Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So,I have vaguely let it slip out that I have a bit of a blog going here...but ,so far i still don't think anyone is watching.There goes any ideas of privacy ,though.Must not have really wanted it.

The pic is of Rory being "a little pink pony from ponyville"(commercials!)
while treating to get me with her fists,she calls it "come have kisses on the bed"..should say steal kisses-too darn cute.

My sis(Libby) wants to go shampoo free..and take me with her.I have given it passing thought,but never made that decision.Ri is afraid,I know that much lol.I do wonder if it will make my natural wave look nice,and hell,It isn't like I have any place to go and look presentable for a little while.

Me and Rory went to the park and played with Val&Seth today(well, yesterday at this hour).I don't think I have ever brought her home so dirty-in other words she had a blast.Seth can do the silliest things and give her the cutest belly laughs.He cheeses her out it is adorable.

Before we left for the park, I brushed Rory's hair parting it to the side,she got really upset looking in the mirror and told me it wasn't "roryish" so I parted and the middle and she told me "that will be just fine" and gave me the thumbs up.

I did manage to clean the kitchen and re pot my aloe plant-hey look I did stuff,besides watch "Reaper" and chat at

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