Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Get out and see people,then grab your little pets and HUNKER

Sorry its been a little bit..

I had a busy weekend.
Which isn't common for me, at all. Since Ri works weekends I usually just kick 'round the house.--- I SHOULD have blogged sooner , I will forget everything I wanted to mention.
Friday, Val called and asked if me and Rory would like to come hang out . She was gonna be watching her nephews and playing in the pool.

Val is likes Ri's sis,-- and more so than his actual sis' I get that sis/inlaw vibe from her,yanno she has always ,and will probably always be more his friend than mine, and I always feel a bit odd around her- like I am trying to be good enough for her approval,maybe. I don't think it has much to do with her though, she is always super kewl and nice to me.

So, after Ri went to work I filled the kid up as much as possible with healthy homemade pizza(Ri had made for dinner the night before) and waited out a little rain..
Val came to pick us up with her adorable 2 yr old nephew in the back- but Rory's gigantor carseat wouldn't fit next to his and one of her outboard seatbelts was broken.Its and OLD car- so we ended up putting Rory's carseat in the front passenger seat.. she was thrilled/I was freaked. Val only lives a few miles away though.

We played in the pool a little. Rory is SOOO big.. keeping up with the big boys (8 yr olds) .Vals son Seth was torturing his cuz Brad- since brad had swimmers ear and wasn't allowed in the pool. They have a very love hate relationship- like most close,close aged kids.
Rory rummaged through Vals snacks and got oreos and soda- so she was happy.
Damien ,Vals younger nephew- super cute- and super sweet. He has the cutest way of almost talking.. he CAN talk-you can understand him,but it isn't very clear
We hung out with Val's neighbors,and her cute son,and Val sis Jen when she came to get the boys.We chatted about everything ,from parenting to celeb gossip. Rory had a blast playing with Damian(who she just called "baby" the whole time) .. and trying to keep up with big boys.
We ended up staying pretty late - Val and her neighbors tried to teach me to play a card game(which I sucked at ,and can honestly say I still don't know at all how to play). Rory was WAY over tired by the time we got home..

Lissy called,
She is home now ,and needed to go shopping.She wanted us to come with her and mom, to St.auggy in the morning.

Soo,way too early in the morn-noon for you morning people) , Mom and Lissy came to pick us up.
Rory just wanted to go to moms house though..Mom had got Rory a few lil pet shop toys- and she played pretty contently with those.

We went to sonic to eat.Rory just wanted fries "any maybe a weince of ice cream".Mmmm soft serve and cherry limeaid.
Then , we went shopping. First to the goodwill.Which had a surprising amount of stuff fairly cheap..
Lissy got some dresses - One,that Mom pointed out,and was surprised we both loved- I think I will steal from Lissy later.
We kept loosing mom through out the day-and it was much harder to find her ,because she was wearing a short haired wig that I am not used to.
I browsed the coffee makers and grabbed this one I thought looked in great condition- I found out later that night it was a TEA maker!, I can't believe we missed that. -eh, it was cheap and Rory does enjoy an occasional hot tea. Rory got a coloring book and said to mom,
"ok,lets go to your house and color ,now"

We went to another thrift store,- not much good for clothes there- but we looked through books while Rory played with toys- came out with A LOT at both places.
We went next door to the dollar gen store,where Rory ended up scoring two more Littlest Pet Shop toys.. They are sooo much cheaper there- I must admit being tempted to buy them there and eBay them (BTW: Lissy made fun of me for my references to eBaying things for profit- I have reached my net geek status,and become one of "THOSE" people, apparently.)
We went to wal*mart next for groceries ,and more clothes shopping for Lissy.-it was uncomfortably crowded with back to school weekend shoppers-
Lissy got a CUTE outfit,and some matching comfy flat shoes.
We browsed the girl section,hard to believe Rory is in THOSE sizes,and Rory drooled over Hannah Montana shirts(Mom and Lissy got a kick out of the country accent Rory uses when she says "Hannah Montana" ). Mom thought it was great how taking her new toy kitty in the store kept Rory so entertained the whole trip through walmart.
Those Littlest pet shop things are awesome.Something about their little bobble heads ,huge anime eyes,had to distinguish animal traits("is this a ferret or a cat?") and pocket size-
She will seriously sit and play with them for HOURS. I am really going to have to get her the pet shop and all.She is just soo tickled with them.
We decided self check out would be easier...and it would have been if the weigh machine wasn't sooo tricky.ugh! EVERYthing set it off! It used to be set to weigh it after it scanned- now you have to weigh it as you bag it!
We survived, and eventually escaped with a HUGE cart of stuff.

Rory told me she wanted Grammy to sit next to her on the ride home,but grammy had to drive- so she said aunt Lissy had to.-They both fell asleep.
I couldn't tell you WHY Rory loves Moms house- she just DOES, she could stay there all day, coloring,chasing kittens,wrestling the dog,eating M&Ms with Dad.
She cheesed us all out calling dad "big bellied boy" when trying to tell him something.

I love that you can see Amy typing away on her Vamp/goth internets in the back of this pic.

Check out dads new facial hair-
Rory didn't seem impressed.

...and Mom's new hair.Which is BABY soft. I like it.
She doesn't- but I really love the way it looks on her.
JJ was moving out while we were hanging out. He has that trailer they bought for super cheap- it has wiring bugs and all sorts of problems...and some weird random left behind stuff from the previous owner. Like gold astrology chart inside of a mormon bible.

JJ- offered me this:
Thats right, its an Eagle lamp , ah, one of those beloved gifts from grandma that we fear giving away locally ,so grams doesn't find.

So, would you happen to know anyone who would want this monstrosity in their home?? FREE to a good home, you pay shipping!!

JJ tried to make it cooler with a blacklight bulb.you can have the matching stained hunting shirt too!(the shirt is totally NOT typical of bro, and bro does not come with the deal)
I did not take him up on the offer,despite him trying to leave me holding it with no where to put it down at. lol
Amy gave me an AWESOME pair of heels - I had saw some similar -black heeled mary janes , and drooled..and mom mentioned Amy outgrew a similar pair- thats right, I am now getting hand me downs from my baby sis.

Buncha old peeps- got tired pretty early.When JJ finally drove us home I asked him how he could move out- I mean, more how are mom and dad gonna cope with him not there-he said "I have moved out before".... um yeah, "and mom cried for like a week" "it's different , I won't be AS far". I dunno. My parents just manage soo well with J there I have trouble imagining them without.
Ri came home fairly shortly after me, with a modded Xbox and EVERY game from SEGA to atari ever..Rory told him he made her SOO HAPPY!

I made VERY watered down coffee in my "tea drop"machine.
JJ ended up stopping by the next day(sunday) with an AWESOME coffee maker for me--with a MILk STEAMER! oooo my bro is awesome ,I can make cappuccinos now! Rory LOVES the hot cocoa is makes.
We lounged and didn't do much at all Sunday.Rory wearing the same Pjs she wants to wear EVERY night,over sized, winter Dora PJs. Ri came home -fairly early,its been slow at his work- he made AWESOME veggie stroganoff for dinner, with some veg meatballs from the store,looking at the receipt he realized they were only a dollar-and planned to buy more the next night.
Rory fell asleep before dinner,tho.

I had a dentist appointment Monday morning- I wasn't looking forward to the waking up part more than anything. I ended up not sleeping well ..but I got up on time.
Did yet ANOTHER front filling..sooo close to being done.. only a few more spot filling, to go~!
OH, and that HUGE expensive implant. :(
The numb stuff always leaves me sooo groggy the next day.. we came home and crashed until Ri had to leave for work. Rory played with her LPS toys, I played the new video games,and I finally got a little bit of much neglected cleaning done.
Getting ready to HUNkER DOWN! after the reports on tropical storm Fay heading right for us.
..ended being told it was going next to us, then below us, then RIGHT THROUGH us, then below us again- ..
now they are saying she'll go below then turn back above us.
--as I type,We JUST got our 1st lil power blink from the rain.. I am hoping their won't be anything worse.--

I was craving junk(Monday night) ,and told Ri as much- so on his way home he picked up dr.pepper and nachos,the better to hunker with! :)
Rory again told him she loves him SOOOO much for bringing her home GOOD STUFF!

This morn', I tried to make pancakes with a recipe that had turned out well for me before... and failed. I got so frustrated, I was a step from pouring it out ,when Ri woke up took over and rescued my batter.He made really nice pancakes,somehow.
We spent the day ,Ri's day off "hunkering down"- though it didn't even rain much, playing video games. Me still groggy feeling - from the dentist,maybe?-
Ri started cooking up some awesome s'ghetti with the markdown veggie ball he bought...
G&M ended up coming over.G kept meaning to come over and help Ri fix the Sat dish(which is hanging,and unsightly- (even tho we don't use it).. and bring the sim card back for the old phone which I gave to them.Ugh... yes, they had two filthy babies a can of TILT, and a Lord Calvert in tow.G played video games with Ri for a bit, while M fiddled with mahjong. I ended up sitting both boys down with Rory on the couch - three bowls of s'ghetti. The littlest one ate at least two huge adult sized servings!!
They didn't stay terribly long at least. All awkward and weird.. Rory fell asleep when they left,but she is awake again now :( ...
Maybe I should go kick on the coffee.



tata said...

Looks like I'm not the only one who has been busy! I love Rory pics :) And you look a lot like your mom (who, BTW, *does* look really fab with short hair!).

I miss you. Will call soon! Stay safe in that kookie FL weather.

JACLYN said...

You look alot like your mom! The eyes and smiles, wow! I didn't realize you have so many siblings too,haha.

Thoughts and Things said...

So cool seeing all the family pics!

And now, a lame question, what kind of carseat do you guys have? I LOVE it!