Friday, October 19, 2007

Some useless bloggy fluff

Boring,boring,stay at home mom stuff.

I am thankful I have books,and message boards and big lofty plans to keep me busy through the day.

Something, besides the never ending laundry,cooking,and cleaning,again, and again, it never ends.I clean the same thing up over and over.Rory is getting a little better about cleaning up her own messes,but not enough to keep up with the messes she makes.

My big lofty plans-that will never happen without action...

Like going back to school,and I suppose I should just up and register and study like a lunatic until I have to go.I still think nutrition would be a really interesting useful subject.

Or moving out of Putnam county,Ri finally said this morning we should just plan a vacation to Colorado when our tax return comes in..We want to go and get a feel for it,take some hikes,explore the communities and decide if we want to move out there.The hardest thing is trying to figure a way to be Anubis...we don't really want to leave her though.

I have to go to the dentist in a couple of days for a filling,then on Halloween for a cleaning -I am thinking about getting my labret pierced (right below my bottom lip)afterwards..I don't think Ri likes the idea,and I know my mother would FLIP.I have wanted to for so long though.

Ooo I am soo excited for Halloween and another trip to sea world & their spooktacular weekend,I am a little nervy about my old lady "costume"-I haven't figured out what I will wear at all below the neck.I don't know if we will ever find Ri an AX for his woodsman costume.~sigh~ ,...but I can't wait to go again.I did call and cancel the character breakfast.We had a good time last time,but it is SO early and the food was not great,Ri says we'd be better off going to IHOP & I freaking love IHOP.

Today,Rory decided we needed to put our boots on and go outside.We played out in the wet grass in our pjs,between storms.Noobie played "betch"(I am really working on helping Rory pronounce FETCH) with us -then helped Rory dig up some dirt.Then Rory sat in her toy car and called me on it's phone to tell me she "bought me some yummy food from the store,your FAVORITE!"

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