Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tired zoo washout.

It's been a few days.I've been hella busy for a stay at home mom.
We did end up going to the zoo Monday,sort of.
The rain was pretty nasty,I ended up asking Rian to stop by a dollar store and grab an umbrella because I hadn't brought one.We just expected it to rain some, then dry up like normal, Florida, everyday ,rain..
When we got to the zoo, it was POURING -everyone crowded for shelter next to the entrance.The ticket taker actually LAUGHED when we checked in.At least we didn't pay to get in -(memberships)
We went to the gift shop , bought some ponchos,and figured we would rough it to the other side of the zoo for burgers(Rory said she really wanted burgers).
We did go through one of the aviaries and get to see duckies, and flamingos enjoying the wet weather.Rory LOVED it at first.Running in the rain.They had jack-lanterns everywhere cut in animal shapes.I think I might do the cat one it looked simple , and Rory thought it was CUTE.
The veggie burgers were all-right , Rory ate her weight in french fries.While we were eating the rain REALLY started coming down.

We had two options wait it out-and the animals in the park all pretty much brought in,so not much to see...
or go back to the car and head to the mall to try and and find Ri a toy ax.
We decided to forge the river ,LOL.I am only half joking, unfortunatly.We didn't get far before we were ankle deep in rushing water.It was kind of fun ,and completely horrible at the same time.We got soaked even under our ponchos.We joked Oregon trail style about catching dysentery, and how we should have hired and Indian guide ,as our shoes filled with water-and of course we were both wearing our heavy ass levis.UGH.Rory was sad to get back in the car,I am sad we didn't get a real trip to the zoo.

We went to both the BIG jax malls.We needed shoes and stopped to by socks-I can't even express to you how uncomfortable shoes that wet were.My feet burn just thinking about it.Rory luckily had a change of clothes and some sandals to wear.So she was comfortable at least.She was contently holding onto Ri sucking her thumb.(which cheesed Ri out -Rory has never been a thumb sucker).
She was so heavy feeling and leaning out at everything -or running off when let down.I pretty much begged RI to hold her little demanding self.
At some point, every shoe looked nice.The first batch of stores were insanely overpriced ,and i wasn't even considering most the shoes.I really dislike fancy shoe stores.I hate it when people follow me around and "help" with rare exception.All shoe stores should be set up like payless.I don't even want to ask people to go get more sizes of the shoe I like from the back.I want to find it myself.We stopped in every store that sold costumes-we saw such great costumes,still not Ax.Even contemplated buying fancy expensive costumes We went into JCpenny and they were having a sale on boots..Ri spotted boots he knew I would love.They are almost knee high black combat type boots-they are SO awesome.Ri ended up getting some "jesus sandals" they were cheap and in his size,and our feet were killing us.We ate pizza and Chinese food,I was still hungry.I am always hungry.I eat so much anymore.

We went to another mall still,and looked around everywhere -we found all kinds of things none of which we were willing to pay that price for or truly needed.We did find mom's Xmas present...and Libby owes us ten bucks.ri wanted me too look at jeans.I didn't really want to the prices were horrid.I did though, tried some on,and found nothing impressive.I probably do need another pair of jeans.It just seems so far from our price range with me not working :( .At the last mall, Rory was being a runner.She would escape as soon as she could.All she wanted to do was ride the escalator.Which meant Really watching her-cause one second she could run right for the damn thing.Sooo scary.

Exhausted when we got home.Wishing we didn't have to wake up in the morning.
I had a dentist appt Yesturday.They did a minor filling it didn't cost much.Ri made himself an appointment for his wisdom tooth.The dentist again confused me for a high school er. Ri got the oil changed and took Rory to the "bug park"(thats's whats she calls the big park in palatka) while I was in.When I got home all I wanted to do was sleep ,sleep off the giant swollen tongue.
Of course ri had to leave for work -sucky.When Rory did crash my cell phone started ringing.UGH.Numb face after dental work makes me sleep and dream SO hard.Rory was a butt baby all day ,and followed me around saying things like "you need to hold me.I'm too heavy" LOL-that's why I tell her I can't hold her.

Ooohh.I did want to mention and plug one thing.
All this was done on my period wigh would have been extra sucky if I woulda needed to change my pad-I freaking love my diva cup!http://www.divacup.com/?gclid=CLXtoc2CqI8CFQeQgQod7W8lMQ

I did make veggie loaf and ooey gooey chocolate brownies with frosting that Ri has been begging for.Awesomeness.
Hopefully, today I will CLEAN some things and get some rest. who knew this stay at home mom thing was still so tiring..
And I still have to get prepared for this weekend at seaworld.I hope I find an outfit.

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