Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today,Ri had the day off-his boss told him he had should be getting two 50 hour work weeks in a row.We didn't do much made some yummy food.
Went to the big baseball park and let the dog run.Poor dog is getting out of shape she wore out long before the rest of us. Did a few exercises ,Rory was not cooperating though...and the extra thirty pounds was a bit much to run with.
Rory has been in a very bossy demanding mode-Is this a 3 yr old thing or something??She spends the whole day TELLING us to do(or not do) things.UGH.Not that we do what she says,,but still.
I am crampy and icky feeling.I hope I will feel fine in the morning,and Rory won't be too bossy.We have to go to the family reunion.I can already feel the mix of excitement and terrified,happy and embarrassed, and nervous yet not..I guess that is typical for most peoples family reunions-expect pictures tomorrow thats for sure. I am thinking about making apple pie-I should probably start ,and get ready for tommorow-sigh.I bet they will have soda,that will be my reward.

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