Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year, new job, new pics, new rules- and some of the same stuff

HEY EVERYONE- or no one.. or who ever read this, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
-Ok , so I took a bit of a blogging break recouping from the holiday madness- when I left you with that HUGE holiday post Rory was dragging me out the door for a bike ride- I have pics...

She is awesome. Getting sooo big. It's weird too-seems like when you are walking a dog, and a bike riding kid down the street out here, the neighborhood becomes a freakishly freindly place. Everyone and there mom stops to encourage her, and wave as we pass.. when usually the best we get from our neighbors is a head nod.She is cute learning to ride tho, huh?

So , New Years was approahing and I was thinking resolutions... well, not really. I never stick with resolutions- who does? ...BUT, I had decided around xmas that alcohol was doing bad things to my body. My motabolism just doesn't like it, and I kept getting yeast infections- the only thing I could link them to was our weekly drinks. Sigh.So I decided I shouldn't drink anymore at all.It just happened that that decision came at the end of the year, and I figured it would be best to wait until after any New Years festivities(we had planned to go to Vals party) .
So, there you go a resolution.
Plus, Ri seems to want to cut out soda at home - and less when we go out. Going to go back to our rare shared bottle of Mexi coke(corn syrup free).-There were talks or cutting out the smoking black and milds that has gotten to be a bit heavy of a habit...but as of today(Jan 4) we have not.
I do want to get healthier.... more active but that is not so much a resolution as a need.

So - anyway(sorry I keep getting distracted trying to write this and I honestly and not sure I remember things in the proper order from the last week or so) ...
I do know Ri made burritos that night (after Rory went on a bike ride) - we stayed up WAY too late- Ri had started to get hours back and worked through the days the restaruant is usually closed..
He even woke us up by making us mexi food breakfast with the leftovers.

Me , and Rory haven't been doing much of anything hanging around the house. Our schedule got shot again, somehow and she has been staying up till 3 am- and I am not used to that.. So ,I end up awake till 6 am having trouble falling asleep, and then waking up before her in the afternoon :( .

I have been super stressed with her lately. Her tantruming, and whining has reached a new level along with her poor schedule,and her growth in other areas.
She is learning about letters and counting(money and addition) thanks to some activity books she got for XMAS- but I would trade it all, if she would learn some simple manners(which I swear she knew once!) instead.
I don't have the patience for her tantrums(which obviously doesn't help),... or patience for her acting like she can't speak- grunting and demanding things.
Even if she tempers it with being really cuddly and amazing me learning other things-
-- HELL, ESPECIALLY if she is learning other things. I have been getting far too frustrated that the child who wants me to teach her to count money,and write numbers all day can't verbalize what kind of drink she would like with lunch without a HUGE melt down, and rudeness about it.

UGH. I just need a break.
She happily let me brush her hair the other night-- as long as I put it up like Cindy Lo Who- in the Live action grinch movie- without a extention for the top this was the best I could do:

She liked it.

Besides being super into learning letters and numbers- she has been super crafty with her new things. Spending the rest of the day( that she is not playing with little pets in time with the music of her TV shows) coloring, or painting.

New Years Eve came with good news for the New year-
Lissy had a job offer for Ri , some extra work painting. RI just had to call the guy.

Also,I mentioned before that a freind of Ri's owned a bussiness and had wanted to expand, and to get him in with a good fulltime job at their place..we did not hear more from them, and started to think the chance/idea had passed...Well apperantly not, as they asked him to come in and start training on New years eve day.
Sort of sucked because we had planned to go to Vals party- and I knew Ri would NOT want to go out on New years after working that morn and night( and likely rushing to get home before the ball dropped).

Of course I had to get a new pic of Rory New Years Eve- Oh, and a video too:

Ri called after his training that morn, saying how great it was- It sounded like he had an awesome time.
It's not quite the same as the restraunt- it is a fish taco stand near the beach.- a whole different atmosphere.
I am really hopeing all works out as planned and they are able to get RI a fulltime job- and he keeps enjoing it.

At home new years eve- I could hear fireworks and music all night, and I thought we didn't have many nearby neighbors?? Rory and I took down the tree, hopeing to make space for her toys.

Ri made it home that night, JUST before the ball dropped- BARELY.Lit a few fireworks and had a few soda/rum drinks last of the year.
We had simple easy dinner and Ri pretty much just crashed - Thursday(New Years Day) was scheduled to be his ONLY day off at Cowboys that week, but he had another day of training in the morning.

I stayed up fairly late- even after Rory crashed, and we both woke up far too late.
Ri's Dad wanted to see us around dinner when Ri got off. So ,when he alled on his way home I hopped in the shower- giving Rory my camera to occupy her.

LOL . This is Rorys "crowded little pets house party" .
Ri came home smelling wonderfully of burritos instead of nasty seafood funk.

Rory picked out an outfit and let me do her hair the way she liked again.. to go see "NanaPop"

We did try to teach her that it is Nana - and Pop.

Roasting marshmellos with Nana.
-- and wathing tv with Pop.
We chatted snacked on greens.. - and they had some sweet late xmas gifts for Rory.
We had meant to make them a disc of photos and a few movies- but did not have the time with our hectic past week.
Stayed much longer than expected. I was trying to get Ri to go for quite awhile before we finally made it out the door with overstimulated tot in tow.

I thought we would never get her to bed that night... ugh. Our schedule is sooo crappy.
Mom& Dad came over for a sec, and brought us some gifts we'd left at GrammyGrapes-they didn't stay long, and Rory didn't even wake up! she was excited about ANOTHER present when she woke up ( some bubbles).

---So the past few days have been more of the same.
with more tv and late(or early morning) bedtime.

Ri working all the time. Not eating the best of food- we need grocries. last night, we didn't want to make anything so ri ran through wallyworld we ended up having tatertots, veggie dogs mac&cheesse and beans for dinner.-- but hey at least we didn't have soda with it.
Rory ate good, after being all bratty about dinner.

Today , I have barely moved from this spot. I need to clean and finish dinner.
Jade stopped in for a second - mostly hiding out from trouble - with his mom. And wanting RI to download him stuff but Ri was at work). He played with rory a little while- then I kicked him out before it got too dark for him to ride home.

-- I spent a lot of time screwing around with PHOTOSHOP.

I have some peas in the crockpot, and I guess, I should figure out what to make with them.-SIGH - and I guess clean, like everyday :( .

Ri is off tomorrow- finally YAY-
..and works Tuesday morning.



The Godfather said...

great entry your kid is a cutie, good luck with everything

Tina said...

Rory is adorable!! I hope Ri gets the full time job and keeps it. This economy is awful right now. I am glad he found something.