Monday, August 11, 2008

End week/weekend net shit reveiw.

`Time for me to share net shit- new and old - from the past few days:
Since, as I mentioned on my last blog- its where I have spent WAY too much time this end week /weekend-

1st up is PLURk -


Well, not so new mentioned it before I think, been on it for a bit- but it is a big time suck ,I have been spending a LOT of time there and finding lots of stuff through people there.
---though as I type this the site is once again DOWN (longest 5 minutes I have ever seen). It's good if you are the blogging type- little mini blog the added bonus of people replying to those,almost like a message board (and we all know how we love those).

2nd: If you ARE the blog type Tata found this-widget which I thought freaking kewl- Looks great on my myspace...half debating putting it on here because it looks almost easier to NAV than the index on my sidebar!


- I have been reading Coraline aloud to Rory,which is either very mature reading for a 3andhalf yr old...of very childish reading for a 25 yr old.
So- I also found Neil Gaiman 's blog ..that they MADE a 3d movie it will be out in FEB Ooooo I am sooo excited about it:


Some super neat blogs I have found:
- SUPER art pics: Little people - really little,very neat.

For my crafty,geeky freinds-
there is a woman knitting a MARIO Scarf
It's over 6 ft long!

On the note of blogs. I kept hearing about "Dr.horribles sing-a-long blog" . Great people sharing this info so I just HAD to look it up. I couldn't find the vids for for free on any site I then one night snuggled up for my intake of terrible reality tv, there it was on HULU:

------------------------I know , I am a total musical lovin' dork.

Speaking of webisodes. A plurker hooked me on Imaginary Bitches-
SOOO glad. I LOVES these shows!! Watching tv online is soo much better than having sat/ or cable!!


I am ,however, missing out on the Olympics though... can't catch live stuff online much....bummer:

I am able to keep up with news pretty well without tv though...hell probably BETTER-
Some neat news :
the 8/8/08 baby that was 8th grad child and 8 lbs how cool is that?!

Then,the not so great news... for every baby born someone dies, I guess,
but recently we have lost
Bernie mac:

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Obama pictures

--- oh fate -or who ever controls this- leave us SOME comedians!!

Lissy asked if I would do a BM tribute blog like I did for Carlin..
no ,as untimely and sad as I am about his death... Carlin was much more of a loss for me.but he does deserve mention.

I was pretty hurt hearing about Isaac Hayes passing:
How will I ever go back to jokingly saying
"who's the man- ""-is a bad mother -shut your mouth"(et cetera)

... and also CHEF!!

No more chocolate salty balls?!cry.

Well.. I gots mor internets to conquer,and more drama to blog!
--First I will share some other random gems:
holy crap do you remember this cereal?!?!?!:

Totally looks like,meet reaper= me in heaven:

sock, snarf, thundercats
see famous look-a-like faces

Who would drink these shots??:

I am searching for the clip of molly clock on scrubs doing the ROCk sig about her kielbasa..I need to stop doing it.LOL.


Thoughts and Things said...

Ok, I liked the imaginary bitches too. But oh my gosh, some of those falls in gymnastics made me cringe! I was sad about Bernie Mac too, but don't know the other guy, though my husband did...

tata said...

Dude, I love that farkin' widget. I told Husband he needs to put it on his iGoogle page!

As for Bernie Mac (vs. GC), he was so much younger than GC and really just coming into his. The added death of Isaac Hayes... it's compounding into some serious sad shit. Sigh.