Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rambling train -of thought-has gone off the tracks

Brain on overdrive.

Last night, Ri got pizza again,it was really good but, I couldn't eat much.
I felt kind of nasty hungry last night ,but all food tasted gross. I can't figure out why.Maybe, too much dairy after not having it for awhile??

We didn't do much yesterday .
Ri moped around the house pouting ,because he had to work the next day, he couldn't managed to talk Tristan into coming over with his GTA4 game- and to top it off , Rory was in parrot mode keeping him from playing San Andreas anyway LOL!

We watched Pirates of the Caribbean, or finished watching "them" we have been watching them all in order.Once Rory finally took her over tiredness ,and went to bed, we watched "Sweeney Todd".
I REALLY,really,liked it,--bloody,funny,cool looking,sad, its like a goth musical--freaking awesome.
RI thought it was just "OK".

My brain still won't shut off. I ponder topics for miles of track, on my train of thought.I spend most the night tossing in bed wishing my brain would shut off ,or up :( .
I swear give me a subject ,and an hour later I will have a response spun off of it, of little sense...and a dozen more my mind is wondering to ask I speak it.

Yesterday ,Ri took Rory out berry picking and found more blackberries.It has been soo hot and rainless that most of the berries were dried out from the sun.(there is a fire hazard in the area as well,I wish it would rain ) It has been CRAZY hot.
When I took Rory and Noobie to the park today- I practically had to DRAG Rory out of the house,after begging her to get dressed.- it was SOOO hot and gross out ,we didn't stay long at all.Came home, and turned the air on.We had a really lazy day ,too.-pics below-

Been playing with my "MEEZ"- ,someone at linked it to me..
though the program is a total PAIN and only works with IE and only if you are signed in ,AND registered-and I can't figure out how to get it to change to male to make Ri one without making a new account.Poop.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Here is Rory's:
Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

I also added one to my blog (some where up&over there----> )
which I can save, it should change HERE,when I change it there...if I ever dare go back to that site,and deal with the lags & errors-grr.
I am not sure why Rory picked purple hair,and a magenta dress,but she was very specific about it

And...YES.I do love my pigtails(both on the meez and IRL),I don't care what anyone says!!
..and hey,I noticed my real hair is longer than my extensions hair thingys now! Yay,my hair CAN grow!

Rory ate soo well today.She ate - 2 wheat pizza crusts,-and some of the pizza, some shredded wheat cereal in soymilk with a touch of maple syrup,TWO WHOLE mangoes, a big heaping bowl of frozen blueberries, some left over cookies Ri made, a bowl of cheerios and soy milk,yogurt,..and I bet I am forgetting something. ..and we haven't even made dinner yet!
Walk pics

Yes, she has Still been a grumpy diva ,all day. Demanding to wear her clothes JUST SO, and to have her little pink spoon..and trying to demand similar things from me- or for "NOW"(and not getting things for demanding them).
..but she has also been soo funny,imaginative , and creative! ---
We were playing cashier and she was buying things from me.
Now, we are playing barber , she is cutting the tangles out of my hair.

We also played measure everything:On our way back from the park we saw MILLIONS of grasshoppers,and one flew.
I had told her before that some bigger grasshoppers have wings to fly,but she didn't believe me and hadn't seen it until just then.I told her that when we saw it- but she said "and some don't have wings and are small" ..I said "some are even bigger than my hand",
R"how big is your hand?" ,
Me"i don't know,do you want to measure it"
R "yeah, with my tool kit!"
--So ,when we got home we measured our hands with the ruler that came in her tool kit,and our feet and our arms,and her toy bunny- lol.
She is such a conversationalist now!, another big language boom, I guess.
I got a vid of her crazy mango eating self,i will try to upload it to PB , and add it.(the uploader here SUCKS)

Well, I haven't done crap today,but sweat( -walk the dog), talk to the child, and play online.So,
off to clean and make dinner(veggie loaf :) ) , if my barber is done cutting hair.

ETA: I got MY stimulus payment into the bank account last night- and only got 300 dollars. I have scoured the web in search of why its 300 dollars and not six -to no avail.
Me & RI file married but separate and he claimed Rory-,and fucking sites(irs ect) have no info about couples who file seperate.GRRRRRRRRRrrr

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