Friday, June 20, 2008

Pretty in pink

HEY!! "wysiwyg editor" is working today, on firefox even WOOHOO! !!!!
(still having trouble with bloggers photo uploader - getting pics from my card.. so I still hafta Upload them to PB.gggrrrr-- crapola PB is being SLOWWW too.. i might post this without pics until I get 'em up.)

So, I was sitting here half asleep playing online,
and Rory runs out of her bedroom with her toy cow- she sat next to it ,grabbed its utters and said "I'm milking my pet cow Abigail"--the way she was it was more like "avagail" TOOO cute. I wish she wasn't naked I would ran to record it. LOL.

...Though , now she is fussing because I am not letting her play "noggin"(she can play later when I am on the phone/cleaning... and maybe not noggin that site is soo much bigger, slow loading and harder to nav-and I don't want to play noggin).

Rory did not go to sleep again all morning, after that "nap" last night -sigh-
Ri slept on the couch for awhile- I guess hoping to go to bed when we did.He did finally go lay in bed long enough for the alarm to go off.He is painting again this morning.
Rory was no were NEAR tired when he left for work.
At about 11 I got dressed and decided we would walk the dog (before it stormed).

- it was WAY too hot out. We didn't stay out long( I hadn't really planned to either) just took some pics. Noobie was HOT anyway, poor thing.
I thought she would pass out when we came home the way she was huffing... I'd shave her if I thought it wouldn't embarrass her and be a total P.I.TA

Everyone was out mowing their yards- or watching the lawn/tree service do it.
... I am really getting paranoid about our yard. We really need to mow it.I'm half waiting to get some sort of trouble for it.Its over grown.
Between the bunnies nesting in the yard , the weather, and our schedule I don't know when ,or how ,it will get done.
Rory stayed up till 1pm or so. The we both napped till 5...yeah, I know thats pretty terrible.

My birthday is tomorrow. I dunno IF i will do anything.- I don't have plans. Ri has to work (prolly all day).
I don't expect anything , that's always a set up for disappointment.
I can't believe I will be 25.jeez.
I'm NOT READY!! thats OLD!

.. I think I'll go make some coffee.

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tata said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday! And shush - 25 is *not* old. You make me feel REALLY old :P

I love Rory's skirt! I wonder if I can find one in my size...