Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of being spoiled by famly,Chippy Finfeathers,teddygram dog, awesome hubby, hairdie dye, and healing.

Hey :), Have some coffee, and

meet Chippy Finfeathers--(stock photo- not mine)

Maybe I should have him write this entry because I "talk for chippy" more than myself lately. He might have a better idea whats going on with Rory than I .

- OH, but by the way, I am not allowed to call him Finfeathers. That is a nickname Rory calls him his name is Chippy, so I am told.-

On Saturday,- after a rough start of the dog getting out the fence while i had my back turned and Rian chasing her down-
Rory and I went out with Mom and my sisters.. Rory was not ready to get up - even though it was late in the afternoon. It took her a long time to wake up. We met up with Steph(my sorta adopted sis- the ole neighbor girl) to bring her a birthday present, chat about Lissy's babyshower- plus ,Steph had a gift for Rory, a SUPER cute pink party dress( that Rory is head over heals in love with.). Steph took us on a quick trip a few blocks down to show us the house she is in the process of buying. We waved bye to Steph.

- Then, we went to pizzahut at sleepy Rory's request for food.Yum.Fun stuff chatting at pizza hut, and Rory was so cute, she sat next to us in on of those little single tables,pretending to be big... the waitress even played along and let her order her own drink.

I failed to get any pics..- not even of Rory cuteness or Lissy largeness, and its a damn shame :( . Amy got a few , I will hafta borrow her memory card and upload them.

-On to wallyworld- where mom spoiled us, and Lissy spoiled Rory with junkfood.
..also where we met "Chippy". Who was in the toy aisle, and Lissy thought she could just hand to Rory and talk her into a cookies or candy trade later. I warned otherwise..
It was obvious when he had a name there would be no separating them. I told her it was an early birthday present, from Grandada. - On the bright side, while looking for a picture I discovered this particular LittlestPetShop VIP typically goes for DOUBLE the price mom paid for it. At least LPS toys are very cheap down here. Rory had a blast in wally world with my sisters- being super cute.Mom bought us each a hair dye, and we laughed at the one of each drastically different color for each daughter.

We dropped Lissy off and went to Moms house for a little while. Had mac and cheese- watched CSI(Miami- but you know, I realized I had NEVER actually watched an episode of CSI!), and JJ drove us home in the freaky bright moonlight.

I was beyond exhausted when Ri got home- I was still really sore from the roadrash doggy walking incident.. and just exhausted. I dunno when we went to sleep or what that night. For some reason I think it was slightly different than our typical 6 am zombie mornings crawling to bed because we were both well worn out.

-- Sunday ,I resumed tackling house work, - except now partially fueled to reorganize Rory's room because an old friend had contacted me on myspace (about Lissys babyshower) and said she might come over with the kids Monday...

Rory played around the house munching on junk( and fruit at least).. and being followed by the dog

Noobs is in love with the Teddy grams.. Obsessively begging for them even. Mom's dog did the same thing when we were at her house... There is something magical about teddy grams to dogs.

Rory stayed up very late Sunday- Monday morning - had me stressed ,and up till dawn.Ri was in a good mood that night though. He had got off a bit early from Cowboys and felt like Monday would be his day off- even though he had to pick up a shift at the taco place.He made us Wheatmeat buffalo wings, and sweet taters- he also made spinach, but the plate broke and it was ruined :( .

-Christie( the old friend I mentioned above) and her children didn't end up coming Monday because of the weather. So we just kicked around the house in the super nasty weather. Rory undetachable from Chippy... and taking my computer any chance she got,to play the online game he comes with.

I also distracted her a few times while I cleaned and stuff by handing her some of these stickers I got from Peta2- for kids...... and another with a more disturbing bloody set..
for fucks sake! Peta sends these to children- the meat is murder pic is disturbing.. plus she also got some kfc cruelty with the bloody pic of a chicken. I gave her a couple that I didn't deem tooo offensive to my little non-reader. I do like the frog one,and Rory likes the pig.

Ri got off early ( they closed early because of the weather slowing up business). He brought us home yummy food from his work.
He brought me a fish soft taco(blackened mahi mahi)- which was surprisingly good- despite the hint of fishy aftertaste.whoa. I ate fish. weird.

Then, I had Ri cut my hair so I could dye it.It is really depressing. I have him trim off my dead hair as often as possible. I try for monthly.. you can see how much is dead and he only takes as much as he has too- but ugh, every time I cry a bit. For every inch that grows another is cut.My hair won't get longer than right above my breast - sigh.
It took forever to dry... then I dyed it dark brown.

I wanted it close to black, and feared it would be too black.. Until I saw it, now I fear it is too dark HA!
It is pretty, soft and healthy looking.. just short.

Ri made us blueberry pancakes and hash browns for dinner- that we ate loads of. He went to bed before me- I ended up crashing on the couch with Rory at 6 am.. and waking up at 10 am to Ri's phone ringing. His taco stand boss calling to say , with the extra yucky rainy weather he was going to close early. Sooo Ri had the day off! :)

I went back( if you can call that nap I had sleeping) to bed, and Ri woke up.. he let me sleep in most the day. It was soo nice!!
I woke up to the sound of rain, all comfy in bed.. late in the afternoon. Rory had been fed, and Ri was making a yummy soup to munch on.

We coaxed Rory into a bath - and she came out and crashed... it wasn't even 9 oclock and she slept for a long time.We even went and laid in bed ourselves knowing we should..

...So , of course she is awake now, at 4:30 am. Bouncing off the walls. Playing with Chippy and making cards with the marker sticker LPS craft set Ri's mom got her for Xmas.
Ri has to work BOTH of his jobs tomorrow-or um, later today(AND Thursday) , and Christie may ,or may not, come over.

On to what you want to see----

It was soo nasty and sore last night. See how the skin is getting tight around it? hurts.
I scrubbed it and bandaged it before bed, that helped.

big yellow scabby knee. --- yeah, gross, I need to shave, but - DUDE, would you try to shave around that?? I thought not.
Well,At least it is "wintertime".

Well, I am outta here.. Maybe Chippy can talk Rory into laying down.

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