Friday, January 16, 2009

So cold there is snow on the floor

Someone has been terribly quiet while I did dishes... lets go check on her,shall we?

Looks innocent enough..

Wait, what does she have there???

It is snowing in my house!!!

Teeny tiny Styrofoam pieces(the packaging from chess set we had)

She was having so much fun.Even though I had JUST vacuumed I let it be.. in fact I still haven't vacuumed in here... instead I went for the camera,and then toys came back out.
Ah well- my dishes are at least clean,right?

Not much at all has been going on. Cleaning ,playing, and seeing the sun for only a few minutes a day because of the nocturnal child, and seeing double shift working hubby even less than that.
Aunt flo is here- she gave me at least a weeks warning (with grumpiness), but I still wasn't ready.

Oh- I got the security tag of that gorgeous pink dress that Steph had gifted Rory. Thanx to google & youtube!!-

- The internet saves me from myself once again! Easy, simple, and I didn't mess up the dress as I feared I would, OR get thrown out of wally world begging employees to go against store policy and remove it for me without a receipt .

I have a vid uploading to youtube of us playing with the webcam- I will get it up sooon
but I am going to sleep.
9:30 am
rock on


tata said...

While I agree that styrofoam is a huge inconvenience, I'd really rather prefer it to our current weather!!! I heard yesterday that Juneau, Alaska was warmer than we are here in KY :P

Ms. Burrows said...

Styrofoam snow, lol. Looks like she had a blast. At least it wasn't more. It seems when my girls get a hold of something like that, they aren't going for "snow" as much as they are going for "armegeddon". Not nearly so cute.

Good news about the tag. The internet is so darned handy!