Saturday, October 13, 2007

blogging is for weirdos

So,I don't blog.At least, thats what I have always told myself.I do know that I feel better when I can write things out. However, I currently share my home with a creative ,energetic kiddo ,which means all writing materials are stolen and used for art projects.
In other words-I guess I will blog.Hopefully,it will be theraputic some way.

I can make it private at least,right?
I hope Rian(my hubby) doesn't tease me too much for it.

I guess I should share the words I have been needing to get out.
"I quit my job." -doesn't seem like much but ,after five yrs working for "the beef people" its a lot.
It changes so many things,I feel kind of afloat:Scared of what I should do,not ready for the whole stay at home mommy thing,not sure what to do with my life now,and really concerned if we can get by on Rian's pay.

The stuff you actually wanna know:
Aurora -my beautiful 2 yr old daughter,Is doing great.Currently,she is running around in her pj's -Which are backwards and inside out,because she refused to let me help her.She is loving on her baby dolls,while wrestling with the dog.
-the dog,is trying to ignore her, staring at me intently hoping I will share some frozen yogurt with her.

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