Monday, May 18, 2009

That's what it means to feel froggy!

Friday , Saturday , Sunday, Monday-robot voice... can't find the image I want to go with that from ATHF. .. alas, to blog.
Man, some NASTY weather rolled in the end/begining of the week. Rory was in desperate need of some outside time though... so , when we spotted a break in the weather I filled up her kiddie pool.
I took sooo many pictures of her playing in the pool I had to find away to put them all together.,, lets just say this little 30 sec vid is the result of lots of trial and error and battling.


She stayed in that pool for over an hour! Glad she got some suntime in, considering how gross it has been since. I made us orange smoothies while she was out there, Rory decided to finally give such things a chance- AND loved it!, I made her at least two more before we ran out of oj!
had one of those weird hungry days Friday- where I ate everything in sight and found nothing that made me feel whole..
shame too, because I finally felt full that night when Ri called saying he was starving and contemplating a midnight Bk run. He bought him and Rory some food, and a GIANT soda for me:) ..AND some ben&jerrys ice cream from the store.hooray! Thats sort of thing had Rory in PJs and passed out sooner than expect... though it was still very late..

Our schedule is nearing nocturnal... not AS bad though.Well, its still AM when we wake up.
Ri had the day off Saturday.
He woke up with Rory and let me sleep in. He needed to go into St.Augustine to get his oil changed. I had a lot to do round the house, and figured I could get it done with Rory out with him, so I stayed home.
He didn't know that the dealership closed early on Saturday, and got there far too late to get his oil changed though :(. They still spent the day out though, had fun walking around a festival and did some shopping, while I managed to get a lot done around the house. I should have made them dinner though, Rory came home hungry and grumpy. Ri ended up cooking us some dinner.
Val called and said she would be up late and we should come hang out in the hot tub.
Rory LOVES Seth. - they almost seem to have some weird onlychild mindmeld. Rory says he is her best friend ,even though he is twice her age. .. and Val says Seth claims Rory doesn't annoy him like other kids do.
Rory and Seth played in the hot tub..

Seth cheese Rory out

..but we (the adults -LOL) just hang out giggling and chatting instead.

We had sort of made plans to go back to Vals Sunday- but the bottom finally fell out of the sky that had been threatening for days.
Rain rain rain rain AND ...

more rain. duh!

I had put my hair up (in case we did go swimming, to keep it out of the pool) .
..then when I realized we weren't gonna make it there, I played around with make up and pictures:
my head/hair has been sooooo itchy!!!!!! soon I will need to wash my scalp(I have been using bakingsoda and lemon juice to wash my hair for at least a year so I am already in habit of washing my SCALP, not my hair, and also needing to wash my hair less often )..but I do not look forward to the whole washing,reseperating retwisting palmrolling thing-well, no.. I DO!, but I should hold off a little longer before I do all that let them find come into their own more.. or some such stuff I read...
I am thinking tomorrow I will at least hit it with the "lock accelerater"(water,lemon juice,salt) again.
hard to get a decent self photo of the side of my hair-



My hair has been getting better response than I thought. Lissy and Rory seem to share the sentiment that it is very me. Val was impressed with the added volume.
I love the flow of the natrual waves of it all right now... its frizzy, and itchy, and tangly, but its growing on me more than I expected.(yes, I laughed when I type that bit about my dreads "growing ON me" I make myself laugh at least).

It was crazy stormy all day.The power held strong surprisingly. Rory and Noobie were scared of the thunder, Rory built a fort under the dining room table , and Noobie followed her.They spent the evening hiding and sharing peanuts and pineapples(why does my dog love pineapples??)

I made some of those setain hotwingz for lunch.. and then the leftovers gave me the idea of pizza,
-mmm setain hot wingz on pizza with spinch dipped in ranch.I ran the idea of pizza past Ri ,when he called on his way home, he was all for that.. if we were cooking :P.
Rory was a bit fussy by dinner time, but she was an excellent pizza chef helper.I gave her the seasonings for the sauce, and she put a pinch-or a dash or a shake for each one, came out perfect. She also is becoming an expert dough kneader!
She just wanted cheese on her pizza, so I let her sprinkle on the mozz, AND add some slice provalone .
I dare say :her simple double cheese pizza came out better than the hotwingz spinach pizza did.
Ri did help a bit with the cooking part, as much as he tried to restrain himself.He also brought home milk, bananas and throwback pepsi-woot!
I love pizza night, and as much as I slack in that area it is nice to have dinner ready when Ri gets home on occasion.

The ONLY thing better than pizza night, is day after pizza night leftover day!
I got another day of sleeping in today, as the rain was so terrible the taco stand Ri work Mon/tuesday at was closed.Pizza ,throwback pepsi and video games allllll day. I think I have given my addiction to Fable to Ri...

I got over it when I hit a creature I couldn't kill and got frustrated,the opposite of me, he is making his character as evil as possible though.
between fable and my new fav show greenwing..I find myself saying things awkward backwards(or maybe forwards) ways I wouldn't normally.. or just using words I wouldn't normally.SO?bugger off chicken chaser!

Ri managed to pry himself away and make cookies with Rory- as I got stuck on the laptop battling putting that vid together.
Poor Rory is CAGEY with this weather. We have had a really slack day.I did clean the kitchen , but Rory's indoor activities Littlepets,coloring,playdoh- was just not enough energy for her. She has spent most the night being toooo bouncy,too handsy, a bit too whiney and just generally understimulated looking for an outlet...HELP!!

It doesn't look like the rain will ever end, we went out for a smoke break and watched the powerline bounce into the tree and arc! I hope our power stays on, it hasn't been thundering-or even very windy today..just rainrainrain with no end in sight.I admt I love the rain, it is nice to sleep,or curl up with coffee in the rain,but this MAY be a bit much.
Ri most likely will not have work tomorrow either..and I don't know how we will manage to entertain the child.
Well, 3am and Rory says she is hungry(I am betting more tired than she will allow herself to consider),So I'm off!



North Carolina Mom said...

I love your photo sequence! Nice pictures of yourself too, I will be watching to see what happens with your hair!

sandra said...

Damn, your hawt woman :D