Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ah,Florida life- bugs,walmart, dyed hair,swimming , the ick,love and all that stuff

I am tired, I had a dentist apt this morning and got my last front filling- now I should just need a few spot fillings.
My teeth look great though YAY!!!!!! Such a huge relief not being self conscious about my smile.

On top of the grog I get post dental work,(my lip is all raw and nose hurts too :( ) -I think I may also be getting the ICk-That Ri came home with the other night.

Heres a pic of Ri the other night when he came home..all tucked in and sicky . Some kinda nasal ick (we all seem to have now) and a bit of over exhaustion.

He has been working soo much and soo exhausted. The night after my bday he had came home frustrated with everything...and everyone..
He went to take a shower ,and I had forgot to tell him I had broke the knob that switches between shower/bath.
Damn thing had been sticky for years and required pliers ,or beating it, to change settings..
Well, I beat it too hard in my hurry the morning before and forgot all about it.
HE was pissed that I didn't tell him before he headed in there for a relaxing bath ,and got pissed it was broke ..
I barely talked to him that night. I knew he was just frustrated with everything- I didn't want it directed at me though. I didn't mean to not tell him, I had honestly forgot myself ,and barely seen him since It broke.
He felt bad about it . He even called me the next morning to apologize ,and say that he also realized it wasn't my fault it broke, it was rusty and about to break anyway..
it was so sweet.- seems stupid but it was really sweet of him to call.
I miss him , he is working so much .
It's stressful:(
Even overtired and sicky Ri was determined we would go out and go swimming his day off as a belated bday celebration- So we went to alexander spring.
.it was kinda stormy everywhere but just short patches.

It was NOT warm enough out for me to want to go swimming in the spring. the spring is cold,
I really hate that I can't tolerate the cold water-but I CANNOT. I freeze up and no amount of "acclimating" out there makes me warm enough- 10 mins in and I am STILL stiff and uncmofortable.
I love swimming,tooo I get soo jealous of the people that can stretch out and look comfy/relaxed in that cold water.
I was fine sitting out and watching Rory swim tho, and snacking on the fruit and sammies we brought.. until we got there and got COVERED in gnats, and flies.
Of course I had forgot the bugspray- left it at moms- and the gnats were killing me.You could barely see anything but gnats.

So ,Ri sees me miserable and decides we should leave- but then I felt horrible. I want them to stay and have fun, besides we just spent damn 10 bucks ,and drove through bfe to get there.
Seems like such a waste ,and its my fault.
I am the most gnat attracting person and they make me swell up,,,plus if I was just a bit more tolerant of the water I could just get in they wouldn't be bothering me.
Sucks either way.

So , we decided to go shopping. I had made a giant list of crap we needed. We needed to restock our freezer,groceries AGAIN, and a few wally world items.. and we needed to stop at lowes in search of a new know thingy for the tub.
We ended up just shopping at wally world.. I know, its terrible, but it was late and well we woulda had to go to wally world for some things either way-
OH My BOB !,food is freaking expensive, and we have been using soo much!
We FILLED a cart- we don't usually do that, we bought the mandatory cheap plastic walmart impulse buys like a pitcher,pink bowls, and a muffin tin..
Well we did sorta need a muffin tin, I am determined to make healthy "cupcake' muffins for my junk food junkie.
We got JJ(bro) a gift ,too.. still need to bring it too him his bday present will be late :( .
We ended up in palatka for four hours!
Spent too much money
We let Rory play the dino game she always messes with,while Ri checked out , and won a turtle for Noobs.She was soo proud!

After eating the yummy mex food Ri made for dinner, I dyed my hair -made a terrible mess... We got the ONLY TRUE red - that wallyworld had- that wasn't "burgundy" or "orange"
... I still think it is too maroon.

When we were on our way to the springs Ri's mom had called us asked us over to dinner
-- but of course we already almost to the spring and wouldn't be able to come over for dinner..She had bought mac & cheese for Rory.
So we went over the the next day - Wednesday
.Well,After a late start of sleeping in,And eating breakfast, and candy that I got in the mail from my "skanky" friends.Least we had some way healthy flax cereal before candy :)

Ri's mom got Rory a bike - She asked Ri to try to get the tires filled with air,But the tube was broken- he was real frustrated he had to stand out there in the rain and try to fill it- I dunno why it was so important he do it right then anyway.
It was raining and buggy out anyway we needed to go in.

Ris mom was making mac& cheese,garlic bread,and "chik'n" patties... so, Ri decided he should bring some healthy veggie to go with it all. While the food was cooking Ri went over and kidnapped Sari. (His mom had kept calling but she never came).
. so Ri just went to get her.
She is apparently working a lot ,and sleeping a lot. Rory hugged her and asked her why she hasn't "let her Hold the baby yet?" LOL ,
Sari has preggy nose.. and was sniffin' everything. she had to get a new fork cause hers smelled like sulfur.LOL

Rory ate lots of dinner...and BEGGED to go swimming.
We hadn't planned on it-It had been soo stormy and it was pretty late we didn't think we would.
But we borrowed some suits they had..
Sari had some shorts that actually fit Ri-
It wasn't storming anymore- but it was raining

Dunno why she is being all gangsta

----- one reason I'll never have short hair---

We couldn't get Sari into the pool tho

my hair is not pink, dammit!( I should stop using the d word ... Rory has being using it)

Rory swam for a long time.she even held her breath and went under for a second. She is getting sooo good at swimming.

Rory is still sad we had to leave her bike there,,she asked about it a few times
She says it is Hannah Montana not barbie.

We had planned to get drunk last night -with the overtired ,swam out Aurora , and a new supply of ginger ale and jones soda -
but ,about the time we were smoking our rare after drink black & mild
I realized what day is was... the night before my dentist appt.
Rush in to brush my teeth. Get ready for an early morn, and go to bed.My appointment was fairly quick though ,and Rory slept in the car (with ri) the whole time even.
I DID clean the kitchen.. (housework gets backed up on Ri's days off- cause I wanna spend time with him.. I do start the dishwasher I just don't do the normal counter cleaning sweeping vac stuff.)

Otherwise i sat around half asleep sneezing. Rory has been sneezy too.

Rory told me to take this pic today.

Well, I'm off to bed

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Thoughts and Things said...

Crazy busy!!!

I love your hair, I just bought a box of brown today to try to put mine back, but now I see how cool yours turned out it tempts me to do something fun!