Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wrap up the drama?

Oh,there WILL be drama.

I have heard people say he only drama in our lives is what we create...and maybe thats true.But, I'll give ya the low down. If I am just being dramatic I'll own it.

So,Monday night as I was compiling random net shit- My phone rings , its 'round the time Ri usually calls on his way home,but the caller ID says a different number.

Scottie- Ri's coworker "Hey , Angela- It's Scottie,(loads of background noises)- DO you know anyone that can pick up Rian?-
me: "what?"

Scottie:" Your husband, he is sick, he is puking all over and can't stand up ,he drank too much and can't drive,"

me:-pissed!! for one ,Ri shouldn't eve be drinking at work, for two, over Scotties over dramatic mumblings, all I can hear is people laughing and hollering "Are fucking kidding me-No, I don't know anyone that ca drive and hour away at midnight!
Can he talk? Put him on the phone!!!"

Ri-slurring:"I am so sorry, baby"

me: "WHAT THE FUCk! WHY didn't you call me- you have scottie call and make me think you are dead or dieing??! PLEASE!TELL ME THIS IS A SICk joke and you are going to call me back laughing?!"

Ri slurring: "I am too drunk to call,baby,I don't even know what happened , I didn't even drink that much"

Me: "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN drinking at all!!!!!
--drunken apologies, they got off the phone with me to find him a ride home.
AHHH! So, I am flipping...
I call back and Scottie has been voted to drive Ri home in our car.
I hang up--and a car pulls up.
No way its Scottie they hadn't even left yet. I open the door to G & M -sans kids for once.
M is holding a half empty bottle of "hot damn"- while G again has TILT in hand,
I figure they(ri& scottie) musta called in a favor
"what are you doing here?!?!"
-Nope, just a timely visit. They offer to drive Scottie home(forgetting that Scottie moved to St.Augustine).

I help M raid my closet of clothes that are too small for me.M once again downloads games on my laptop. Rory watches happily. G talks to Ri for a bit on the phone and then sits outside drunkenly arguing with me about the dangers of driving drunk "I am a damn good driver!"..UGH.

FINALLY, Scottie shows up. Ri drunkenly asks how G knew to come.Ri smells like vomit and can't walk.
Scottie tells me everyone was drinking.Their Boss has been getting drunk and practically forcing them to.Scottie and like two others were the only ones who didn't drink. Ri says he had some drinks around 8pm and didn't think he would be drunk-at 11.GRR

G&M stay a few more hours- discover Scottie lives an hour away ,and decide they can't drive him home.

M tells me she thinks she is preggy.-after drinking the last of my Sambuca - M had her tubes tied after her last boy, and just went to the ER a few days ago. The ER told her she has appendicitis and a UTI... she hasn't had her period in 2 weeks- she has taken 4 tests and they have all been NEG. I doubt she is preggy.I explain to her that if she is preggy with her tubes tied it is most likely a tubal and won't really take.
It is far more likely that her appendix trouble ,and UTI, has caused her late period.
She tells me that she told her dr she "refuses have an abortion if it is a tubal, I would rather die than kill my baby"...I stop trying to explain science to her.
Then, I realize why the visit...
She tells me:if she is preggy, and has a baby she wants to give it to me.
-I try to gently explain I do NOT want another kid,and that the adoption process is long and hard-
She tells me she knows a lawyer who will make it work (from her daughter who was adopted) ,and that its important I adopt her kid cause then she would get to see it and know it was cared for.-
UGH.scary scary scary.

Some good did come out of the evening though...
Ri tells me he got a job offer from a friend that owns a little St.auggy place.
It is just a MAYBE right now,
So, I don't want to mention names-its an awesome teeny place I have mentioned before though.But he would be manger,on salary making double what he does now.
keep you fingers crossed about that.

I was pretty pissed at Ri...I guess I am over it ,though. He should know better- I hope to hell he learned his lesson.It better NEVER happen again.
G&m finally left- they had to go to court about a ticket in the morning.
So , Scottie ended up sleeping on our couch. Ri ended up painfully hungover.

We had to go to st.auggy about the tires,and ticket yesterday, anyway, so it was no prob. to drop him off at work.
Ri had to go to the Clerk of courts to fix a ticket he got over a faulty tail light- (I am PISSED he got a 90 dollar ticket over that- not even a warning!?!)..he got proof that the taillight was fixed and only paid 10 bucks,STILL.Even the lady at the court couldn't believe he got more than a written warning for that.

We didn't end up getting the tires fixed- couldn't find a place to put on tires he had ordered for cheap.. me and Rory, walked around the mall while he found that out.Rory drooled over Hannah Montana t-shirts and picked out lots of things she said Lily would like.Stood in Hallmark telling me how much she LOVES beenie babies.
It was rainy and yucky so we didn't go swimming.

We stopped and got some burritos for us,a tuna burger for the dog,and a quesadilla for Rory- it was loaded with extra cheese and melted all over the chips she got on the side.Oh ,she was thrilled with that. I even remembered to pick up a souvenir gift I had been meaning to get for a friend .

We had a lazy rest of day yesterday.My belly was bothering me all day.
taking turns napping on the couch and playing online. Rory was being extra goofy and playful.. I have a great vid of her singing I will post later.

Ri threw together some veggies, rice and beans into a wrap for dinner(for us, Rory kept all hers separate)..
I realized everything I had ate all day had been in a bad everything doesn't wrap up as easily as food does.
I spent the night writhing on the toilet wishing for better guts.
I have no idea what is wrong with my belly lately. heartburn,hunger,constipation,diarrhea,indigestion,cramps,it is ALWAYS something...

Ri is off today, right now he is making blackened tofu,collard greens ,and candied sweet taters
-But, I don't feel like doing much with my belly.UGH.


The Godfather said...

us meataterians can't eat such things lol

babyhellfire said...

blackened tofu ,or wraps...
I would advice that you COULD...but with my gut being such a bit who am I to judge. LOL

Thoughts and Things said...


About the belly aches and such, if you aren't already, keep track of which foods bother you. For me I know certain foods are going to upset me, usually acidy things, so I pay attention.

babyhellfire said...

Yeah,You absolutely right. I am concerned ,now,it might be dairy.We had been damn near vegan -'cept lately we jumped back on the cheese wagon , and hard. I am thinking I may be more dairy intolerant than I ever realized.
Also, there are a few veggies with high natural aspirin(SA,which I AM allergic too)) related ingredients that I am some what sensitive to in large doses...but dammit I love peppers.UGH.