Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rock out in your Pjs ,and in the fog.

A quickie mostly pic post while I get ready to run out the door with my Mommy - in hopes of keeping noctunachild awake!
Yes, she is still nocturnachild. Past two days she HAS slept some at night, and been awake a bit during the day... but her bedtime has inexplicably became 3pm, with little hope of waking her till the dark hours or early morning.-grrr- grumble-

--OH! - did I tell you , I think Rory has a crush on Shark boy??( Of Shark Boy, and Lava Girl fame) She watches it every day, and tells me how CUTE Shark Boy is..I am in trouble.

-Also, I let her play outside , in her PJs :o

Rory gardening, and taking dirt to the dump-

It was a nicer warmer sunnier day than it has been, it took me by surprise.
She let me have ONE picture.

She came in and started crashing though. Try as I might to wake her , she was out cold. I went to nap, and set the clock to wake us both up in a few hours- figuring an afternoon nap wouldn't be THAT bad. I failed at waking her. and ended up sleeping like a rock next to her. -sigh-

Ri is STILL overworking. No days off this week, and working both jobs wed-fri.
Today he gets to sleep in a little.

He came home exhasted -I made beans with the intention of having him veggie loaf dinner preped when he came home- but instead I was sleeping HARD and immovable through any of that planning. I at least had black-eyed peas and rice, in the fridge and he didn't really have to cook anything. Then he pretty much went crashed out on the couch.

The predawn hour funk hit me..SO, I sent him to the actual bed -and turned on some music.

I turned around from singing into my dishes to see this:

--How freakin cute is that?!?!

It was CRAZY foggy this morning- I couldn't get a decent night shot pic to show you..sufficed to say you can usually see the entirety of the At&t building across the street, not just green fog

Rory peeked out her window(into the empty feild next to our house) to see the sunrise, and then YELLED "Mommy ,mommy - I HAVE to go outside there are DANDILIONS!!!"
I doubted it... but I told her we could bundle up(for the wet, foggyness more than the cold) and go out.
1st, i checked out her window to see what she saw:

Um,those are dew covered spiderwebs...

No, it wasn't near cold enough for her snow jacket, but it was the quickest waterproof warm outfit I could find without digging up layers-
She still thought the webs were very cool- and was excited to get a closer look. .. until I told her I didn't want to go trapsing through the feild because I was sort of afraid, "Why mommy" -
-" spiders can bite."
- "CARRY ME inside, Mommy!"

She looks very blonde-

She was upset I wouldn't let her pick more mandarin oranges off of the wetheavy drippy tree.
I told her to wait until it got dryer out.

Noobie didn't seem impressed with the weather today.
Yesterday, she had a ball on her tie out soaking up sun. Thats florida for ya Noobs.

I called Mom and begged her to help me keep up Rory today.Mom knew why I called as soon as she answered.Well, I need to go get ready. Oooo ,and Ri is up.YAY!
Good morning!! :)


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