Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Go to bed "you idiot! "

Ello , Ello!
1st before ANYTHING else you NEED to see this pic I found on Google Maps Street View:

See the guy in white walking out - That'd be Ri at work. LOL! Pretty sure the guy sitting on the car is Kramer ,too.
(Ri says he thinks that is Brian walking out-- can't really tell pretty sure they blurred out whoevers face)

-- Now, Scamper off and stalk your friends and neighbors! LOL .
Well, A LOT of places aren't on there. It doesn't go into Putnam County at all.. There are a few random photos of our area,like a gator floating in the St.Johns.

Yep- It is 5am and I am playing with google.
We all took a nap today at 8pm .. Ri is still sleeping.I wonder if her will sleep all day tomorrow, too?- I know he needs it.He worked this-yesturdays now- morning too..when he came home Rory told him he is to "STAY HOME the rest of the night ,and tomorrow too! " Good thing he is off work.
I have been in clean mode -still..
with the exception of hanging clothes(I'll tackle that pile soon,promise)
It's all I do.. well, that and play online.

I HAVEN'T been getting much exercise, I feel really gross and out of shape.I am waiting for day break - hope it stays dry, and I will walk the dog.

Rory has been super helpful, imaginative ,and sweet
but also VERY demanding and sassy mouthed. We are working on reminding her NOT to be rude calling people "idiot".

Well, I'm going to go get dressed.
I'm forgetting something -I know it.. :(

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