Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Overwhelmed zombie says " kaithanxbai " to Bush .

Dear blog,

I feel like an inmate in my home- "Cagey" I guess.
I am trapped by the confines of bad weather, and terrible schedule. My mood is suffering. I guess partially attributed to Aunt Flo- but mostly to my schedule, limiting my physical activities to cleaning- (which isn't happening enough either because I feel like I will wake Ri vacuuming- and that feeling of nasty is making things much worse, btw though, I DID get the "snow" up.)
..Also, My schedule is keeping me out of contact with even the murky bit of sunlight everyday. I just feel bored and unsatisfied , with everything.Just bummed.. and over emotional.I don't know exactly what I want, or what will make me feel better-
I am overwhelmed...tired I guess.Though ,I feel like all I accomplish in a day is a nap.

I do have companionship in my "cell", the nocturnachild has been very demanding. She went from spending last week cuddly,sweet, and very self entertained- to needy, and unsatisfied herself(Today, I gave her a plate of every sort of food in the damn house only for her to poo-poo it all).
TANTRUM TANTRUM TANTRUM TANTRUM... "Not helping, Mommy has little patience".Overtired, noturnatantrumchild ,even ended up spending awhile last night in timeout ,in a chair, in the dark dining room, because she wouldn't behave enough for timeout in the usual spots.

...and PLEASE, PLEASE ,PLEASE,can I stop talking for little pets!!??? ALL DAY LONG- even during making crafts, and dinner- she begs me be a littlepet voice. I will for awhile- but then she tantrums for more when I get tired of it.
The dog at least has been VERY behaved- but poor thing hasn't been getting any sort of exercise, she didn't even chase the squirrel in the yard last night!

I tried to lift myself out of my zombiefied fog painting my nails, and then with a nice long pampered bath when Ri came home last night. Only to find myself obsessing over ridding my body of hair,
and then over anything else within reach of the bathtub.Stress has my throat tight again..I will probably lose my voice.Great.

I need a break , and to get out... I am sure,though ,that Ri is worse- he has not had a single day off in awhile, and with us being up until dawn we keep him from getting near enough sleep.He has been perfect despite that and helping , even making dinner for us.

I guess, yesterday was the most depressing day of the year, maybe it will look up from here?

I fell like I should be happier.. I mean, it was MLk day- and we will soon have a bright shiny new pres- and much awesome changy thingys to watch on tv... but, it Only makes me feel guilty for the unidentified feeling of funk that hit me.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

-- I only included that last pic because it was on the same page and it always makes me tear up, like a cheese ball :) .

Ooooon the subject of tv(loosely on subject, ok , but it is my shitty blog I will write it how I want .)
My fav reality show is in its third season....- yes, I said reality. It is delightfully bad. You'll love it, and because it is on the reality network -a shame, because you have probably never heard of it- Solitary:



-whew- I don't think I would survive that show, and 50 thousand might not be worth all that effort. They betta double it.

Oo Also, today- I let Rory watch too much tv, thanks to a marathon of Powerpuff Girls( the tenth anniversary sounds like a good excuse for CartoonNetwork to pimp the dvd boxset), but this episode I had never seen had me giggling so bad,
Powerpuff girls Beatles parody



I know , I know you are thinking "where are the pics of your *angel* daughters cuteness?", I haven't managed to wrestle the filthy thing into the tub,- or get enough of the goddamn mountain of the toys off the freaking floor to be comfortable taking pics You will have to rewatch the vid in my last post for your dose of cuteness I 'spose.
I swear, if I do get her into the tub I am going to start shoving some of the extra old toys in the closet, or trash- to make rooms for the ones that keep managing to clutter my freaking breathing room.On the brightside of that, she IS starting to remember to pick up other toys she is done playing with, before bringing out another.The mess is my fault for letting the toys get out of hand far more than hers.

- Well. I am going to wrestle her into the tub, send couch snoozing hubby to the big bed, and see how many toys I can vaccate from my living room quietly...maybe, make more coffee and have an ibuprofen tooo.
Happy inauguration day- and say bye bye to bush-
Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures
Obama pictures and McCain pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

Obama pictures and McCain pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures


Radioactive Jam said...

I meant to think about being majorly depressed yesterday, then got busy and forgot. Nice to have the luxury of forgetfulness sometimes. :)

babyhellfire said...

lol!!glad you missed it

Flames said...

dude... *hugs*

I just noticed now you tagged me in a November post.

But yeah... *hugs*