Monday, August 11, 2008

If you can get my house clean,I'll bake you something

DULL boring week.
Rory has been 15 million percent cuteness lately
. ..and I have found a billion ways to entertain myself while doing nothing.
Haven't got much at all done.
My bitchiness has me feeling defeated by the basic chores. I have little motivation. I clean and clean, and clean, and the house still feels dirty , and gross just because its Florida in the summer-and IS gross..then I just have to do it all over again the next day. I have lost the urge.

Despite my laze- Rory hasn't been lazy ...she hasn't even been much of a couch potato - she spends the day playing with toys- (her my little ponies, kelly dolls,dinos and littles pet shop critters have great adventures and replay entire disney monologues) and taunting the poor dog.
The poor damn dog has been following me around begging for everything and nothing-attention mostly.

Our schedule is still shit- Going to bed at dawn.At least it feels I have spent more time with Ri.
My stomach has still been pretty aciddy- it finally felt better yesterday.
Saturday was just a yucky day. I wallowed in self loathing - not understanding the world I live in...and watching bad internet tv while Rory ran amok around the house.
I chatted with mom and Libby for awhile. finger wagged at Libby... she should be home on Wednesday...but then what I am not sure what will happen.Mom says she is still sleepy and sleeps more than 10 hours a night.Sounds like its getting a bit better though. I hope she is back to her old self soon.

Rory went to bed fairly early though . RI ended up getting home after she was asleep with DR.pepper and rum.Threw together some simple dinner , had drinks- and watched season 5 of scrubs.

Yesterday after RI left, me and Rory got dressed and headed outside. I usually hate going out with Noobie on Sunday. I don't want to take her to the park when anyone else is there dogs aren't actually allowed in the park-( but I have been told by multiple sources the city doesn't actually care if she is cleaned up after,and not bothering others)..
Surprisingly , it was really empty . ..well, it was like 900 degrees out, so maybe not THAT surprising

She loved the plants growing in the cracks

They were all over...Rory says she loves grasshoppers in purple and pink.
We came in and Rory grubbed on left over stir fry Ri had made Friday night. Rory loved the rice,carrots and water chestnuts...but didn't like much else in it.

I did end up with a teeny bit of motivation- deciding I would at least clean the bedroom.Thinking maybe clean sheets and less clutter would make me feel more refreshed.
I hung clothes while Rory ran around the house pretending to be a rocketship.She barely watched tv all day.Too busy being a nut.
I made lentil cookies ( I made them vegan and added chocolate chips)- Rory wasn't convinced until I gave her a spoon of cookie dough.They turned out pretty awesome.. though the margerine didn't cream well and the texture wasn't the greatest.
Ri liked them. I threw a load of dishes in , and some sweet taters in the oven, and he came in and made a simple dinner...
Dinner was Rory's fave:
Sweet taters(with butter and cinn), broccholi , veggie chik'n patties and some sunflower wheat bread we had found heavily discounted-close date- at walmart(and froze).
Rory was like " I love you dad!!"
I crashed so hard so suddenly last night,I slept dreamless overtired sleep all night- I guess I needed it.

Today ,the JWs came- they are way to nice to scare off like I did the mormon boys... so i get a weekly watchtower and smile and wave.
Got Ri's new tires today... he ordered them online.. Looks like we will spend at least one of his days off fixing up the car and going to get that ticket over his faulty wired taillight fixed.

I made Rory green lunch today- Lentils(leftover from teh cookies-which ended up looking more green than usual)- green apple slices, celery "moons" , and green olive slices... still have a gigantor jar of those.
Oh- and chocolate for dessert...
Rory's masterpiece

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tata said...

I've been feeling the mid-summer funk, too girl. At least your kid is being cute - mine are being total demons. I'm over it! Glad school started back today for Joy, at least. I have soooo much on my to-do list today. ARGH!