Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sleep Deprivation, Dog walking FAILURE, overworked hubby ,and a too big kid.

Hey :)
So , I HAVE been chatty, insomniatic, and a bit extra obsessive( - woot my kitchen and bathroom are freakin' spotless-)
..and yet, I haven't really blogged the past few days ,like I should have. Sorry about that-

Monday was Ri's only full day off between his two current jobs. We did some grocery shopping and he baked bread, and such.
-I was having a terrible short tempered self loathing "nothing fits ,everything sux" sort of hormonal day- but we made it through wally world and survived the trip.Getting a little bit and surprising ourselves with how little we buy now that we MAkE so many things! Rory was fussy,but pretty behaved in the store :) . --- Our schedule got thrown back into the total hell of nightshiftium. Rory apparently naturally functions better waking in the afternoon.. I am an early bird and suck at trying to go to bed when I should be waking up. -pout- She has been sleeping fine, but it has thrown me off greatly, in too many ways,namely that I probably only sleep a few hours a night.

Lissy called me to tell me Steph is doing her baby shower- which is a great weight of my shoulders,now I am just excited to go- WoooT

Tuesday , Ri had to work in the afternoon- well ,closing shift at his new job, but it is much earlier than his regular job.
I had stayed up all night, and pretty much didn't sleep at all after everyone else crashed.
I was a bit grumpy, because I had planned to take the dog for a walk ,but a nasty rolled in --and thought it was 'sposed to be "warm and sunny still" , it was a thick wet fog (until Ri left and then it was nice )
.. I just started doing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen . I spent the rest of the day getting it and the living room spotless. My big kid played and helped out a lot. Though there were tantrums...

Rory-big as ever- found so many ways to occupy herself like a big kid! While I went nutso on some scrubbing(or whatever). When I mopped the floor Rory spent the entire hour playing with play-doh... DUDE! Play-doh is my savior!
That, and her little pets. She comes up with the most imaginative silly games- and creates such neat things to add to her little pet games(like a see-saw with a rectangle block & a triangle block, and a marry-go-round with an old spinning wheel on a baby toy) !LOVE IT!
- She has also been shocking me doing her own lessons on counting, and letters, and learning games.. she makes up on the fly... and how much she knows about numbers and letters.crazy!

Some pics of the fog- it was pretending it was winter out, despite the temp..

LOL...That's Florida, record high heat, fog... keep that in mind,folks.

After my day of cleaning,
I sat down for new tv- SCRUBS!!!-squeeee-
Ri came home with YUMMY food from his new job... soft tacos with baja sauce,yum!and quesadillas for Rory. He says the locals call the owner "the taco nazi" and the guy has strict rules about no substitutions.. pretty funny.
He seems to really enjoy working there. Tuesday was the first day he did the job on his own, and he seemed to really like it :)
- another night of me being up later than anyone. ..

Wednesday- Roaring winds shook the house and brought the temp down- Finally bringing some resemblance of winter back. Also , blew my recycling around and , we think maybe even took out some more of the old fence.
Ri had to work that night, and Rory woke me from my bit of sleep - I spent most of the day cleaning and reorganizing the bathroom.. while Rory joyfully moved around all the toys I had carefully cleaned Tuesday.
I had been also working on trying to be more active,( through cleaning? )- and eat a bit less.
It was a total fail when Ri came home and after dinner , at three am- decided he would make us grilled cheese sandwiches with those spicy peppers I love- (to hate, I will eat them until I am sick)..
Noobiedog acted weird all night , begging for SOMETHING. She begged for a long time before Ri let her out. She ran straight out in the yard grabbed up an opossum, and brought it to Ri!! He said when she dropped it it was still breathing, and it was gone by morning.
SURELY it is not the same one,I mean it must have gotten sick of being grabbed up and shaken by the dog???

another night of me up till dawn...

Instead of trying to go to bed ,I decided to get up ,dressed ,and head out with the dog.

In my state of sleep deprivation I for some dumb reason decide it would be a good idea to RUN with Noobie tied to my waist. I never really run with her- SHE PULLS -At best we work up to a fast jog...
WTH was I thinking??? DOG WALkING FAIL!
it was probably only three running steps before she jerked to the right- and BOOM

Scrapped my hands,bad -(which bled onto that white sweater). Busted the knee out of my fav dark denim (nice) jeans -and scraped that knee BAD,bruised the other... BUT my camera and phone survived, and the dog didn't manage to run of, I will give her credit ,she stopped and waited.
Yes, I will admit the 1st thing I did was vainly look around to see that no one saw me fall.

It happened right on the dead end we live on, not even far from our house- BUT, I decided (perhaps not realizing the extent of my injuries, or perhaps wearing my ovaries on the outside) to finish walking the dog- , she hasn't had a walk in so long- and I did need to burn off 3 am grilled cheese.

So, We walked on, my hands bleeding like a stigmatic while waving at all the old men on their morning walks. "Hi, I am a freak with a wolf.How are you?"

Cranes- dude. they are everywhere I go in town.

Noobie tried to pull some classic doggy act.
We usually do at least two circuits when Rory isn't with us, and Noobie was noticeably upset to be going home after just one, she actually pulled back on the leash when I headed home.. then while she was next to me she finally noticed my pain, and stopped to smell my roadrash knee... which was bleeding down my leg.

Pity me..
Ignore the messy compu desk, yes I scrubbed my kitchen and not that- shame.

Noobs did seem to feel bad, though that may still disappointment be from the short walk.
Sooo painful.The bruises will be epic in a few days.
I had wanted to come home and get ready for bed, instead I came home with wounds to clean, and far more hurt than I had realized.. swelling....
I spent the day feeling sicky- knowing exactly when my ibuprofen wore off, and VERY GROGGY I did get a seriously nice power nap in once my 1st round of ibuprofen kicked in.
Rory woke up and was disgusted by my boo-boos . Telling me NOT to touch her, or any of her things, with my "red hand".
For awhile this morn, the NOT bloody hand was the one that hurt MORE, and was more swollen.
(Now , they hurt the same though.. :( ) .
I bribed Rory to eat simple to prep healthy snacks with a few chocolate chips for rewards throughout the day.

Ri has to work in the morn, and I had meant to have dinner together for us when he came home ..but I was still yucky groggy sore when he got home., with fresh produce from the stand.

He made us a yummy dinner.. and poor overtired Rory tantrummed. Everyone is crashed now, and soon RI needs to get ready for work. So I am going to go watch bad tv at 5 am .and rest my bones pretending I know how to get to sleep at dawn.


-- PS.
So today, I went to put on another shirt and noticed my shoulder was irritated, and suddenly realized why my arm and should muscles are so sore. I apperently went down on the point of my shoulder bone:

- the other stuff hurt so much stronger I didn't even notice.. I can't believe I didn't notice, but it does help explain to me my muscle pain and HOW I must have fell. Damn- close to my face,huh?


2manyboyz said...

um. OW! I've noticed falling as an adult hurts **way** more than when we were kids.
Hope you heal, soon.

The Godfather said...

wow with the hands it looks like you're suffering from stigmata lol hope it heals up soon

sandra said...

OUCH OUCH OUCH... When i first got my really fast roller blades i received the same cuts. Needless to say i have NEVER worn them again (yes i'm a chicken)...

BTW, i have the exact same boots :)