Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Storm Day Party

UGH,hunkering down makes you CRAZY!
Fay- a tropical storm- parked her slowness basically in our backyard for days- High winds and all too much rain- Ri's work even closed. .. Nothing terrible though,the power blinked that one time -but never went out.
"She" is 'sposed to be gone ,now, and Ri went back to work ,but its still a stormy mess fact I think there is MORE lightening,all be it less wind .

So yeah, Ri ended up off work Thursday and Friday- as well as his days off Tuesday and Wednesday.We mostly just kicked around the house,waiting for the power to not go out,and playing video games.
Ri tried to get people to come over, and play games with him but had little luck. Harvey stopped in for a second. Ri also called around in hopes of find someone with an extra xbox controller .
He made veggie loaf for dinner Wednesday with some more of those veg un"meat"balls he had found marked down at WD..and it turned out REALLY good,even Rory grubbed on it.
I decided to take the dog for a run before it got too dark and stormy. I almost changed my mind-thinking she wouldn't go out in the ick
--,but Noobie read my mind and followed around the house as if asking. I threw on the dorky zoo parka and we explored the drizzly neighborhood before the high winds came. The neighborhood was so deserted, we walked around more than I had planned,Noobie came home all smiley.

... Ri gave up on anyone having a spare controller by Thursday and ended up deciding to buy a cheap one from the video place, on his way to get Chinese food.--(MMMm love Chinese food from the local place,surprised it was open).Of course, at the same moment Ri was out buying a controller, Josh showed up with a spare,and I couldn't call due to Fay knocking out one of the cell towers!!!! Why does that stuff always happen to us? We stayed up playing two player games after that..-me loosing jeopardy-Rory LOVING Chinese food ,and showing off her chopstick skills -
Me and ri drinking dr.pepper ,and liquor turning my belly to aciddy mess.

We have,again, been sleeping all too shitilly... Rory going to bed at damn dawn one night, and ten the next. My brain is killing me-as I type she is asleep, even. I won't risk waking her,she was soo fussy,but I will end up being up all too late,and grumpy at this rate-

Friday ,cabin fever kicked in for Ri,and he decided since he would probably be picking up his next two days off ,he should get his mom to arrange for his birthday dinner now.(his b-day is the 25th). He called his mom an she agreed- though it meant traveling out in the flood waters...As we walked out the door the dog paniced..poor thing was not being left home alone in the storm- so we called Lynn and said we were going to bring her.

Ri planned to take his mom shopping ,and leave me ,noobs,and Rory at her house for a bit.Which proved to be a bit more stressful than I antcipated :as the dog peed on the floor(she smelled a certain spot,and I am almost certain she was peeing were another animal had peed before) and the kid got into everything!..."can't we all just watch tv quietly?!!"

CJ eyeing Noobs

Noobie banished to the kitchen ,though behaved pretty well for the rest of the night.Well,with the occasional popping up her paws on the on the sink to see CJ on the windowsill .

Ri and his Mom eventually made it back saying how nasty the weather was. Ri started making
a lasagna and she made a cake "from scratch!!" she was pretty proud to have not used a box.

Sari ,Rj and Lily showed up- RJ looking exhausted (he has been working long shifts all the time),Lily a bit overwhelmed by all the people.They snuck off to a back bedroom and napped for a bit... I ended up hanging out in there and raiding Sari's old closet with her.

Rory cuddled and sang a made up song to Lily it was sooo sweet.

Rory ate and helped make the cake while Sari and fam snuck in a nap..or at least some "rest" in the other room.

The food took a long time.. Lily was getting fussy. Lynn(ri's mom ) ended up rocking/feeding her while Sari ate.. I came in ,and traded places with Lynn ,and rocked Lily to sleep..Aww,the auntie thing is fun,she had baby smell and cuddles- but I was able to give her back for diaper changes and fussiness.
Ri's bday cake:

27 candles for each year,and one for luck- and he blew them all out!

I editted the vid together,,, the sound was pretty crappy,cause Ri was having a convo with RJ& sari- so I added a citizen cope song.

We all headed out shortly after the cake- the weather seemed really calm until we were almost home.I napped on the couch when we got home..PMS had me feeling GROSS.
Rory stayed up pretty late... and by 5 am I decided I would stay up till dawn and take Noobie out. We picked palm fronds, and branches, out of the street .Surveyed the damage...not a lot.Just waterlogged,and frogged.

The playground

LOL- WHY did the chickens cross the road?

To get away from my dog!


...frog lovers look away... these were ALL over the streets.

Look how good,even some slack on her leash!!

Noobie started doing her "dry throat grumble cough" which means she is tooo thirsty to go on.. So we came home. I showered and slipped into bed.
Ri went to work ..Rory ended up waking up WAY late with me..and for awhile we just laid in bed watching peter pan.While it came down. She has spent most the day playing with her baby doll she is calling "Lily".


tata said...

Happy Birthday to Ri!

Glad you all didn't experience a bigger mess than what it was and stayed safe.

sandra said...

Happy Birthday Ri... Don's birthday is on the 26th :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rory's eyes, she is soooo beautiful..

Thoughts and Things said...

New blog address, same blog.