Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ctrl V is for krazy.

You can sleep when you're dead.

Today, I slept from noon to 4pm. That is such and odd time to sleep.
I'd blame Rory...but it isn't actually her fault.
I am the one that has been not tired..
and I am half wondering if I have unintentionally kept her awake. :(
She DID take a nap at midnight last night..
I slept yesterday 6am- noon.
I feel soo yuck,and look it too.I get this one wrinkle ,between my eyebrows ,when I am not sleeping right.

Forgive me grammatical errors this Blog post(more than normal)
I have to press ctrl V to get a "k"(..more on that later).
Also- my awkward sleep cycle is giving me trouble with the time line of the last few days,so I apologize in advance.

When I left off with "you" I was a raging sick ,menstrual mess. My cramps were so bad I hadn't ate all day..and everything I'd eaten the day before had came right back out.
Ri came home that night with soda, and liquor.(after making dinner for himself and Rory) .
After a little bit my cramps felt MUCH better
..but, not eating all day(or much the day before),
and being so weak two drinks did me in MUCH faster than I anticipated.I got drunk, bad ,and quick
I had some time to chat with Ri, send off some funny letters, avoid other-serious type ones.
before vomiting and curling up on the couch.(Rory was asleep long before any of that) .

..never did get back to some people.

Rory has been the super cutest lately.She says, and does, the FUNNIEST things, and seems to be finding more, and more, interesting ways to entertain herself.
If only her junk food addiction would end.She wakes up every morning and asks for candy, chips,cake ,or soda(which is why we can't keep any of that in the house regularly.) I have to talk her into breakfast,She happily settles for healthy food, still tries every morning though.

Ri was 'sposed to be off yesterday, he had requested it off "planned" to go to Citizen Cope concert in Orlando..
Didn't plan anything.Didn't even tell me of this "plan" until Thursday,highly doubtful I could have made arrangements in that time..
Plus, the 60$ we don't have ,
the long ass time Rory would have to be with a sitter.
I do kind of regret not planning ahead ,and going..but I don't think it would have been the best thing either ,really.

Rory woke up with a stomach ache NEEDING to potty- and not much color in her cheeks.She seemed to feel better later though, and was back to her goofy self. Very goofy she was a CRAZY kid yesterday.
She did tell me last night she needed medicine...but, she followed it with a fake cough and said she wanted" yummy pink medicine" , I offered to take her to the doctor to get a shot,but she didn't seem eager to do that.

She was mad for a bit that afternoon because she said, she wanted "a birthday party- with cake,balloons,presents, games,a big banner that says "happy birthday Aurora"," and for me to "download" Peter Pan and Tinkerbell to her house for her party.

... today she added it should be a mermaid party,and was really disappointed it didn't happen. She has been naming all her toys Ariel ,and loves mermaids...but, she doesn't really like to watch the movie. She watched it once and said it is too scary.Instead She's really been digging the Toy Story movies.

(don't ask how I got her into "not pink" it didn't last long,and I think it only worked because Tinkerbell was on the shirt and i told her she had to wear it to pick the last of the mandarins)

Ah, The computer...
So yesterday morn/afternoon I set the laptop down and stood up- forgetting I was holding Rorys water -which splashed everywhere!!
Including a teeny bit on the laptop which I quickly flipped over,wiped off, and turned off.
I checked it half an hour or so later... the mousepad didn't work :(
So ,I turned it off again- Vacuumed it,tried to get it apart -failed.(on of the screws was stripped) and set it back on its side.The rest of the day.
When I finally turned it back on all seemed awesome! yay..
Until I tried to type something involving a "k' ..and got NOTHING!! GRRR.
So Now, When I want a "k" I am C & Ping it(or pressing alt 107 -thanks Crabbie ).
Ugh. RI was pretty pissed when I called him. Dammit, I was pissed too,and felt terrible. I didn't do it on purpose and its damn ridiculous that A POSSIBLE drop of water would destroy our entire laptop :(. Ugh, I dunno what to do.
I am thinking about seeing If i can find a usb connecting laptop..this missing letter is driving me crazy.

Talked to mom a bit.She is tired and she says radiation is sucky- terrible to have to lay through for soo long to get done,and leaves her sore. :(
The bike poker run in her honor is today.. I had meant to get some fliers to give out to some of Ri's fam/friends I thought might be interested but I didn't realize it was soo close. June snuck up on me.(.as every month seems to the past few yrs.)
Libbys EXBF ( The ewwww one , lissy I don't care what you say eww- I think I prefer stalkerboi) got her a plane ticket to Wash D.C -- and she is gonna stay , and then go back to Indy with Jenn and Joy..ummm, sounds really weird to me, but ..ok.
Well, She wants us to take her to the airport - the Tuesday after my bday.
Our zoo membership IS almost up(ends in July people,so if ya wanna go on a zoo trip with us speak now!)..but I dunno if Ri wants to do it.maybe..

So - anyway.
last night I was stressy, and panicky feeling over nothing.Big things going on,and whiny kid that SHOULD have bothered me weren't the triggers-
Instead, not knowing what I wanted to make for dinner panicked me!! Dinner- ugh. I got so stressed over not now what I felt like making -and other minor irritations , like my water not being cold, or my cushion bothering me- that I was having trouble breathing from my throat tightening. wtf? I'm gonna end up loosing my voice over it.

Rory crashed out last night at 'round 11. -- she actually slept for awhile,after Ri came home ,and I made dinner, and all. I ended up making mashed potatoes and succotash,it wasn't what I wanted though.
Sooo She of course woke up at like 2 am...
When the sun came up I decided since sleep seemed soo far away I should walk the dog before it got out outside.After I fought Rory into clothes-the battle of the pink
We had a nice early morning walk.

there were squirrels EVERYWHERE!! tons I don't now if I have ever seen so many in one day, Those and woodpeckers, but I didn't catch any of them on camera.

Rory got one of every flower she could find(except the planted ones).
..when we got home she gave them all to Ri - I tried to stop her,it was soo sweet though.

I know.. her strollers looking ROUGH .We only use it for occasional lazy walks- or my RUNS.Its durability is more important than its appearance for that.

When we got home I made Rory PB triangles,
and started cleaning the house. Vacuumed and did he dishes and kitchen AGAIN- I think I clean the kitchen-dishes and stove counters- 8 times a day. :(
Rory played outside while I cleaned the counters.

I still want to mop tonight.
We hung out- Rory watched Robin Hood and really enjoyed it.
Went to bed at noon.
I need to start " dinner" and mop...and this is way longer than I expected.

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