Saturday, October 13, 2007

Things Rory says

I should remember the things Rory tells me.

She told me while riding in her stroller,that she's going to be big(with a hand gesture) -

I said "What will you do when you are big and tall?"

She said she will "Make food" ..I guess I should let her help me cook more.

She likes to jump and wrestle on the bed with us knocking her into the pillows and stealing each others kisses:She will "punch" and say "Bonjour , Pussycat"
If you say the same to her she will reply "I am not a pussycat,I am a little pink pony!"

She has been watching "The Jungle Book" and will come in the room singing "the barren incestities" LOL.I should probably help her with that pronunciation,but it's too funny.

Today,we went out with mom & my sisters (and their friends) at the restaurant we went to Rory ordered her own food.She politely told the waiter" and I'll have a water" when we ordered drinks.When we ordered food she asked for "broccoli and cheese" which she didn't actually want to eat. -odd kid,I had a veggie burger and she orders broccoli.

---Some old ones,while I'm on the subject:

At her two yr check up

the ped asked "where is your nose" in hopes of getting Rory to point to her nose.

Rory (giving her a look like she was a fool) replied "On my face!"

One day,Rory ran up to me out of no where and said : "IS TOO!"

so,slightly confused I just said "Is NOT"

Rory said "Is FOUR!" LMAO.

Rory is so straight forward with literal.Her logic ,even when she is wrong, makes so much sense.She really is a super cool kid.Lately,I think she aspires to be a rock star.I know whatever she does I am really proud to be her mommy.

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