Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lashes, waves,video games...and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Slowest internet connection ever ,And child driving me CRAZY - nothing works when I want it to.

Firefox AGAIN doesn't want to cooperate with blogger, leaving me with an assload of pics to upload.

I am about to lose my mind.
the days when I don't really want to blog ,uploads pics,or play a game, it all loads easy peasy..
but, then - When I want to GRrrr I may as well be on effing dial up!
,.. I am seriously losing my patience with this.. while, I really enjoy blogging ,and posting about my goings on- I can't deal with yet another site to battle with. "Oh My God! LOAD YOU STUPID ASSHOLE! "

Looks like get to use Pb to upload because blogger is a big fat crapmobile.
Grr. Then, I will take it all over to firefox because IE is an even bigger piece of crap.

.. all just to provide myself with an account of pics and what have you.
I hope you're happy lol.



I haven't updated you since, well, tooooo long ago..

Lissy called me Friday night and asked if we wanted to go to the beach...

the next morning, they called and told me mom didn't feel well, "so go back to bed",

we ended up going shopping with mom and then to her house instead... which is FINE to Rory she would rather hang out and Grammy's house anyway.

We went to bealls and family dollar, Mom bought us some clothes, Rory picked out some frilly hair bows instead of a toy-surprise. Mom laughed about how dad would LOVE that. -He freaks about her hair near her eyes. So she saved them to put on at his house.

Mom was really sore, and sorta limping around.she said she's worried because the pain is in her pelvis, and she just had a pap come back odd :( Hoping its not MORE on top of every thing else..

Ri says thats what happened to his mom, that that tends to go hand in hand :( .I really hope not.

So anyway- we spent the rest of the evening hanging out at moms. It was a really girly night.
Rory Just wanted to play with the kittens.. she was stuffing them in the back of an empty soda fridgepack box- saying " All aboard passengers!" and calling it a train. Which at one point caused a pretty big tantrum when we took them away and sent them to bed for the night. They are far too small to be manhandled by a tot,,
she TRIED to be gentle ,she did..but just wouldn't quit shaking them around

I was reminded, I really don't like kittens this age..
when they are JUST underfoot, clumsy and whiny.they need to get a bit bigger,they make me nervous.
Rory ate her weight in Cheetoos, and candy.
bounced off the walls for a bit.
I went through clothes with Amy and Lissy
we went outside and had makeovers
Check out the huge lashes

Don't you love her look ?

When it got dark Lissy showed Rory some sparklers... I didn't let Rory hold one.too hot for her, for sure, she was afraid of it once I told her they were hot anyway.

Thats Rory and her mr. potato cupid mom got her...
LOL... she found out JJ was playing a video game,
She got REALLY tired ,and REALLY grumpy . UGH! her tantrums have been terrible. I don't even know what to do with the fit throwing.if we were at home I would have sent her to bed.

.. In fact ,the next night she threw a fit like that ,as well, and eventually we(ri&I) just told her to "go to bed if she was going to be THAT fussy", I laid her in her bed, and not even five minutes later she was fast asleep. I hate to see her go to bed that mad, but when she gets tired its like a completely different kid, especially if she has been over-stimulated , or is OVER-tired. It is REALLY frustrating. One minute she is hilarious easy going, and fun... the next, you've told her "NO" one too many times and its a full on inconsolable MELTDOWN trauma!...--- the WHOLE time she is REALLY CLINGY twisting my hair, climbing on me and wanting me to hold her- good or bad mood.

Ri has been working NONSTOP. Mornings he paints, he even picked up Wednesday for someone ,AND worked a half day Tuesday morn.. so he has barely been home AT ALL .

We didn't really do anything for him fathers day :(

His dad stopped by the other morning.. we were in bed, and wouldn't have even known if we didn't find skirts for Rory ,and a note on the doorknob.

The weather has been super crappy . and we are back to waking up way late, going to bed at dawn.

I tried to get Rory to go for a ride on her bike with with me Monday but she tantrumed about that, too ,before deciding she would.

I have been addicted to this game/app on facebook called "yoville" .. I have no idea WHY I add gazillions of apps on facebook but avoid them like the plague on myspace... I use those programs soo differently. its a super cheesy sims like program.. and , yet, I feel like I NEED to finish decorating these rooms LOL.


.. I have had to fight the computer away from Rory to play it though, cause Ri downloaded a Dora game for her.It too her about 8 seconds to figure out how to get to it on the puter without any help, and less to master it.

Tuesday, Ri had worked just that morn, he wanted to go swimming some where after work.. we debated heading to the spring or the beach. Once we got on the road and could SEE were the storm was we headed for Flagler beach. I hadn't been to flagler beach in SO long. It was NICE. RI wants to go to that beach more often. it was really nice to not have to worry about cars.

When we got there a life guard rushed to tell us we couldn't go in the water because of a lightening risk.. but it should pass.

We built a sand castle and waited it out.

The water was REALLY nice.Pretty strong current but ankle high waves .It was nice. ROry loved swimming out there with us.
We stopped and picked up some honey from a roadside stand.. (Rory's new fav food is honey butter toast.)
When went home long enough to pick up the dog-

decided to take Noobs to the park - there were people at the big park so we stayed at the lil one.
--- We stopped at cowcatcher( drive thou liquor) to get some rum to go with the Jones soda ( cane sugar! :) ) .. and the lady gave Rory the lollypop,.. Rory was only half awake, and wasn't even sure were it came from but it still got a smile out of her.

The DVD player broke- blew a fuse out.. Ri was pissed. even more pissed when he took it apart ,and found it full of 'sony' parts .. Says he wouldn't have bought it if he knew that, considering the crappiness of Playstations

Ri brought a new one last night.Yesterday without it wasn't as bad as I feared. Rory played playstation games .. but, I'm glad he bought a new one soo quick .Sucks though,

he was like " all that overtime and everything breaks, now I have to pay for this"

sux how that seems like that is the way it always is.

Rory in her new skirt,from "nanapop" she loves it soo much she wanted to go out in it, but the weather was too bad, so she posed for a pic instead.

Didn't do much today. It STORMED cats and dogs, and maybe electric eels.

We tested out the new DVD player..I battled to get this freaking blog up. Rory DEMANDED I make chocolate cookies.. but we made some AWESOME vegan blueberry pancakes instead,and she settled for that- OMG, they turned out SO PERFECT.Rory was tired and clingy all day- she ended up taking a nap. .. oh well.

I get to be up all night.


tata said...

Lashes are amazing! What'd you do?!

I love the tongue pic of you and the pic of Rory in the grass and the one of Noob half hidden by the bench.

I miss the beach.

babyhellfire said...

They're false,yo!