Friday, June 13, 2008

blog fail #30007 Friday the 13

I remembered what I forgot...
I DID end up making some chili type stuff . I was looking for a recipe for it,
but basically having an anxiety attack over not finding the recipe I wanted- I never did find what I wanted and I was really uncertain if I could make what I wanted(using the ingredients I had). I made it anyway, and it turned out awesome!!I wanted to use some of the peppers we had in the fridge,canned beans, rice and tomatoes, an corn... the corn was soo sweet and the peppers had soo much flavor it turned out awesome.I was really afraid it wouldn't work the way I wanted,with what I had on hand.

I did go for a walk with Rory and Noobs when I finished my last blog-
It was wet,Rory was sleepy,and Noobie wanted to drag me on a chase after the neighbors crowing rooster- so we didn't stay out long.


""" The above has been saved in notepad because ----

--- we interrupt this blog to bring you wtf is really going down this second
OMG! My effing blog isn't working, right on top of fucking everything.

Compose mode isn't working at all ,and the jackasses at this site have set up a help system that is of no real help at all... and there is no way to contact them about it!!

I want to pull my hair out.
6pm the child is taking a nap-lord help me-
Ri worked again this morning and tomorrow morn too
and now this
I doubt it will even post but i wanted to try since the damn thing won't save either.
AS well as not being able to add pics or edit.
frick frick frick

Happy Friday the 13th I guess.
I'm going to bed.


I lied. I searched around the blogger help section for awhile for info and got a a clue maybe I should try a different browser. On IE I am having a bit of luck so far. I would still lie to now wtf is going on with blogger and firefox clashing...

but oh well.


So On Ri's day off he made lots of food-Spicy cream corn stuff-

strogganoff type stuff,

and he got some pizza fixings from Josh.... SO now our fridge is FULL of food.

We watched some movies..

"Run fat boy run" was REALLY cute- way better than ri expected.

"super high me" - was so-so, not near as good as supersize me

"what would jesus buy" was way too long, could have been better...

I didn't even cook last night with all the left overs, and I probably won't again tonight at this rate, that's pretty unusual.

Rory had a tea party all day yesterday, she also played outside for a teeny bit. I was half asleep- I can't imagine how ri was working all day, I was dead tired, And I only woke up at 1 - I was half passed out on the couch all day while Rory played and watched tv... she keeps asking to watch "bender" driving me crazy-"please, watch some Disney cartoons like a normal kid instead of absorbing furturama quotes and making me feel like a bad mom."

Talked to Lissy again yesterday, she says she decided not to go to DC.
She said mom got her new-better job yay :) , and the radiation isn't as bad as the chemo.
I THINk JJ moved into a trailer that a friend gave them for 1,000 dollars.

Ri brought me home some cappuccino with extra espresso in hopes he could crash out, and I would stay up with cause we are out of milk and he didn't wanna go to wally world an hour away to get soy.

- He has to work all day today AND Saturday again. :(

I REALLY should be asleep now....but instead, Rory woke up- and is again asking me for a bunch of shit she doesn't need and I don't have...
I think I will run away,gonna go live in a mattress store and pretend to be a dummy model on the serta, and leave Rory here lie she wants to go through the fridge and drink all the honey while I am not looking.( I hope no one thinks I am serious on that)

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tata said...

Rory is beautiful! "True loves kiss..." - just so dern cute.

I miss you.