Thursday, June 5, 2008

And possibly the complications

So, you thought grumpy was bad try sicky and negative.
Nah, things really hadn't been so bad - yesterday kind of sucked

Been back in my cave- between the heat and the rain (and there isn't anything in between) we've done nothing really, but hide out in here.
Downloaded LOADS of movies.
Rory woke up the other day and in her half sleep told Ri ,she dreamt about a movie she saw before, Peter Pan with grown up Wendy. So he looked up the Peter Pan sequel "Return to Neverland"- we HAD rented it from Netflix last year and it is her favorite movie right now.

She loves Peter Pan, in this one Tink is a little less mean( but still devious) , the girl is braver and funner than stiff old wendy, and the lost boys are pretty funny.
Again though, Disney Movies have her saying things like "whatever" and
"old codfish" & " pompous old windbag" in her games...the "whatever" thing(complete with eyeroll) that one really bugs Ri, he has started tickling her every time she says it. On the bright side she has been making me read more.. she likes to read the book to a disney movie 1st (and some of those are pretty long) and then watch the movie.She knows a few small words now, and quite a few letters(she has trouble remembering some).

She is soo suddenly such a GIRL- she ONLY wants to wear pink. ALL THE TIME.
I SERIOUSLY have to force her into anything NOT pink.
As I type this she is watching Little mermaid and making her MyLittlePonies drive the pink barbie jeep on the table.(least she isn't into barbies).

She really cracked Ri up the other night.We were up watching Futurama,and he handed her a apple pie bite- He was like " isn't that good?'
She made a face and said "Tastes like molten boron" he DIED laughing, he keeps trying to tell people but he knows they won't get the joke.

Tuesday, would have been Ri's day off we were going to mow the yard...the grass is tall. The weather was NASTY though, and Ri ended up working till 3. We had also told his mom we would come over for dinner. My Mom stopped in on our way out,sad we didn't get to see her longer. Brought Rory a pink bathingsuit ,super cute - ended up good to cause I tossed it in the back pack- and when we go to Ri's moms rory REFUSED to put on the blue lil nemo one we had there.
We ate dinner- Ri mom made us stuffed portablas,and lasagna and had a carrots and salad ,too.

We went swimming-

Rory is such a great swimmer She had a blast,she was ready to get out pretty quick though.
I think I may have to get her a two peice though- she is just too long for the one peices in her size,and too skinny to go a size up.

She got out and Grammy gave her ice cream and brownies- soo spoiled.
She didn't want to leave all night.
Finally talked her into leaving if she could take a toy- she took the pink bear mel had got her for Xmas. She also got us a new hemp grocery bag, SWEET! Now we never need plastic :)
When we came home there was a bunny in our yard :(
So ,now I am betting there is another nest,and I don't want it mowed Damn,. i am really not sure what to do. I am afraid of the yard getting worse ,and what the neighbors will think if we have HUGE high grass in the front yard...but I don't want to destroy (another) bunny nest, or worse hurt a baby cottontail. Oh,and it ended up raining all day Wednesday so Ri wouldn't have been able to mow anyway.

Yesterday was a ridiculously shitty day.
Literally as well. I had went to bed Tuesday with stomach cramps and pain-I couldn't sleep thinking to much I had really weird fever type dreams.
I spent the morning on the potty..
I'm pretty sure I had a fever. I stopped being able to hear in one ear :(
Ri had to go to the grocery store and he took Rory with him.

Then- the internet exploded. People I thought were my friends, stopped caring about my feelings.Questioning my motives for caring about theirs-- bullshit. I won't fight about loving someone. I've never been one for those type abusive codependent relationships
I was pissed. Still pissed. Feels like I may have lost some friends,but ya know- what kind of friend refuses to even TRY to see things from their friends perspective? I was so pissed, I ended up sick and dizzy - yet, angrily doing the dishes LOL.
At the same time my over dramatic response has got me more support, and heartfelt letters, and conversations than I expected- I realize I STILL DO have friends..(though, I do feel like just as much of an ass for the attention whoredom - that I was mad about in the beginning- ha, only I could manage to get mad at someone for doing something ,and turn it around and do it myself in trying to prove my point).
Anyway- now I am even more confused cause I am getting apologies in the aftermath side by side with condescending bulletins saying sorry about "that THING you are going through" - Forgive me for failing to worship the drama whoredom of it all.

there IS a scrubs moment for everything

Ri seemed pretty grumpy and in a bit of a foul mood as well. He made us dinner which I didn't eat much of,and we settled down and watched scrubs while Rory played online.
Another night in the tub wishing my stomach cramps would subside enough to sleep. I am wondering yet again if it isn't all PMS- why is it I spend this time of month feverish,with diarrhea ,and breast pain??? It doesn't seem right. I really don't want(and probably can't afford) to go to the dr over it, though.I have no idea what it could be. :(

Yup. started my period..meaning all that sick was yet again "just"PMS (or something like it)
. I called ri and told him i need to go to the dr. Four months of being SICK, unfunctional before my period is NOT a good sign.
i kind of want to ask about getting a nonhormonal IUD anyway. ..and now my title and video fit more- scarily enough

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