Friday, May 29, 2009

A Vlog type post

I am liking youtube lately.. little segments of other peoples lame little lives... yup, I even like the lame ones,perhaps even prefer the lame ones.
..hope you do too:

Ri is sorta embarrassed I uploaded the vid, but ya heard me warn him!!
I like it.. I may record things more , you should ,like, subscribe to my(Ri's ) youtube channel. I still can think of at least a dozen people who should vlog, and I am not one.

It was Ri's day off today( OBVIOUSLY) , we had a good day- stormed most of the day.
There is still a big limb dangling on the powerlines in front of our house... the other day the Florida power guy drove up to investigate the report RI made, He knocked on our door and pointed at the limb mouth agape "I can't believe that hasn't caught fire!! I will get a crew out immediately"
I dunno where that crew is,
but, hey! the power is still on...and the limb is still not quite ablaze.
Rory was reluctant to let me tag along on their weekly father-daughter grocery trip, but we had an alright time. We even stopped into and picked her up some new shorts- she has out grown EVERYTHING just in the last week...but she is still too skinny for most size four pants,meh its too hot for pant's anyway.

So - anyway, it's three am.. Ri made us veggie chilli dogs and went to bed hours ago.
Rory is still awake munching on pizza and goldfish.
I'm going to go look for something to watch online..maybe do dishes...maybe.I don't know what to do about our weird sleep cycle.

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Anonymous said...

cole out grew all his stuff too :(