Friday, October 26, 2007


I should SO be getting ready for Halloween party at sea world...
I don't feel like doing anything at all. Me and Rory, have both been lazy bums.She slept so long yesturday I thought she was getting sick.Maybe,she is growing or something.The weather is wet,the temp is nice though-IN FACT; I have the windows open and the air off,if you can believe that.We played with Noobs outside & then We went to the park for a minute.I know it is going to rain again soon,though.

I am still nervy ,about my costume tomorrow and, looking like an odd chick with white hair instead of granny.I know ,I could GO ALL out for it-and wear an old lady style nighty,but, I don't really want to wear that around sea world KWIM.I guess I am just lamenting that my costume isn't kewl enough.
I am just all around pouty.My fav message board changed,my stomach has been all sorts of yucky and Rory wants nothing more than to be in my arms 24-7.-I know "waah"- At some point even the sweetest of cuddling gets overwhelming.I did get a break last night;I guess she thought I had went to work, and cuddled with Ri all morning instead of me LOL.

I am reminding myself to trust the crock pot with the beans and rice I've stuffed into it.Trust the crockpot.Trust the crockpot. At least Rory has been eating REALLY good.She is eating like a real KID now,not just a finicky tot who eats randomly.She even ate raviolis last night.Calling them some name completely dyslexic (arviolis or something) that was ADORABLE.Right now,she is stuffing her face with mashed potatoes.

Ri seems to be appreciating coming home to a dinner, and a fairly clean house with me home..even if he hardly ever gets to be here :( . I think Rory might have been better off with me working though,even if we get more time together , she is just soo attached.I am far less stressed though and that really is something to be happy about. The days aren't as long and boring as i feared...but I might till set up a loose list of projects to keep me busy everyday.Yestuday,I even sewed and put a button on my skirt-look at me being all domesticated.

Speaking of which, My hair is still falling out ,I don't know if it is stress,I 'spose it could be.I hope switching to shampoo free helps. I am down to my last bit of shampoo. Libby's hair is still transitioning,but I think it looks nice.I wonder if she is still doing it?
So,anyway I obviously do not have much to share.After sea world I'm sure I will have tons& pics galore though -So, until next time.
I will post a pic of Rory chilly after her bath last night. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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