out of milk(it was the night before Ri's day off and my big grocery list needed to be caught up with)- Boo ran to the store really quick, and came back with popcorn, Rory eyed it and wanted to ask but was tooo shy. It was made even worse when we were trying to remember the password to my WIFI, and all shouting out similar sayings -
"was it stay off?"
"stay away?"
"I said stay back?"- Rory thought Boo saying "stay away" was talking to her, about the popcorn and got really heartbroken.

they resolved it quickly.. and Boo gave her popcorn(which after all that, Lissy had to bribe her to taste).- Then Boo introduced Rory to WorldOfWarcraft- oh dear.
the touching laptops- on plurk and WoW, the dorkiness has reached full capacity.

why does he look soo big,and what is he pointing at?

the cherub baby eating

Ri came home and joined the geekiness showing Boo some sites.

Rory stole the camera and started snapping pics:
Soo cute and chunky. He is all sweat and rolls- I tease Lis for not putting clothes on him but he is a bundle of hot baby so often, and overactive letdown has him covered in a fine layer of breastmilk that she feels almost cruel dressing him.

-me avoiding the crotch shot

Ri avoiding a crotch pic

Noobie begging for a Reece cup-

LOL- gotta love Rory's perspective.I think she gets better pics than I do.

When Mr.Cole finally fell back asleep they headed out. It was pretty late.

-sigh- My blog has become to popular. there are many things I am feeling bloggy about but have no ability to share so publicly ,as of yet. Sad.
- So we will have to stick to the bare bones of whats been happening lately. Goody for you.

Well anyway. Thursday- poor Ri has become all too accustomed to waking up early, and got up awhile before us. When we finally woke up with him we started getting ready to go shopping.I woke up to Aunt Flo-no fun ,no fun.
I wasnt really planning on going shopping-but for once Rory wanted me to go- so I threw on some clothes and tagged along with the Thursday shopping trip.
Rory did sort of have a melt down. We looked in a few local little stores- for this very specific disc shooting style nerf gun Rory wants but couldn't find it.We were on our way towards Welaka to see if there were any other local produce stands around(there used to be one in Welaka it isn't anymore). Well , her meltdown came as we were driving through the fish hatchery and RI stopped and parked to let us cool off for a little- and saw that the aquarium was open. It was a perfectly timed stop to break up our tension.

The outside of this building has changed- but the inside is EXACTLY as I remember it from my childhood- eerily so, almost made me wonder if they were the same fish.

blue crab.

Find the alligator

catfish - and albino catfish

We headed back to the small town grocery- -instead of going into the bigger town.

OH-small worldyness-not long ago an old friend from the St.augustine store I worked in contacted me, she had just ran off to get married in Vegas, her new hubby transferred to the local little store here.- Last week we got an invite to her wedding party.
I had never met him,hell its been a long ass time since I had seen her,
but as I walked through the local WD trying to turn a weighted down carcart with a busted tire , he recognized me.He instantly texted her and started joking with Rory , seems like a cool guy.
(they did contact us later , to tell us that they had to cancel the party though ..sad about that, and left wondering: WTF I shall I do with the really odd special wedding gift we bought them-sigh-)

We stocked up on groceries, and made our way home. Cramps were kILLING ME when we got home. I took some ibuprofen and fell asleep- Rory fell asleep on top of me and we slept till it got dark......
I know! terrible just screw any semblance of a normal schedule...but I felt icky.So , yea we were up very very late.Woke up and did some dishes and cleaned a little as Ri went to bed.

I DID manage to get up at a fairly decent hour Friday, and get Rory out of bed. The past few days a weird sort of overcast settled -just a little black storm cloud over the house threatening to storm, but it never did.
We got all dressed to go on a bike ride, but I wasn't brave enough to go out far in that weather, so we just played around the yard for a little bit. Then came in cranked up the music and started cleaning.
Somehow, with the music bumping and me running through the house-Rory managed to tuck herself in bed and fall asleep. she was grumpy and fussy for awhile, just pretending to sleep before she was suddenly REALLY sleeping, I had no plans to wake her if she tucked herself in in such a manner. She didn't sleep long,before I knew it she was back in the now clean livingroom bringing out toys making dinosaur toys have battles.

Saturday we made plans to go out shopping and such with my Mom and Sisters - we all need clothes.We had time to casually take our time getting ready and get in a shower and hang out before Ri went to work.
Mom picked me and Rory up - and we headed to Lissy's . Rory got to pet the kitties.
yes, she is determined to get one when they are bigger.

We went to goodwill -Oh , I love goodwill - we all got a bunch of new outfits,super cheap.Even Rory.-She's funny lately -she is ultra girly about clothes, all the while playing with toy dinosaurs, beating down flowers with a bat, wrestling the dog, and blowing bubbles just to stomp at them.

We went to tacobell, Rory was being contrary by the time we got there,-whining about her toy, and even about the way we were talking- she was hungry.We had to wait a bit on her food, and that made her extra contrary.I think we may have gave the guy a hardtime...but hey at least she didn't get confused with the local missing girl this trip. We stopped in a few more places before heading back to moms, well she stopped to get Lissy car - I rode with Lissy and the baby .Getting a little time away from Miss Contrary.
Mom hung out for a little while, made us some food-before heading out to meet dad and sing kereoke .

I chatted with my siblings while Rory spent most the time blowing bubbles mom bought her.
Oh, check out my awesomely awesome new goodwill find.

the the cherub baby poses

Rory trying to figure out the nerf gun, why did she understand what JJ said when he told her to "cock the gun"??

Lissy drove us home and hung out a little while waiting for MrCole to fall back asleep on the carride.
Rory stayed up later than expected, I thought she would have been pretty exhausted after such a long day of play.She was fussy though, gave me and Ri a hard time.

Rory spent most of today blowing bubbles outside in the wind, and munching on cheese and fruit, while I did laundry and chores- and tried to upload pics. She got soo overheated she came in and asked for a shower instead of a bath.
Lissy stopped by again on her way back from Moms house- and her visit to grammythegrapes

Nickolai was boring poor Rory for awhile, we had to remind her newborns pretty much sleep,poop, and eat- but then he proved us wrong and had a funny bit of really coherent awake time for awhile. Just listening to us talk , trying hardest to sit up, and watching Rory blow bubbles- before he decided he would sleep and mommy could drive him home.

Lissy still has a long 2 weeks ahead of her without Boo, she mght come over again tomorrow or the next day, and we were thinking about taking the kids to visit some more reletives later this week.Rory was sooo tired when they left, but she made it until Ri got home before cuddling up and falling asleep.
I should really really be in bed instead of up watching movies with Ri.
At least tomorrow and Tuesday Ri only has to work at Nalus.


Tina said...

Woman, you stay busy!

That pic of him nursing is so adorable. It makes me miss my nursing kiddos.

Rory looks adorable holding her cousin. I love the pics she took.

Anonymous said...

hey you guys are welcome to show up here any time, and if you ever need a break from the preschooler drama, i'd love to have rory here for a while, or if libby needed a new mommy break i'm well set up for babies, just give me a call first so i can clean up everything...i still have a bouncer and bassinet and everything...i get so bored!!!! lol love ya