Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever


(or, anyone)

Between you and me, that is a modified t-shirt sleeve on my head there,like it?

We have been having moments of blinding hot sunshine in between really scary thunderstorms the past few days.
Rory and I did manage to finally find an sunshiney opening to plant those seeds and repot the aloe plant.Rory's little fingers are perfect for seeds. We will see if anything actually come of it- I have no faith in my gardening ability.

It was way tooo hot we came in and jumped in a cool shower.Our schedule has been crap. Not like nocturnal- but like three naps a day. I relish the 9pm nap, and have been getting some awesome rest in- but WHY does she seem To want to wake up at 2 am?!?!
Storm rolled in that night had Noobie hiding in the bathroom for DAYS. Being a big whiny baby.

Sunday ,We got loads of cleaning done in between our odd sleep cycles. Rory picked up her toys while I rearranged her room- trying to organize it some( she has way too much junk!! ), cleaned the bathroom,- all that stuff. Though the kitchen was a bit neglected instead( I usually do the kitchen more than anything).

Ri surprised us Sunday and showed up home early!
He even brought me a big bucket of soda again :). We Had plans to go out the next day to the blue crab festival.Somehow Rory fell asleep really early...and I followed.Of course that meant she was giving us hell at 3 am or so, wanting up. We begged her to just lay down and rest please rest...it was Noobie that helped though:the weather was still sort pf murky and Noobs was being a butt baby,she climbed right in bed practically on top of Rory and slept there.Cute! the only problem with that was now I was squished between Ri,Noobie and Rory- sleep was not so great after that.

After giving us so much hell about not being tired,Rory slept in later than me or Ri on Monday- I even got a nice shower by myself. We woke Rory up and started getting ready to leave,but the poor dog was following us around the house just begging for attention,even going as far as climbing on the couch to cuddle!We fell for it ,and got her ready to go to the festival ,too.

I had tried to get Rory to eat- but I didn't get much in here besides some cheerios..so she got carsick :( , we almost made it she puked as we pulled into the parking space!t wasn't much spit up at best, but I felt so bad poor thing! She was excited to go to the festival though ,wiped off drank down some water and was good to go.We went under the bridge on the new board walk-

with the bats- we could hear bats, not see them.Freaked Rory out.

As sicky as Rory was she begged to go on the spinning "berry go round" we had to buy a set of drastically overpriced ride tickets..but she just had to ride the rides.

Of course then she was scared on the berrygoround.

We rushed off to find her something that might help settle her empty tummy. Bought a cinna pretzel, which she didn't eat much of. ..it was too hot.90 and humid. It is either raining or sweltering at the blue crab every year. HARSH weather.

Seemed good for Noobie though-(too deep there though) have you ever seen a happier dog???She sort of drew a crowd with her river antics
10 years ago, I was 15 and my neighbor friends dragged me to the blue crab- I had nothing flattering to wear, but I went in hopes of running into the boy I was sort of dating- and beating Mel in a competition of "how many phone numbers can you get" (It was an effort to help her to rebound , to be happy and get over a recent break up..did I mention I was 15?).

--Instead ,I ended up spending the afternoon breaking up with the boy who spent no time with me, and ran into this guy I knew from tech class a few years before(and from the many of my friends who had borderline stalker crushes on him).We used to sort of chat in class, but I never thought her remembered me. We sat near that spot on the river chatted, and flirted terribly all day. I felt oddly comfortable around him from the very beginning, I felt like I could be a complete idiot with him and he would just play along..as we packed up my friends car to leave he hugged me- and then we kissed!I can't describe the feeling. I think I played that day over in my head a million times. A few days later we started dating.. years later moved in together, got a dog, got married ,had a kid, you know the story :)

I doubt Noobie cares for the story..(in fact ,this pic was right before she pooed on that spot, right in front of all the river facing booths ,and the newly on bond 'Cobra' of local celeb status of sorts)

I doubt Rory cares either...

(Rory could have went a few times down the slide, but refused.She was being rather pouty on the rides- it was getting really frustrating).

Rory went in the bounce house and fussed...we were about to take her out when a huge group of other kids joined her..she loved that for a minute before deciding there were too many big kids and got out. At least she stopped the over priced ride pouting.

We stopped and watched some pigs swimming and other delightfully southern sights.

Oh- Someone tell me how I managed to over do the patriotism?!- I didn't realize I was wearing my red hair wrap, with my white shirt and blue jeans until late in the day-HA! I did purposely put Rory in her red/white and blue shirt. I was also wearing this white shirt I wasn't sure about,when I bought it I feared it looked too maternity Lissy and mom assured me it did not..right then,that logic didn''t work when I walked past a preggy girl in the same shirt.sigh.

We walked around the crowded booths in the midday sun. It was way too hot. The moment when I realize me and Rory aren't suited for Florida summer...We pass people who haven't even broke a sweat, they are miserable hot and all, but they look fine, and have been out in it all day-while 5 minutes in our hair goes limp, our face turns beet read and we look like we just came out of a sauna.Poor kid ended up throwing up a little more from the heat. We bought her a sno-cone and a soda(we had a bottle of water-I poured it on her head and bought another though).I wish she hadn't inherited my tendency to get overheated. Rory did find some interesting things and seem to enjoy herself despite the heat exhaustion.

Noobie was the real spoiled angel one though. She walked through that crowd like a show dog. Letting anyone walk right up and pet her,and even nicely greeting every dog that went by!We got so many nice comments. Noobie pulled Ri into one booth -which we found filled with hand baked doggie biscuits...so yeah we had to get her some.

Overheated we headed back towards the river,Rory wanted to ride more rides. She did want to try and play a "carnival game" to win a bunny.(Oh!! I want a bunny!! Please! Can I have a bunny!!)..but I put on my Mommy hat and thought better of it, I have seen noobie do some terrible things to wild bunnies.Besides what sort of bunnies do they give away at a festival?!

Ri took Noobs back for a swim while I took Rory to spend her last two tickets on the inflataslide.I had to talk her out of a few big kid rides, and I tried to talk her into the fun house..she wanted the slide. It worked out well though, the guy let her go as many times as she wanted..and she did a few times.

On the way back to meet Ri I tried to cut through the little concert on the river. Rory stopped .shade , a girl singing she wasn't leaving.My music junkie..Luckily I spotted Ri and was able to wave him over.

We sat there for three or four songs.It was really nice.
Then headed home-HOT.

On the way there Noobie had done the cutest thing jumping to look over the bridge with us-i tried to mimic it on the way back, best I could get

We didn't stay terrible long,and we didn't buy much, or run into anyone..but we had a really nice time-It's the memories that I love about The Blue Crab Festival anyway, and the memories that are important on Memorial Day

Ri took Rory into the grocery store.We needed bread and soymilk-(I am sort of afraid to make bread in this humidity). .she begged to go in with him...so she could buy herself a candy ,I think.At least her belly seemed better and she ate and had ice cream .

After we got home and ate we called Val and headed over there. It was still early, and sunny so we were able to get a swim in. Rory was trying soooo hard to swim, she is doing really well. Pool was cooold , felt much better after being so hot. Found out in the little while we walked around got a lovely peasant top shaped farmer tan. Rory was soo tired her eyes had big red circles under them, but she was being pretty good. Not sharing well with Seth though. We need to work on the whole sharing thing.Or at least the 'tude she has...though it seems to mesh well with Seth's 'tude so maybe not.lol .Let them duke it out and problem solve on their own?Seems to work out in the end that way.. they both know then they are having the 'tude- or misbehaving.

I didn't get a single pic for fear of wetting my cam,:( . i did manage to wet my dreads a bit more than I wanted in the chlorine, but not too bad-I'm not worried.

Talked to Lissy for a little bit, she is having some crazy drama with an Exgf of Bo's talking trash on the interent about them AND Nickolai-dude , what sort of lowlife talks bad about a baby? Not one worth wasting mental energy on thats for sure. Lissy also spent another night in the er with Cole, he was weezing really bad and scared her.. but they said he is fine, still congested but on antibiotics, I hope he is all better and cleared up soon, poor guy.

Rory crashed when we got home, poor thing. I wasn't long after her- but yeah, she woke up again.I traded the bed with Ri and stayed up with her.Till waay late in the morn..and yeah slept a chunck of my afternoon away. I was super lazy all day- Had one of those weird moments of remebering some old stashed away items I suddenly wanted- like pictures, or that baggy of hair from when Ri cut his hair(thinking I can crothe them in as extensions and have sentimental value.LOL)- found a bunch junk i forgot about digging through storage, but none of the things I was looking for. Played around in photoshop a little, watched too much youtube - and tried to upload these stubborn pics that kept slowing down the whole laptop. Rory was sad it wass too hot/stormy to go out anywhere...but RI got her a copy of the movie Coraline so she watched that happily a few times, in between playing in her clean room(she loves her room clean)

Ri got off early- a little. And stopped and picked dinner up for us(Aunt flo has me horrible about not liking food right now- I feel gross,terrible headache :( ). - He got food from the present moment cafe , a raw food cafe in St.Auggy . Rory gave us greif about trying anything,( she was tired and fussy)- we finally managed to get her to eat the carrots and peas from inside the samosas... we all pretty much agreed the somosas were the best out of what he ordered.. Veggies were nice and fresh but all together the food was so-so.

After dinner we all fell asleep where we were sitting.. I woke up and brushed Rory's teeth, laid her back down thinking she would be going back to sleep..nope,sigh. So I got up and we ate , and sent Ri to the bedroom. 4:30 am bloggin' yup yup.

I have the prefect ending for this post:

Aww! the baby butt! Mooned by Mr.Cole.


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Love the pics. Looks like a lot of fun.

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Very nice and intrestingss story.