Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ri played santa in August.

Quick update--from my last blog
I was looking for my phone all day- sure I had missed a call from Ri.I figured it was burried somewhere and I would wait, and when it rang again I'd get it.Well, at 11 or so I destroyed the living room and never found it, the battery must have died.

Ri came home round midnight... with a surprise. He had bought three tickets for The Blackwater Sol Revue!!! JJ GREY - MOFRO!!We LOVE mofro!!
We had been talking about going but not SURE- soo expensive , and Rory would be full price adult ticket.
Ri figured with the birthday money he got from MoMo(his gram) that he should use it for something not bills,that along with all the overtime,mornings he had picked up he decided we should do something for us ... and bought the tix .He had been trying to call me ALL DAY about it so I could get ready!He also called Val,and she and Seth got tickets and are gonna go too!! YAY

He also said had a surprise for Rory(figuring the concert is more for us than her)- and asked if she had been good-well not great, but just tired.. she was still pouting that he hadn't brought her anything.So, he asked her what she wanted more than anything else.She pouted that he didn't bring her home any treats- he asked what TOY do you want more than anything else.
IMMEDIATELY she started describing the Littlest pet shop care center, and it working "number machine(scale) and real shots -- so he ran back to the car:

We couldn't separate her from it all night

Ri helped me make some pizza bagels and I hurried to get stuff together for tomorrow- but i had to share quickly -- squeeeeee I am soo excited!!!!!


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tata said...

OMGoodness! I was excited for Rory when I saw the picture :) Joy was never crazy about toys like that. Rory's craziness about it just strikes me as a great way to say "thanks, parental units!" I love it!